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Where mining finds its people
Where mining finds its people

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The gender bias in Chinese mining education

Women in are prohibited from studying in several areas, including many mining-related subjects.  Activists in China are challenging this "blatant gender discrimination." #mining #china #education  

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CareerMine's +Susan Kihn has tips for professionals in the #mining industry who have been laid off of their #jobs .

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CareerMine's +Susan Kihn shares advice on selecting the right subjects in school to support a career in #mining engineering.

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10,000 Drummond employees return to work in Colombia

The return came after a Friday notification from the Colombian Ministry of Labour, saying they had 72 hours to end the strike.

#colombia #mining #drummond  

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Career profile:  Production or Mine Geologist

CareerMine's +Susan Kihn looks at the day-to-day tasks performed by Production Geologists and Mine Geologists.

#Mining #careers #geologist #geology  

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Mining helps reverse the employment trend for Canada's First Nations people

"Aboriginal people are defying the employment odds in the province's mining industry, thanks in part to the BC Aboriginal Training Association (BCAMTA), which provides job training for the mining industry to Aboriginal people in B.C."

#mining #canada #firstnations  

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At what price jobs?

How far should governments go to keep mines operating and in preventing mining job losses?

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An offer they can refuse

As CareerMine's +Susan Kihn notes, "as a whole counter offers are not a good idea."

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A world of opportunity

CareerMine's Susan Kihn explains that a successful career in the mining industry can be secured by seeking education in one of the fields where mining companies are competing for skilled workers.

#mining #jobs #education  

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Mine jobs safe in Zambia Mutati says

Chamber of Mines of Zambia president Emmanuel Mutati says mining companies have no plans to reduce the 74,000 jobs they've created so far in Zambia.
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