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The bad news: 53% of workers age 60+ are putting off retirement this year.

The good news: That figure is WAY down from 66% just five years ago! #retirement #economy #career
Retirement may not look quite like your move-to-Florida fantasy.
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Attention college students: PepsiCo is now accepting entries for their Meeting of the Minds contest!

Make the most of your summer by pursuing this internship. Learn more here: #internship #graduatejobs #firstjob #career
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THESE subtle actions will have a big impact during your job interviews:

It pays to sweat the small stuff!
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Great morning read!
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Pro Tip: Never underestimate the value of volunteer work or an internship. They're extremely meaningful when your career is starting to pick up! #firstjob #career #careeradvice #jobsforgrads
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Is it time to move up the food chain at work or look for new opportunities elsewhere?

A few tips to navigate that career crossroads: #worklife #career #careeradvice
CareerBuilder Advice and Resources
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One of our writers here at CareerBuilder spent his first paycheck on an expensive Star Wars LEGO® set. He put it together. He took it apart and put it together again. It is currently docked in his parents' basement.

Do you remember what you spent your first paycheck on? Leave your answer in the comments below and we might highlight it in an upcoming blog post!
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How would i be part of that and how i got the registration..
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Eat lunch at your desk? Go home instead of going to happy hour with your co-workers?

Yeah... it's probably time to start being more social at work. #worklife #onthejob #officelife
Making small talk may make you better at your job.
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Pfft. We already eat lunch at our desks, and work while we eat. And, personally, I'd rather go home after a ten hour shift and be with my wife.
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My first paycheck? It was from an internship I held after graduating college. I promptly spent it on guitar pedals which I still use to this day!

Do you remember how you spent your first paycheck? Leave your answer in the comments below!
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I spent my first check on business suits and accessories. 
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Be careful what you say at work. Someone may be listening...

... and they may have enough dirt to get you fired.
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Thinking one thing and saying another is dishonest.  If you have to be dishonest to keep your job, then find another job or start your own business.  Always say what is on your mind, and live with the consequences.  It's called being a mature adult.  Don't be a simple-minded lemming just to keep a job.  If you have dickish thoughts, find diplomatic vocabulary to express them.  Yes, employment is petty if you have to suppress your thoughts and expressions.  I would respect you more if you sold drugs to consenting adults on some street corner.  
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The skills and traits employers are looking for in applicants:

Think you possess them? Be ready to back that up!
In today's workforce, many employers say that there are certain personality traits that they look for in a candidate beyond just having the necessary skills.
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Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Okay...

The bad news: 53% of workers 60+ will put off retiring this year.

The good news: That's WAY down from the 66% of workers who put off retirement in 2010!
Retirement may not look quite like your move-to-Florida fantasy.
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Essential questions to ask during job interviews;

- "Why is this position open?"
- "What does success look like in the first 90 days?"
- "What challenges do you face in your role?"

A few more to keep in your back pocket: #jobinterview #jobsearch #interview
Here’s a ready-made list of essential questions to ask in an interview.
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Is the time and knowledge rewarded ?
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