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Here's a debate to get our would-be-Tasters' minds going: Which came first, the Cadbury chicken or the Creme Egg? ;)
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Hopefully the creme egg... Yummy
As it is the creation of human, the first is Creamy Egg :) not Chicken!
They have always existed - At least that is what Aristotle has to say:
"If there has been a first man he must have been born without father or mother – which is repugnant to nature. For there could not have been a first egg to give a beginning to birds, or there should have been a first bird which gave a beginning to eggs; for a bird comes from an egg."
Clearly the Egg was first and might I add is tastier too. All those feathers get stuck in my teeth.
Im not sure. Would it be both?? Because the egg has to come from a chicken but where has the chicken come from? Even though the creme egg should come first because they are beautiful:)
I guess well never know but as long as chickens keep laying chocolate eggs with goo centre I'm happy!! Could you imagine if they laid eggs with shells like in fairy tales #mindblown!!! 
I went to the natural history museum and saw a t-rex with a creme egg wrapper right by its feet. This must be conclusive evidence to state that the cream egg came before the chicken. There are no chickens at natural history museum just old stuff like dinosaurs and cream eggs
Evolution must dictate that the Cadbury's creme egg came before the chicken....
nice pic. I would say the chicken came first, if Darwins therory is right.
It's the Creme Egg! The chicken came later, looking for something wondrous!
Clearly the egg just fell out of the sky, smashed and the Cadbury chicken poped out :)
LOL I think the Creme egg came first actually...
Its got to be the egg. It would have hatched choco-sauraus before the chicken. Its cremevolution.
I don't know which came first but I know which I would eat first, the egg!
I never really knew there was a Cadbury creme egg, though I do recall seeing them in shops...
I think the egg came first; I've never seen a Cadbury chicken!
I believe it took the chicken to make the nest,Then came the cream to produce the egg.That's my story and i am sticking to it!
Anything is possiable, I just know they taste lovely
creme egg because i'll eat the creme egg first
Creme egg-18. Chicken-10. Other comments-15
Creme Egg - there's no way nature could come up with something as tasty as goo ;)
Egg laid by the extinct Cadbursaur?
Lina Wu
More details about the both?
Egg! I have never had the cream egg, just the one that come in the packs on Easter. Or are they the same thing?
Egg - its been around for aaaages!
first we enjoy tasty chocolate than creamy and any thing else
no it must be chicken because egg came when rooster came
The rooster came out of nowhere and layed the egg.
It has to be the creme egg that came first because look at the size of the creme egg and creme chicken. The creme egg is bigger than the whole creme chicken ! How could the chicken lay an egg bigger than its self?
chocolate is our girl friend
i agree with cody freeborn, obviously, the chicken can't lay an egg bigger than itself
i love these on easter day i would eat them all and the eeg came first
You should create a Cadburys Creme Chicken. Remember me when it makes you millions!
Hey guys, I have been round to the newsagents and I got me a cadburys caramel egg, all this talk of eggs got the better of me.
To be honest, I think that the creme egg came first, because there isn't a giant chocolate chicken constructing the chocolate eggs, is there???
the creme egg, when the chicken saw it he knew it was a good thing so he stuck around lol
The Cadbury chicken had to lay the Creme Egg duh! Lol
The creme egg came first, and it was so good that the Cadbury team decided to create a chicken to go with it!
hahah...i think so!!! thats normally a ridle evrywer...the chick or the egg first!?!?!?
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