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When we reach 200,000 people who've added us to their Circles we'll be restarting production and making a new 1kg Dairy Milk Google+ Bar for one of our fans.

Now that's news worth sharing if you want to join the ranks of +Larry Page and +Sergey Brin!
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oh....just live to eat it...
Wao! its nice i wanna have it yeaaaa
Nice...wanna test it ;)
oohhh... I would love to see my name on the label next to Cadbury in the future. I am an avid fan. I always make sure I have my fave Cadbury Fruit and Nuts in stock. And now you're in my circle! Isn't that great?! yey!
Wow, definitly want these :p
wow.............................very nice.........................................
Only if you release them worldwide, not just the UK
OMFG!!!!! WOW WOW WOW can we buy these things!!!!! :D :D They're so cool!! I want one :D :D
yammiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i love it:P
Eric Schmidt should get an "Eggic Schmidt" Cadburys Creme Egg too. :)
mmm, those chocolate bars should come to me!
i love chocolates it is so sweet
don't forget to send me one I need some comfort food up here in the artic circle its a tad bit cool only -38 today its warmed up.
Wouldn't the decision "to eat or to keep as a memento", literally tear ones mind apart!?
Yes I have the same size bar sitting on floor next to a half pound hersey penutbutter cup and 250g candy cane and I can't bring myself to open any of them.
ok ambhuja... i can give u really...u can taste it k
now if only sent you all of your fans samples right now that would be cool
1 kg. the reward looking good. I like it..!!!!
See this shit right here? This viral marketing shit? Fucking stop it.
Would be very cool! I love cadbury I think that they're making the best chocolate!
This will be soooo cooool..I grew up eating Dairy Milk. Can't wait to see the google+ bar.
That's pretty neat! fingers crossed :)
Greetings from Malaysia! Will Cadbury UK send one to Cadbury KL - just for me?
My all-time favorite selection of chocolate products!!! Cadbury is the best!!! :)
How many people had you guys circled before this post? Your not too far off now!
i'd like to taste it and to save the package!
Amal N
I love Cadbury chocolate eggs! Every Easter I get a TON!
Ha! I'll go for this. I love my bit of Cadbury's!
I would chew on it all day and my hamsters would look at me ,putting on innocent eyes begging me for a taste!
What an incredible marketing idea. And, of course, we ALL want to have our own chocolate bar! +Zilbert
Would have been even better if you hadn't sold CADBURY's down the river by shutting the majority of UK production - KRAFT....
Not too long to go for that 200,000 Mark! :D
@cadbury UK where is my 1 kg bar ? you already reached 200000 !!
Stay out of my social life you nasty and intrusive FMCG brands...
Beeem que ei queria umaass barra desssas laa heeeim casa Heeiin
Leo T
1kg? Fatty!
Damn you, I'm on a diet, and now I'm craving delicious, smooth, lovely, chocolate...
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