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Et Voila - a chocolate version of London 2012 Olympic Mascot Wenlock! Who'd like to help us 'unmake' and eat him now? ;)
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awesome! whoever gets to eat that is SO lucky! ill help any day!
Count me in!
Is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?.....
Where is the hastag #nom when you need it?!?!
Looking it straight in the eye ;)
What a day! More excited than ever about the summer ahead... bring on #99DaysToGo ;)
wow what type of chocolate is that? and where can I buy one?
mmmmm...chocolate! Lots of it!
Definitely +Neil Davey - that was the first thing I said when I saw it.
Mind you, the Olympic emblem thingie is pretty suspect itself...
looks like a giant, angry uncircumcised penis with little arms...
Very cool! And I bet yummy, nothing is better than UK Cadbury chocolate. I ration what I have, the UK version is soooooooooooooo much better! :)
I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm the queen if chocolate!!!!!!xxxxx

Vee A
I guess I'm just a dirty thinker...
I bet they had a right laugh making this... before they put the arms on LOL!!
I hear the white chocolate ones are smaller... lol
chocolate trouser snake?
Oh good gods! No Cadbury, I do not want to eat your offering.
it kind of looks phallic...One eyed monster...
+Tyler Randall..of all the funny comments yours made me laugh the hardest by far!!! Literally LOL!!!
down vanessa (lower..)
Insert penis joke here....hahahahahaha
such as the one-eyed....hmmm like d
haha really whos bright idea was this....krazy
sure! i'd like to help you eat this cute ...something! :D
That's well good!!!! X amazing !! I can't wait 4 the 2012 olimpics!! Come on team GB!!!!! 😝😊
It's like Linford Christie's Lycra shorts finally burst.
Is it me or does this look like a Dildo?... Just a thought
Its seems looking forward for its daily meal.
only cadburys can do this.........
Me Please And I'll bring my 2 friends aswell, so altogether that's me, myself and I
wenlocks awesome al ready but a chocolate wen locks even better
I wan a pice just joking from Bianca I'm new sorry
يا اخي شو هذا
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