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What a difference a couple of days make! 6 Golds, 6 Silvers, 6 Bronzes - Team GB are 4th in the medal table!

If you like the look of our Winning Flavours bars be sure to check out our tasting Hangout: .

#OurGreatestTeam   #London2012   #Cadbury2012  
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Hope you are succeeded in using proper marketing techniques
Make you day happy by eating lots of chocolate.
ezto ez lo k ze llama comida bazura!!!
oh my good those flavours look awesome. I'm a sucker for olympic-based advertising!
 juste suivre.
but in indian dairymilk has only fruitandnut,almondroast and orange peel
yummy I wilsh I would take  the gold , silver, and the bronze in that group!!!! enjoy  your friday
yes. but team USA is either tied with China or 1st in the medal count :)
yaa look like silk lipzz wid cadburyy
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