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Missed our announcement over the weekend? It's not too late to put yourself forward to be in our Tasters Circle today... Let us know why you should be in and we might just add you (you'll have to have added us to your Circles first) - if you think others might want in too feel free to share the post/love!

We're recruiting members to our brand new 'Tasters' Inner Circle - you'll be first to hear some of our latest news & get a chance to feedback on our chocolates and our page... you might even get a chance to hangout with us and try something completely new one day!
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I am an absolute chicly fanatic! Grew up in Japan and America and traveled everywhere. I've enjoyed chockies from everywhere, Switzerland, Belgium, France and Germany. Choose me! :-)
I meant "chocky" not chicly. Bloody auto correct!
My family and friends call me the gourmet. when i make food i add my touch and my sense and every body likes it; this also includes the coffee.
When i tell anybody about a good resturant he goes there without any reluctance.
Well what can i say, i`m your classic chocolate chocoholicy,nerdy type, always working in the world of social media and a advocate through and through of things i love, one being Cadbury`s and the other Galaxy! favourite chocolate as a kid?? OH come on who does not like CREAM EGGS!! opens second one of the morning
Even though I am far from within the reach of this mouthwatering inviting to bite chocolate, I can still lick over it to have a taste of it...Hmmm. 
i cnt survive one day without dairy milk..n thats y i cnt resist tasting this too!!!!!yummmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3
well being from the west mids and a life long fan of coco Mcbeanie and the Wispa i think i would be awesome to be a tester for you
the Mrs calls me a chocolate monster, if thats not good enough I don't know what is!
You should pick me cause I love chocolate and i'm hungry. 
MMMMMMMMM chocolate. That is all.
yeah~~want to be the one
I've always loved Cadbury chocolate. Let ME try it!
I should be a taster, I'm a huge cadbury fan, to the point I mentioned Cadburys in my wedding's a snipet

"She is my Cadburys gorilla, she’s my little monkey and so cute and cuddly, I could cwtch up to her all day and night. She is like my Mini eggs, a hard shell, can conquer all setbacks, battle through tough times but always be there for me. But inside is this soft sweet beautiful centre that I just can’t get enough of. Her personality is like a Wispa, all bubbly and sweet and I cherish every moment eating / being with you. Creme egg and Curly Wurly, all I will say is bedroom. When we get all romantic cuddled up by the TV, she is most certainly a Flake, crumbles in my arms and gets all soppy and loved up. She certainly knows how to push my Buttons too, but never in a bad way, it’s usually “Will you make me a cup of tea?” But overall you are my Cadburys Rose, there are many flavours but the 1 thing that will always be true...I Love you"
I'm a woman...a professional chocolate connoisseur!!!! That being said, I would love to taste some <3

I'd love to be in so that I could work on bringing the Original (coconut) Boost back.
Yes. I want to be among the first ones to try and test what is new.
I like quality - and yes there are some very fine chocolates out there, and I do like them... But for me Cadbury's is what I grew up with, it was my occasional treat, my lesson in tastes, and value.

I would love to be part of testing inner circle, just to be part of the nation's favourite chocolate, to see where it's going, and be in some tiny way part of that future.
what kind of chocolate love everyone of uuuuuuuuuuuuuu?????
i`m guadalupe and lots of people dont understand why i`v sparkles in my eyes when i talk about CHOCOLATE but CHOCOLATE is more than just a treat to me i eat a big bar in one go and dont get tired of it im not addicted to it i just see chocolate in a diferent way
Hey, u're already in my circle. Pls just do me a favour by also adding me 2 ur tasters group. (just try my ability of tasting). 
cadbury's is like family, my best friend, never lets me down always there for me makes me feel betta my soul mate xx sad i no need to get out more xx
I should be a taster for Cadbury not because I want free chocolate but because I love chocolate and will, therefore, give honest feedback and constructive criticism in order to help Cadbury to always have the best chocolate. :-)
I love chocolates........well I don't think so there is anybody who don't want chocolate.......Is anybody there?
I should be a taster for Cadbury because I first of all, I love chocolate! Second, I am honest and I will give feedback that comes from the bottom of my heart. Third, I love the picture above and I would really want to help Cadbury as Cadbury always has the best chocolate!
I own a Confectionery Shop!!
I need to know what is NEW and excite my customers!
I love Cadbury ... best chocalates in the world!.. My favourite is Fruit & Nuts
I'm the one eating chocolate bars when everyone else is eating 'healthy', I'd much rather enjoy food than endure it.
everyone missed your announcement if it was on g+!
Well, I would like to help you guys.

P.S. Im web and game dev (PHP, Python, Objective-C, MySQL)
since i am from switzerland, i am an expert in chocolate ;) + i love it
I am Belgian and therefore a recognized expert in chocolate ! and I live in Sheffield therefore understand the English taste... What else ... I have 2 kids who are chocolate addicts ...
You should add me, because I am fill of crap when it comes to chocolate, and food in general. I will tell you exactly whats wrong with whatever you are trying to peddle.
I love Caramello. I preferred the thinner bar to the current incarnation as the flavour was much more delicate and less messy. The larger pieces are runny, unless you pop the entire piece into your mouth at once. If you do happen to bite into the piece and it runs, you feel compelled to pop the rest into your mouth immediately to avoid drippings from the remaining bit of confection. More time is spent managing the candy than savouring the flavour.
I used to love Cadbury products, especially Cadbury Creme Eggs around Easter. Technically, I still do but not enough to ignore the suffering of the child slaves who pick the cocoa beans that go into it. I know some of your UK products (like the Dairy Milk bars) are Fair Trade, or at least were before Kraft took over. Until you start selling only Fair Trade chocolate here in the US too, I will not patronize you folks.
Oh yes please, can't get though the day without chocolate! :)
ZOMG i LOVE Cadbury Chocolate!!!!!!! can i be in the circle?
Grown up with you guys and still love your chocolate today. I don't know much more to say!

*Edit - That rhymed, surely that qualifies for a circle!? :P
Try this in India - should get about half a billion volunteers.
I love chocolate by cadburys. If only you could see my kitchen, my fridge is full of chocolate bars and i also have loads of your cake bars too. Need i say more. Im a cadbury-addict! :)
I love any type of chocolate and I am open to tasting new flavours and new cadbury creations. I am a choco-holic and I love cadbury chocolate especially wispa and dream. :) I would love to be a cadbury taster!!!!!
think about your heart peter i love chocolate too a little is better than a lot
I literally adore Cadburys - it's the only chocolate that my mother has ever let in the house, it reminds me of being little and having buttons whilst watching Corrie - I've tried probably everything - I dare you to give me something new to taste... ;) haha!
I love chocolate, and I won't lie if it tastes like crap!
+Cadbury UK I already have you in my 'pages' circle Cadbury. I should be in because I'm a Chocoholic and a Cadburholic.
cadbury is the best chocolate around no one can beet you!!!
ILoveYou so much <3
cadbury is best of all chocolate around the world
Major chocolate lover but particularly Cadburys offerings- have had their stuff for years in India and the US!!!
I love Cadbury chocolate. Even more since it went fair trade!
I am a huge fan of chocolate and food in general. I make a point of trying a variety of chocolates both domestic and imported. I like milk, white, and dark chocolate. I have an educated palate, I'm well-spoken, and I know how to talk about food.
I love Chocolate. From the bittersweet dark which I feel Ghirardelli makes the best to the creamy Godiva milk chocolate, to Lindell"s thick melted confection. Cadburys chocolate is a great blend, not to sweet not to creamy but mixes well with other ingredients like nuts, or creams. I would love to partake in a tasting with your company. !
Well before and after a lot of biking, we need chocolate for energy. We could mark chocolate on the energy it provides!!!
I should be a tester because in our house chocolate is a medicine! =) Nothing is better than chocolate! Yumm!
I want to be a taster because CHOCOLATE! Its as simple as that.
(though if its like wine tasting i cant say i would spit chocolate out, that would be like some cruel trick!)
I would be delighted to be included. Is this worldwide, or only in the UK? them.
I will not support a Kraft-owned company, simple as that.
I hate chocolate. Its bad for you aswell. You people make me sick.
God Bless whoever invented chocolates..!!
I absolutely love chocolate!!! i could eat it by the bucket! i would love to be one of your tasters, but is it worldwide? i live in the U.S.... but i have had chocolate from many places-friends and family have brought i back from trips... Also, if you need a younger mouth, id be prefect!
+Ben Curtis why are you such an idiot, let people have their opinions, i personally would love to be a taster for cadburys, the chocolate is yummy, it is top stuff, PICK ME
My FIL worked for Cadbury's for over 30 years ... I should definitely be in!
guys please report +Harry Gornall and +Ben Curtis they just bully me all day long at school, they constantly wedgie me and bogwash me, please report them for bullying they are nasty pasties
i will eat it first!!!!!!!!!!!
I love chocolate, I've tried as many types as I can. You could say I'm a "Chocolate Adventurer" I love your company, your chocolate is just creamier and more delicious than anyone else's, (I especially enjoy your cream eggs, yum!) and I really hope to be part of your taster's circle!
do they give expired chocolates too to tasters?
Chocolate varies by country of bean origin, type of bean, concentration of the bean in the chocolate and the mixing methods. Chocolate connoisseurs know high bean count makes for a richer experience. Sign me up to be a taster.
+Zahabiya Hirani u forget the background music
pa pa pa pa paaaaaaaa............... i m loving it! :)
As a lifetime chocolate addict... er fan... I would love to be one of your tasters.
Like water or chocolate.
Chocolate morning noon and night yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I should be a taster for Cadbury because I worship at the alter of Cadbury - plain and simple x
Who doesn't love a wee nibble of chocolate now and then (or a choccy blowout!)
I love chocolate, love Cadbury's and would love to share my chocolatey findings with my followers and co-hanger-outers. ^_^ Om nom nom nom. Where do I sign up?
I am currently attending a MSc in Food Science and NPD(New product development) so that is could be a great occasion for me to gain experience. I love chocolate and I have already participated in a panel taste regarding strawberries.
Chocolate one can top the Cadbury Easter Bunny.
I prefer the American candy, but would like to have my mind changed...
I love good rich and smooth chocolate! I also love candy and putting other things with chocolate like cream filling! Choose me please!
Hafiz J
taste buds with buddies..all...:)
Add me to the tasters circle. I am a connoisseur of Cadbury chocolate. BTW. It would be great if you could get Freddo Frogs in the UK!
I am a choc a holic and have to have quality chocolate, what more could you ask for, Ice cold chocolate melting on my mouth sheer bliss
whoa... WHO wouldn't want to be a taster???
to be the president thats what you could ask for m8
i really love cholcolate i love when it melts in my mouth
Here in Serbia "taster" means button, key on keyboard; so at first I wondered why would I want to be a g+ key :P
Free Chocolate and I get to express my opinion on it afterwards..
Absolute no brainer if you ask me.. Which incidentally I think you should!
T Raz
I'm sure you guys require a South African taste correspondent! :) Live and Direct from the Mother City!!
wow yummyyy fav..
I immediately tasted the difference when you went back to putting vegetable oil in the milk chocolate, I know my Cadburys.
Rama M.
Even though I'm from the middle east but I'd love to try ^_^
Pieces of heaven that you produce :)
Free chocolate for me and feedback for you it's a win win situation
Me love Chocolate.
I tend to be a bit picky about chocolate and have strong opinions, so I think I would be a good candidate to give helpful feedback.
I am a completely average person who likes chocolate. I am the market that every chocolate company would love to corner. Why not give somebody a chance to taste your chocolate who will recommend it to all of his average friends?
Because I am in Belgium on holiday at the moment and non of their chocolate compares to Cadbury's
I Honestly have tried literally all types of chocolate, and i tend to also have tastes similar to others, so i think i would be able to give positive results reliably for others on my behalf. That's why i think i would be a good chocolate taster.
I'm absolutely passionate about chocolate but especially the Cadbury products; to the extent that I become excited and anxious when a new chocolate bar is released to the public. I would love to help behind the scenes and provide my honest feedback while enjoying myself at the same time!
Cadbury's Dairy Milk has spoiled me for all other chocolate! Finding the real, imported-from-the-UK, DM is a challenge here in the states, but is definitely worth it!!
I love chocolate and technology....I wanna be a taster!
Because I'm such a chocolate expert
My dream job! I have a highly developed taste for chocolate. Count me in it sounds delicious :)
One of the enduring memories of my honeymoon, for both me and my wife, was standing on a Tube station and having a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar as we waited to the train to arrive.
It would be an honor to be an official tester, so that I can constantly be reminded of those moments.
I'm getting married in 2 months so I've been dieting like crazy so I'd love to be official Cadbury taster when I get back from my honeymoon :-) Would make a great wedding present *hint hint hint
I neither smoke nor drink so my taste buds are intact giving my assesment of flavours a true I just love the soft, velvety texture as it slowly and seductively melts in the mouth, don't you?
Chocolate runs through my veins!! 
My ex-bf would be perfect for this job. He inhales Cadbury chocolate to get that serotonin chocolate high to feel better about himself. This leads to increased consumption because he becomes overweight and needs to feel better about himself even more. Hire him.
My current favorite is and had been Dove Dark Chocolates. Maybe Cadbury can convert this available to US folks? If so, I'd love to take part!
Why are all these people up so early???
Since I taste the Cadbury Chocolats there are no others in the whole world that I can eat...I tried..I tried but it is impossible I can not eat anything else... in fact nowdays I need at least 10 Cadbury Chocolats Bar to be.. to live... to work... there is no one in this world that deserv more than me to be a Taster... I can not live with Cadbury

PS: Toblerone is offering me money just to try theirs chocolats.. I am offering my services to you for free
S Sinha
YES! I love cadbury. Cadbury Fruit & Nut is my go to chocolate. Given a choice of all the chocolates in the world, I still turn to Cadbury as my comfort chocolate. The creamy smooth deliciousness can't be beat!
I love chocolate (but I limit myself) so for me chocolate is a real treat and it has to be super good! If you want a taster who gives you honest feedback so you can make the best chocolate treats ever - I'm your woman!


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I like chocolate. I was electrocuted because I started to lick the monitor.

This site is awesome and delicious!! Thanks for the great site and I must go, I need to get some CHOCOLATE!!

If I eat this virtual chocolate...will I gain virtual poundz?

Me and my boyfriend are chocoholics. Its rare the time we spend together and we were always sending chocolates to one another... but no, we couldn't until we found this site. He was so happy about the chocolate he came home just to thank me and ask me to marry him. So thanks to you guys I'm getting married soon. I guess you could call it a chocolaty wedding.

Your chocolate site is very sweet. I'm allergic to chocolate... the site was so real that it made me break out in a rash.

This page excited my taste buds to an aroused state at which I began to hyperventilate profusely. This webpage is a health concern. Enter at your own risk.

THANK YOU!!! I am trying to stick to my diet... but chocolate is my one weakness... now I can at least look at it! If it isn't in my house, I won't eat it! Thanks!

I love the chocolate photos, especially the one with the iced mocha. chocolate and iced coffee combined together is just heavenly.

I just gained 20lbs Thanks alot

Delightful site. And it was really great to be able to include a big enough message to be worth sending. I'll be back - and will enjoy some of the real stuff too!

Give me all your chocolate or else!
sorry, been drooling on my keyboard ;) great site and I hope the chocolate tastes as good as it looks! Now, I've gotta go buy more! Its a great way to relieve all the stress of the day!!!
You definitely know the way to a girl's heart. 
After the way Cadbury/Dr. Pepper treated the town of Dublin, TX, I will never eat or drink one of their products again.
I want to be a taster!!! I love chocolate and my dad is a chocoholic too, do he'll five you good decisions. I'm also a kid and you need different age groups to taste for you. So pick me... I'm your taster!
Give me all your chocolate! Eating chocolate is a fun way to relieve all the stress of the day!!! This made me so hungry for chocolate that I ran out to the store and bought some! You definitely know the way to a girl's heart. A chocolate tester! 
I'd love to be a taster, although probably not for a reason you'll here a lot. I love really good premium chocolate. I'm into Hotel Chocolat right now and I need a reason to buy Cadbury now. Recruit me, show me, tell me why I and my friends should be eating Cadbury.
Because lately I have been consuming my body weight in Cadburys delicious choclolate and would love to get some free choccy :) xxx
Hope I can qualify as a dark chocolate lover: mother of two (so I need the energy), from Portugal (anti depressive), and 40+ (anti oxidants needed).
You dont have to be in the UK to be in our Tasters Circle, though a few of the promotions we have within it might be location linked and hangouts will be arranged in GMT times!
where do I get to sign up? :D this sounds too good to be true! :p
I love chocolate ....Yummy!!!
The smooth texture, and that smell Mmmmm. I have three children all aged 6 and under, and I always quality control there chocolates, I was born to be a Taster :)
I'd love to become a G+ taster. Your chocolate rocks and I want to share that with the rest of the world!
I think I would be a very good tester for Cadbury. As one of my hobbies, I experiment with various chocolate candy recipes. Also, I write well and will be detailed and honest in my evaluations.Cheers!
Bea M
My mother and I used to be chocolateirs and I absoloutly LOVE cadbury chocolate especially the eggs!
cadbury...mmmmh...really yummy..
I can appreciate good chocolate from time to time but I won't eat chocolate everyday. However, hers' why you should pick me : I have a real chocoholic colleague ; he gets very weird in the afternoon when he doesn't have his "dose" of chocolate a chocolate bar or a chocolate cookie usually). We're very concerned about his case :( Since I'm a good friend and a caring colleague, i'd like to volunteer and to be selected in your tasters' circle in order to help my colleague/friend find the best chocolate ever. It's for a good cause...
WHY????? Because i adore all Cadbury chocolate and buy it in tons for me and half Italian population!! :)) Buttons,Flake,Wispa,Crunchie,Fruits & Nuts dairy milk,Twirl,Creme egg,Fudge,Eclairs.........Name it-i eat it! :))
Yea pick me! Why??? you ask Why not? I ask you
Cadbury needs to be more regularly available in the US - especially the eggs!
LOVE cadbury creme eggs, one of my fav things about easter :)
child labour
look in to it
darkside of choclate
I have had an obsession with Cadbury eggs since I was a child. It's now 30 years later and I still get excited when Easter comes around. Strange thing is, I generally don't like chocolate unless it's of very high quality. Something about the Cadbury filling... I would love to be a would totally make my day.
Because I can't be "the Bunny" and that poor lion who made it to the try-outs. :) I'd love to be an "official" taster. I love Cadbury's, I've got good taste! ;)
Anythin cadburys milk chocolate I'm in. 
Cadbury eggs are the best! i wish that i could have them all year round. I like to crack the egg and go straight for the creamy yoke filling! yum!
I loooooooooove chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just tell me what to do! :D
wow that looks so good
Other than turkishdelight there aint no chocklate i wont demolish
Would love to do this. Dream job!!!
Count me in, only if my taste matters.
Yes, I want to be a taster. Ah, go on. Let ME be a Cadbury chocolate taster.
since there will be chocolate that will be

Overall rating
I think that I should be a certified cadbury 
Chocolate, and I have done some pretty weird things to get some Cadbury

One of the many is that I hid outside until people couldn't find me, and called the police.
And my mom somehow knew that I was doing this got chocolate
So ah bribed me with it by telling th 
That she has some
That made me come from my hiding spot

And take William Matthews out of my several postttt
Because it would make my girlfriend incredibly jealous but I would share with her because I'm nice like that. I'm also a massive G+ geek so would love to have an insight into the best of your page.
Pick me! I'm a aficionado when it comes to chocolates and sweets
With a sweet tooth, but need for low consumption (try to lose a little weight) I take my chocolate little, but particular. And particular to a bit of Cadbury's I am.
if you put chocolate with chocolate.. it tastes just like chocolate!

Let me know when a good chocolatier and not a creator of waxworks does the same
I wanna b a chocolate taster!
Who wud say no. I wud love to be a chocolate taster. Looking fwd tobe called.
me to i would never give up an oppurtunity like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Dream of being a taster - I'd probably be Eggstatic if you Wipsa'd me, May even Flake out and undo my Buttons in a hangout! I'm Bubbly, always keen to perform Mini-Rolls and Boost others. Willing to take Time Out to give feedback and Chomp on your choccies Go on, give me a Twirl!
Used to be a galaxy man but made the switch to Cadbury's and buy one every morning on the way to school. don't know how i'm not fat
Would love to be a chocolate taster. I have a varied palette and enjoy many flavours. I do enjoy the gourmet flavours such as chilli chocolate etc.

I'm also very honest! :) 
Amal N
I think I should be a taster because I am young. Most people that like chocolate are fairly young. They're also the ones that foolishly spend all their money on chocolate. Adults don't. I know what kids like. It would also be great to have a new take on the taste of chocolate.
I have always loved cadbury chocolate. I remember when I first went back to the UK being excited for the hot chocolate powder. When I was little, it was the only chocolate that I could eat because it excluded high fructose corn syrup and I had a severe corn allergy. Finding caramello in US stores when I was 12 was an absolute delight! Cadbury chocolates have been a part of every holiday, Christmas, and Easter for as long as I can remember. I would love to be a taster!
Please make me a taster! This is probably the best thing I have ever read on the Internet. You cannot beat a good bar or 3 of Cadbury's! Mmmm speaking of which.. I'm off to the shop! 
I single handily polished off 5 lbs of chocolate in one sitting. My wife and two girls were devastated as they thought the chocolate was for them. Little did they realize I had another 5 lbs hidden for them. My family lives for chocolate and Cadbury is one of the favorites.
I love chocholate, usually having some everyday. I would love to be a taste tester for you :-)
I love the chocolate, it the job i wanted as a kid!
Since I had one of the first ics devices on the east coast its only right right
My favorite candy is cadbury creme eggs! I would love to be a taster!
Im employee of cadbury Kraft Nigeria, a member of taste panelists ill like chocki product
Because the Cadbury taste melts my tensions and buries my worries!
Yummy chocolate and Velodrome cycling - A Great combination!!
The Victorians discovered the health giving properties of using chocolate in cooking, latterly it's been proved that chocolate can release the pleasure chemicals (endorphins) in the brain - choose me, I want to experience both!
I knew what a "Purple Cow" was before I was introduced to the concept. Thank you Cadbury for the delicious and classic memories! Please! I DESERVE TO BE A TASTER!
I have to have these fruit and nut chocolate in stock in my apartment for I have pieces of them on a DAILY basis. I am addicted to chocolate and even though I excercise and watch what I eat I cannot stop eating your chocolate! I look forward to Easter every year when I can splurge on all the Cadbury chocolates with my kids!!! Yummmm!!!! Pleasssse pick me!!!
I don't love chocolate more than the next guy, but chocolate loves me. 
I cannot stand Cadbury chocolates. They are creamy, sweet, and I love the way they melt in my mouth. I have recently written an essay on Cadbury chocolates, and I got an A+ on it!!!! I guess many people like Cadbury chocolates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've tried them all and always come back to a big bar of dairy milk !
I love chocolate! I think that's all i need to say. (:
Kunal S
i would rather not do this
I could i have a lot of free time on my hands
I could really do with a chocolate lift right now :( please include me ?
Jenna C
You should pick me because I love chocolate. I am sort of a food critic in my family. Example: I don't like any kind of nut because of the unpleasant crunchiness. Audition: Over
I haven't eaten Cadbury chocolate for ages - especially since they started using palm oil. If you're a kiwi, you owe it to your taste buds to eat Whittakers.
4 what if u have that sweet u might get FATTTTTTTTTTTTTT :(
I love chocolate, perhaps a little too much! I was over the moon when wispa was relaunched :D
Is there any chocolate better than Cadburys? Best thing you ever did was making Creme Eggs available for longer. Not so sure about the green ones though... Can eat a dozen in a day.Dont tell the wife!!
Would love to be a taster, Cadbury is wonderful chocolate.
I visited the Cadbury factory back in 1999. Best chocolate on earth!
not really galaxy is the best in the world
Then you're in the wrong place +nicole head ;)
Anyway, I don't like the excessive amounts of cheap vegetable fats that ... certain companies use to bulk out the lack of cocoa butter. Cost cutting at its worst.
I am in South Africa, so I doubt that I will ever be invited to hang out or test anything but, I am crazy about Cadbury chocolates, so I suppose I'll just hang around an grasp anything I can while I am on line.
south africa has one of the best cocoa beans in the world
ok so My granddog is named +Cadbury UK (well without the UK but wanted to get your attention) he is a chocolate lab.. and her ein Canada we have to pay extra to get decent imported chocolate.. my best is with Turkish delight inside.. so absolutely want to be a taster... have all along.. PS..came from Edinburgh originally!
Chocolate is the language of happiness. ♥ it
Lovely warm chcolate if i was that i would deffinetly eat my self hay do you have a chocolate bar now?
Since I think chocolate should be made it's own food group, I think I would make a absolute awesome taster. While I love chocolate, I am very picky about it and only want to have the best, which definately includes Cadbury. Love, love, love it!!
Who would not want to taste social chocolate? Or be part of a chocing marketing campaign? I do! I do!
Please add me your circle. I am a chocolate lover who would give up everything for chocolates!!!
add me! :] i chocolate you1 <3
please please please add me! i love your chocolate and i think it would be REALLY cool to do that!
Because I love chocolate, and I have a pretty good sense of taste and smell. Did I mention that I love chocolate? And I have 5 kids who would be happy to taste test any sweets!
Because life isn't happy without a bit of chocolate!
I love chocolate and cadbury's is the best :) so much better than chocolate in america!
Would love to be. cadbury in the states is made with cornsyrup. And tastes waxy. But uk and aussie versions are always tasty. My favorite has got to be the marble variety from Australia.
There's no denying it, Cadbury Dairy Milk is the best!!
Cadbury chocolates are always the best. You can actually feel the rich taste of chocolate, mmmmmmm...better go grab one.. taste sooooooooo good... u can eat it all over again.....
love the taste and the smell .... wakes up the kid in me :)
Because chocolate understands and Cadbury chocolate understands the best
Hi my name Rene and i would like to sign up on for the chocolate taster
If i dont have a piece of cadbury for the day then my day is not complete and without a piece of it in my mouth then i cannot speak
my girlfriend is a chocoholic and only eats cadburys. this would make her day
Let's see...How about I'm old enough to remember this..."THANKS EASTER BUNNY!!! BAWK!"
u shud choose me bcuz i m eco friendly. save the earth. it's the only planet with chocolate
I think I need to be in the inner circle because I've eaten my fair share of chocolate over the years but Cadbury is the best, no question.

I even got a box of freedos for Christmas one year which was awesome!
When I was 7 or so, I came in second in Cadbury's writing contest at school.The contest was held in schools in GB & Northern Ireland. I only won a certificate & Cadbury's is my favorite! I would love to now taste the chocolate!
I love tasting chocolate in all it's different forms, whether it's dark, milk, white, tobacco-infused, caramel-centred or even coating raisins or nuts. I will always give you my honest opinion with great enthusiasm!
I like chocolate in all its forms - dark, white, milk - from Dairy Milk to Gianduja and all shades in between.
You need a countryside lad to try the best chocolate ever
If I should ever over-indulge with anything. let it be CADBURY CHOCOLATE.
if only i dont have to imagine being on an island filled with Cadbury everywhere and even the peoples faces is all the different tipes of flavours you get !!! im a sucker for an Cadbury live ,sleep and work!!!
niece pic.........................
Addicted to the taste of smooth, sweet sensation that lingers on my tongue.
Hey...I GT fungus on dairy milk wld lyk to sggst u ol try to avoid it....
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