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+1 if you agree with Siri ;)
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Without chocolate life just ain't worth living ;)
it makes veryone go crazyy
life is a ladder when one goes up on goes down with it
I'm not willing to accept Siri's answer without first doing lots of testing and experimentation
Life would not be complete without eating at least a chocolate once
No-one can disagree with this- chocolate is civilization's greatest achievement!
+Herdrik Rodink chocolate is good but walking on the moon discovering Dna organ transplants the list is endless
I agree if it is white chocolate.hhhh
Apple always gets it wrong it's 42 (bars of Cadbury chocolate).
live you and alone me....n take care for others also...:)
I kno some1 dats alergic to chocolate! Pity her!
Ugo Ano
Android's "Siri" app, Cyman Mark 2 by +Cyman System said "I am told it is a good cup of hot chocolate"!
hi! I'm Quang Vinh
from Vietnam
yeah, great cadbury - you peddle the myth that what you sell is chocolate and not just sugar parading as chocolate
@ ugo ano : Hemh is it same ike siri on iphone 4s, what is function
merci.... ^_^
Siri is a fucking idiot. People don't realize it's just a computer. Computers are only as smart as the person(s) who programmed them.
Cadbury is a good choclate because it has the olympic sign on it siri is a dumbass he dosen't no any thing when i said a word to him he just calls someone siri is a idiot
i think people realized that its just a computer.. its probably the stupid answers and the thought that it makes us laugh is the fun part of siri
But what sort of chocolate? Dark or milk?
Life wouldn't be worth living if chocolate wasn't invented.
Lol... Can't imagine a life without chocolate, indeed! :)
Siri is a FEMALE, for heaven's sake stop referring to it as HE... and Carlisle, sorry, but siri doesn't give stupid answers... It's mostly correct..
love siri.
My friend told me his siri app broke down when he asked:

"what is 1 plus 1?"

Google plus - two plus 1s!

My mother thought I had created some type of new verb...
If it was chocolate, the I´d be the most content person in the world, which I ain´t!
Although I do not like Apple but for once I agree!
That's pretty clever, too bad Siri can't have chocolates.
+Suma Chatterjee..28th March, 2012, Wednesday #**# +1 ... Life is an Endeavour to attain Achievement - - and, Chocolate was that Discovery, drinking of which regularly, helps grow Endeavour ...
I can think of no possible argument to refute this comment...
Cadbury Fruit & Nut = best chocolate ever. The other Cadbury's are okay, but when the grocery store is out of F&N while they have a ton of the other kinds of Cadbury, that's a clue that F&N is really popular and they should be INCREASING their order of F&N!
i bet that a squirrel will go in the road pooping rainbows and dying at the same time
''WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women." That's the meaning of life.
means love money brides & honesty
haha made me laugh thats nice :)
Hahaha that awesome! Siri is sooo right! Chocolate all the way!
So true that is cool im gonna try it

I'm surprised it didn't say "To buy all Apple products"
Siri is pure crap as are all apple products and hardware
life is come fun for share......
Life is definitely like a box of chocolates. As long as it has some fruits and nuts in it.

For Android users, ask Jeanie. It'll spend a good 20 minutes explaining. LOL
Should have said GOOD chocolate; there's a lot of overadvertised crap called chocolate out and about.
Zindagi life dosti ye jhot hai .such sirf deid hai
49? No way, isn't 42? But Siri's answer is more legit.
life is have to eat chocolates before its too late..:-)
lol, I asked Siri and here is what it said: "I can't answer that now, but give me some time to write a very long play in which nothing happens"
now i want some chocolate
thats engineering;) cool app
Kyle F
No, the meaning of life is living. And chocolate, of course.
mine said "I give up."
+Lineke Overmaat Hilarious! Santa Claus for adults turned into the meaning of life. Rather have chocolate.
Siri's correct on this occasion, but it's not a Cadbury product; it's real chocolate.
Chocolate is pure is every way. From one moment to the next. Year after year.
Cadbury Fruit & Nut = best chocolate ever. The other Cadbury's are okay, but when the grocery store is out of F&N while they have a ton of the other kinds of Cadbury, that's a clue that F&N is really popular and they should be INCREASING their order of F&N!
The meaning of life? Ask Forrest Gump --->

Forrest Gump : My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
Got to disagree with Geordi: 42 is the correct answer to the most important question in the Universe, which statement has unfortunately been lost, due to all the memory being needed to find the answer. If we would compute back from the answer we could get the question, forgetting the output.
The meaning of life? Ask Forrest Gump --->

Forrest Gump : My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
Love V.
Wise, Siri is...
I love chocolate.... Going for one........ :—)
That's a pretty shitty meaning of life. The actual meaning of life is always carry a gun. :P
now am also eating chocolate. ha ha ha......... 
Love V.
ooooooooh, i read chocolates can help losing weight! i'm getting one right now-- CADBURY HAZELNUT, my fave! haha
Chocolate is DELICIOUS, but I don't agree:)
+Jerry Daykin good one! this thing just appeared in my homepage, so felt like commenting haha. but cadbury isnt bad its just the snickers is too good :P
True, but good chocolate, Lindt or Cote d'Or, not with various vegetable fats like Cadbury...
Yess dark ones!:D 
thanks g+.. looks to b awesome
All data collected by African child soldiers suggests it's not cadbury.
life has many more meanings.
It's depended on you how you spend it..
life without chocolate is a mess :(
The answer is 42 - anything else is rubbish
I already knew this...just sayin'.
We all know that Siri's answer is just soooo wrong, and not just in this case.
The correct answer is of course: "Forty-two" Deep Thought rules ;-)
+Mike Reynolds - The answer is always "42". And there are at least 42 "42" comments in this feed. It's an awkward eye-read but makes sense when you say it out loud. ;-)
hi everybody pls i'm new here, add me in ur circle
Ana Bee
Nice call, cadbury
challenges and opportunities................both are faced often but tough to suceed...........
Dark chocolate or milk chocolate
If you have a hacked/jailbreak iPhone add Siri toggles from Cydia.
It's s'posed to have meanings now? For crysakes, couldn't we just count small triumphs or tragedies such as matching our sox or hair colour, or even in some cases, it does seem, spouse, ( oh, ok maybe that's a tad bigger than a throwaway line like that. Tho you would not believe it by the behaviour of some, & often they are the one's most interested in regulating other people's behavior , funny how that seems to work out that way. )
Still,most of us, don't come from places where everyone gets "A" for effort and a trophy. Just like the winning trophy because they "participated" in some way, even if this day is the first time they have ever been in school. Absurd? Absolutely! Possible! Definitely!!! Even likely .
So I was hoping we could keep small pleasures of minor success.
As for the chocolate gang my heart is w/ them100% of which % there aint none higher bone fide ;) otherwise I'd give ya that, I'm a chocoholic I have no problem identity w/ it. Of course if they got crazy manipulating the chocolate market as they are, messing w/ gas & oil in US, well it wouldn't be pretty. Think only that many if not most of those of whom we speak are "PMSing" . W/o all the giggling, do try to recall what that meant actually, how it made those women feel. It was no joke, it IS no joke, to walk around feeling barely in control of yourself so angry all your nerve ends frayed. Usually your head is pounding. If you have been blessed(heavy saarcasm_ here) w/ entry to the "Sainthood of painfull. brain very VERY VERY PAINFULLY PAINFULL BRAIN. As in, it hurts a lot you know?

As I recall w/ gas lines back in the day people were only trying to get to work or maybe home for dinner. Not trying to literally keep body & soul together
life is life,depend how someone test life,for me it is silky yammy.. choclate....
I disagree... because my android didn't tell me that.
not my favorite food!
Chocolate is not food. Food os for nutrition. Chocolate is a sweet
life is like chocolate its give sweetness forever..........
Since 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything, and chocolate is supposedly the answer to life (but not the universe and everything), then perhaps the ideal form of chocolate would be precisely 42g of the stuff? :)
No, the naming of life us DARK chocolate
totally cliched but still kinda funny
3 things make life so much better. Chocolate, Bundaberg Rum, Chocolate. (Sex and chocolate is aslo good)
The best thing in the world besides really really good sex is riding free in the wind on my HARLEY....BUFFALO aka George Kehl....
I would have went with Bacon.
So I wonder if that is what the rabbit is saying when it's clucking in the commercial????
That makes much more sense than 42, LOL.
Siri,I knew it!Tell me something better :).
42 bars of chocolate
You are just biased, EVERYONE knows it's bacon :-)
What a cool answer! But I'm wondering whether the chocolate should be bitter or sweet? Both?!
lol yes, chocolate is the answer to everything.
The chocolate should be dark. 1/5 a large bar of dark chocolate per day, provides all the bioflavonoids you need for a day. You see, it doeth good like a medicine. :-)
Nice chocolate language of love
haha. I bet if you ask Siri again it will be something else. Its randomized.
Chocolate is excellent but God has the meaning.
is the existence of any living organism anywhere
The meaning of life is to create life. Without this purpose, there would be no life.
I'm figuring this was an answer of self preservation.
love that comment. "meaning of life is to create life. without this purpose there would be no life."
and more specifically Cadbury's Twirls...
Life is thing which we get just one time. Near me life is a very beautiful experiment what we do in it. some time we win some time lose. but when we lose we try to get win and when we win we try to be in its depth. so life is a very interesting thing if we live our life happily so its mean we are getting something good. life is a gift of God. we should keep this gift very carefully. we shouldn't be careless. life is like a banana if it is cover with the skin of care so it is getting well and when its skin of care even damaged from any where so think life is going to be shatter. so life is a life keep is like a life.
peaceful, enjoyable and desire, all can in one good cadbury, similar to person life, agree?
Just because your name is Muhammad doesn't mean your wise. You sound like a drunk person with those ramblings. God stfu already
Siri was merely an app after all 
the meaning of life to live ...with or without chocolate
Not Cadbury. Perhaps Felchlin.
It's obvious neither Siri, nor Apple has ever watched "The HitchHiker's Guide to The Galaxy"! BTW, Siri, it's really 42!
Hahahaha! Oh Siri:) She knows just what to say...
Thank god, it said only chocolate...not cadbury chocolate
I was told I was allergic to chocolate as a child......
Close enough siri, but the answer is 42.
Irony? Asking a lifeless/soul-less object the meaning of life.
The answer is 42. Just ask google, who is much older and wiser than you young siri
Holy shit, Batman! I have an Android phone, so I asked "Voice Search" "What's the meaning of Life?" The phone actually brought up "Google" and the first search results were for "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"!
A great expression of LIFE...and it tastes really GOOD!
No not chocolate always may life salty and chilly..................
I have to say there's a bit more to life than chocolate.
Actually, the evidence strongly suggests it is 42
yes finally somebody gets that the meaning to life is chocolte!!! LOL!!!!
I can think of many more things other than chocolate but it is good though.(:
Life is a challenge with many choices. Life is a God given gift
I eat life almost every day. does that mean i'm immortal
Life is pool of chocolate but Sweet as Cadbury
Roll L
Yes, I agree!!!!!!
So True I can't believe siri is so clever :-)
that is so true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you gotta love the internet
haha thats fuuny and true haha
Siri is the dumbest thing ever. Lets all have a convo with our computer. No thanks.
Brilliant. For sure. That is totally legit.
Jay Tee
I disagree. It's not "Chocolate" it's "A Box of Chocolate". >.>
Does it work on any iphone 4S?
That is so correct.... but I gave up chocolate for lint befor easter :(
Hm is this chocolate sugar free?
I disagree because the meaning of life is to spread the word of God and to send more people to heaven. READ THE BIBLE!!!!!!!!
Oh i thought the meaning of life was an elephant on a trampoline!?
In fairness chocolate probably isn't the meaning of life... But at least it's super delicious! God bless Creme Egg season ;)
The meaning of life is a "red herring", duh...

those of you who answered "42" are close though
Sean G
Iphones ain't cool in GoogleLand... Or Siritty
Siri was programmed by a group of nerds with a seriously exercised funnybone.
just blow up the planet
So, yesterday we learned that chocolate is a healthy food and today it turned out to be the meaning of life!!!! Looking forward to tomorrow's news!:)
AH, the key to a woman's heart
I wish I had siri i tried to get on my 3gs but i gave up because i couldnt find a way. Ah technology!!!
I have it on my iPhone 4 , & it's a great addition !
- Siri, will Apple shares go up forever?
- No way. When people least expect it, they will crash and burn! :-P
Completely agree! I for one would die without chocolate!
best sponsorship ever

Thanks for the support guys, be sure to check out our page today as there's a #CadburyHijack afoot - your chance to decide what gets posted on the page today!
Is this for real? This is hilarious! Truth or not, I love it!
My Mommy loves me because she gives me Cadbury Creme Eggs! I may be a grown up woman now but when she gives me Cadbury creme eggs , I feel like a special little princess in my own world again!!! To bad they only lay them at Easter !!! Ha! Dawn Copley-Lindsey
absolutely,i love to enjoy on the midnight,too. Don't forget to bring your phone!
Chocolate ...the spice of spices. The spice of life. Never the same way twice. Humans are superior to computers. We just don't know it yet.
Chocolate body paint can't be beaten with the right person!!! PEACE OUT!
This is a GREAT idea for the weekend! spice up the ole love life! Dawn Copley-Lindsey
It makes your day more beautiful to have such wonderful quotes in the morning!
No reason for Siri users to doubt about that...
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