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And the winner is... Nuts for Gold!

Gold by name, gold by nature - nothing could stand in the way of this golden bar in our first ever On Air Taste-Off, getting members of our Tasters Circle to try and vote on 3 very Limited Edition Dairy Milk bars.

Watch the full tasting on YouTube:

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I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the Nuts, I'm a caramel lover but it was just that bit more-ish.

p.s. Cadbury - Salted Caramel Gourmet Bar!!
take it my phone and tell me to give a one  00213778786949
Whats the silver one? If it was between the bronze creme and the nuts for gold the bronze creme would've won in my opinion it should of anyway.
yummmmmmmmyyyy...can some111111 get it 4 me plzz
i do like the idea but i dont like nuts
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