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Question for the day: If you could combine any two Cadbury treats to make a super treat what would they be?

We're thinking a Bubbly filled with Starbar or maybe a Fudge and a Wispa (to make a Wudge?). Let us know yours below...
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None of those. Biscuit base with a bubbly top! Now that would be truly #EPIC
A Cadbury double decker with a Cadbury caramel and a Cadbury fudge on top..... A fudgemel Decker
Or I'd be happy with a Cadbury caramel mixed with a Cadbury fudge....
Bournville Old Jamaica Rum & Raisin + Double-Decker.= A drunk Bus driver. LOL. Be nice though.
A curly wurly mixed with a crunchie - a churly wurchie, if you will.
Cadbury fudge with milky bar then add biscuits
turkish delight and fudge is obvously a winner
come up with something to rival the galaxy cookie crumble
Flake + Crunchie .. call it Crunch n Flake :D I was thinking of just having bits of crunchie mixed into the flake, rather than it being a solid centre .. but whatever works best :D
I was thinking of a flake bar and a caromello bar.
I would mix a mini cadbury egg with the number 365 so I could buy it all year round:)
dream and a crunchie. It could be called dream crunch, with a slogan... "It's what dreams are made of..."
oooh I'd combine some ground up honeycomb, fruit & nut to make a crunchie fruit & nut bar. MMM xx
i wuld like to combine silk n fruit&nut
A cream egg but as a dairy milk bar :D drool
If you start experimenting any of the suggestions +Cadbury UK can I be your guinea pig, I'll do the taste tests for you... can u name them after me call them - Shell Bar... since I'm a loyal customer... hehe
creme egg and crunchie, it could be called crunchy cream, with a slogan, how do you crunch yours...
The Crunchie honeycomb centre inside Wispa chocolate could do it for me!
Flake + Dark Bubbly :) =Flake bubbly...i guess!

Or even

Cadbury + Bubbly = Cadbubbly
Flake and Wispa Gold :P
Wispa Gold on the outside and Flake on the inside...
Bubbly with Chocolate Creme Egg.
Omg!! Creme Egg with Wispa Gold! :D
Oh A StarBar with a Crunchie Centre, you could call it StarCrunch....
Ok so The caramel, and The chocolate.. BUT ALOT OF CHACOOOO
Wispa&fudge sounds good but i,d call it fispa
Don't really care for Cadbury candies, too sweet
those 2 suck, bubbles with caramel rule
Double Bubble Decker - with a red London bus wrapper to celebrate the Olympics
yh bubbles with caramel. like spider but maybe be have the bite size in the shape of small clouds that would be awesome!!!!!!!!! :)
Wudge good name! I like cruchey and carermel its called Crunchmel! Best idea ever!!!!
Twirl and Crunchie? Trunchie or Cwirl?
wispa and buttons! they would be circle wispas!
Buttons filled with different bits of other choc bars to get a bag of surprises.
Bournville with a light, whipped marzipan flavour filling.
I went into Sams yesterday and I found a huge bag of cadbury eggs with 36oz on them I got my wish cadbury +365 not quite, but cadbury plus 360 you see how expressing your wishes works. I now have a giant bag of cadbury eggs well hidden from my family to take me through hopefully a week, but they are so good I can eat them until I fall out. Cadbury you can now send me a tall dark,handsome, rich man drenched in cadbury milk chocolate and I'll know what to do from there Thank you very much Race is unimportant!!
id say crunch with fudge. i loooooooove fudge.
lool. i was thinkin of a mix of Lint and Fudge.
Bubbly filled with Starbar would be Bubbar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be cool!
it's a nice one hmmhmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!. I'll need more
I think you should do Chocolate sauce/paste with white chocolate chips covered in white chocolate with dark chocolate swirls :)
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