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To celebrate reaching 1.5 million followers this morning we're opening up our G+ Tasters Circle to new members!

If you'd like to join it (and be the first to hear news, enter competitions or Hangout with us) just let us know your favourite Cadbury product and the country where you live in the comments below - you can join the Circle from anywhere in the world though some opportunities will be UK only.

To say #ThanksAMillionAndAHalf  we'll shortly be giving some of our G+ Tasters the chance to taste a trio of new Cadbury products... so who's up for doing some chocolate tasting? ;)

NB You must add us to your Circles before we're able to add you to ours.

Posted by Jerry
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Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut :) Currently live in US (but hey, London is worth a visit for splendid chocolate ;) 
Fav has to be the classic double decker. Im in the UK and would love to test and give some feedback for you.
Twirl !!! :D I would love to try them!
If not possible Cadbury Flakes are nice! :)

I live in Denmark, Copenhagen.
one of my favorite brands of chocolate
Bournville all the way! 

From Leeds, UK. 
I'm in Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom :)
All of it! Favourites, hmm, whole nut, bourneville, buttons, caramel! Can't get it down to less than 4! Even that was hard! 
i live in nigeria(lagos state) cadbury flakes is my favourite its so yummicious
And it's gotta be Bournville :)
Ooh so excited about choc forgot to say am in UK!
Mini Eggs and Whole Nut for me, but then I'm already in! ;)
all cadburys are fab can't choose 1 from others and stay in scotland so lots choc to choose but cadburys dairy milk edging to top of faves
Twirl (dipped in a cup of tea). I live in the UK
hmmm u hit it well @ shona mackie
Fruit and Nut, definitely. I'm from Germany.
Oo yum add me please! I have to say chocolate buttons, love sharing them with my little girl!! UK x
I am from Halesowen in the west midlands and my fave Cadbury product is wispa bites - mouthfuls of heaven!
Hmmm... favourites.... not really a fair question as different choc is required at different times.

There are the obvious ones; CDM, Whole Nut, Fruit & Nut, Bourneville as bars - each delicious in their own way and bring back Old Jamaica - I still buy handfuls of these whenever I find them in shops. 

Of the rest, Picnic (not available everywhere), Star Bar, Double Decker, Wispa and Crunchie are regular visitors to my stash, not forgetting Flake (mainly with ice-cream unless you bring back the praline version, otherwise it is mainly Galaxy Ripple - sorry!). Buttons, don't forget buttons !!

Even the likes of Freddo, Chomp, Curly-Wurly and Fudge have their time and place. Time-out and Twirl appear less regularly.

Non-favourites are simpler; Brunch, Snack, Dream, Bliss and Boost (although the peanut variety was great!).

We should also take a moment to remember those who are no longer with us, especially Fuse and Old Jamaica (when this disappeared from our shelves for a few years back in the late 70s(?) when I was a kid, I kept my last two squares in the fridge for several years and would not allow anyone to touch or throw them away as you could still enjoy the smell !!

Anyway, I hear a Creme Egg calling me...
My favorite chocolate is diary milk followed very closely by twirl from UK.
Giant Chocolate buttons! Scotland, UK :)
I'm from Hong Kong and my favourite product is the Whole Nut.
Fav has to be the simply classic dairymilk
good i like itttttt.............
Has to be Cadbury Fruit and Nut! I live in the UK :)
Where I live, they dont sell Cadbury year-round. Easter is the only time of year that I can find Cadbury chocolate. Every Easter season, I look forward to getting my stash of Mini Eggs. They're simple, yet delicious. I'd love to be able to get ahold of some chocolate here, but for now I will look forward to Easter! lol

Ohio, United States of America
Love Wispa. Love the silky smooth texture. I was a big fan of Spira. I'd love to see them return.
wow and I love chocolate to care bear is top of the line that's what's up
I love cadbury chocolate it makes me feel like whoa.
Hi Cadbury, I'm a sucker for Golden crisp - I like to suck all the chocolate off first, then crunch the golden nuggets. I also love Turkish delight, caramel, and pretty much everything you make!
love any cadbury chocolate in uk
I love the Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk!!! I'm in India
As much as I love Cream Eggs, I don't think you can surpass the pure and simple joy of Dairy Milk! (I'm in the UK)
I'd have to say dairy milk caramel, it's soo yummy! I live in the UK in Kent :)
I love Cadbury Bornvita, I love d taste and it make my day special  when ever i take it in d morning. Titilayo from Lagos State - Nigeria
Favourite Cadbury product? Chocolate Buttons! It was the only chocolate I could eat after having jaw surgery last year, they were perfect as they are small and thin so they went down easy! Anyway, I'm from England :-)
Brian S
Anything and everything dark chocolate and the eggs of course. USA
#ThanksAMillionAndAHalf guys - we've added a whole load of you into the Tasters Circle, but there's room for more!
Send me cadbury uk,,,,, her n philippines

Dairy Milk Caramel is the food of the gods. Residing in sunny Surrey. UK. :o).
Cadbury Buttons - always my favourite (Big Kid at heart hehe) Live in Warwickshire, UK :)
Cadbury Crunchie :D Love it!  - I live in Guildford, UK
Seriously, only one? probably crunchie. Live in the UK
Cadbury's Crunchie , Leicester , UK
The original and delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk. - I live in England x
Has to be bournville for me, gorgeous dark chocolate. Live in Tunbridge Wells UK
Wispa or Boost I'm always torn between! I'm in Sheffield, UK (or Newcastle if I'm back at home!)
Mmmmm, the delicious taste of Cadburys!!! xx
Classic Dairy milk, dipped in hot tea until it melts and then slurped off  - it's lovely :O) 
Am in the UK
Cadburys Giant chocolate buttons - love them, live in the UK
my fave here in the uk is wispa mmm yum yum
Mmmm Cadburys Caramel Nibbles..So moreish! How do you get the Caramel in there? Wow. Melt on your tounge. Wellington, Somerset, UK
Thank Crunchie it is Monday Thank Crunchie it is Tuesday Thank Crunchie it is Wednesday Thank Crunchie it is Thursday Thank Crunchie it is Friday Thank Crunchie it is Saturday Thank Crunchie it is Sunday - Just thank you for Crunchies ;0) UK
It would be a tough choice between Crunchie and Picnic, but I think the Crunchie would win.
I am in the UK
Cadbury Heroes! They're always there when you need them :)
Tj John
You really cannot beat a Yorkie Bar.
Buttons - It was the first chocolate I ever tasted as a baby and I still love them today! I live in the UK.
My favourite chocolate must be Cadbury's bubbly milk chocolate! yum yum! I live in the United Kingdom :)
Its a toss up between double deckers and dream bars! I live in the UK
I love Cadbury Wispa and I'm from the UK. I also really like Top Deck but that isn't available here =(
Cadburys dairy milk caramel cant beat it - uk
And I live in the USA , Louisville Kentucky to be exact.
So The wispa , the fruit and nut and there used to be an awesome boxed assortment you made, but I haven't come across one of those in years.
I love all Cadburys but have a soft spot for chocolate Buttons. I'd love to join your circle
I live in the uk and adore Flake although any Cadburys product will put a smile on my and my familys face x
100% Bourneville

Edinburgh, UK
I live in Yorkshire, England, and I love all Cadbury's Chocolate products. Favs include Frys Turkish Delight, Fruit and Nut, Roses and Heros, plus CDM.
Done it! I consider myself something of a chocolate expert, and will be tasting your products whether I'm selected or not!
Chocolate is my life...seriously just ask my friends! I love all Cadbury's products but Wispa and Dairy Milk are my favs. I live in Hertfordshire :)))
Can you still buy the chocolate balls called "Tasters" you used to sell? Or the two tone chocolate bars where the pieces were chocolate on the bottom and the raised bit was white chocolate? I forget the name of that one!
Curly Wurly - Milton Keynes, England
Twirl! Then Giant Buttons..... Then Creme Eggs.... aaaand everything else :) I'm a Dairy Milk addict from Twickenham, UK!
bournemouth uk and i am top up on chocolate today :)
I love the milk chocolate bars, the flake, creme eggs, all of it, I live in Coventry, UK.
my favourite has to be cadbury caramel yum. Im from newcastle in the UK
Dairy Milk all the way - I'm in the UK
My favourite is probably.... oh dear so many favourites, well i'll go for dairy milk :) Otherwise crunchie or flake! I'm from London, England
my favourite is cadbury dairy milk, im from Huddersfield in the UK
Has to be dairy milk fruit and nut. I'm in Great Cornard, Sudbury, Suffolk
Dairy Milk and Boost for me!  I'm in the UK
I just love Cadbury chocolates but my fave has to be Dairy Milk Caramel. I'm from the UK.
I would love to be a Cadbury Taster, my favourite is Cadburys Caramel, always remember the ad with the rabbit taking it easy, lol ! I'm in Ireland
I love Cadburys giant chocolate buttons best!! :)
Love chocs! I'm in the UK!
I live in the UK, and at the moment, My favourite Cadbury's Product is Twirl. Still waiting for Bubbly Helium :-P
My fave is Dairy milk as its cadburys through and through. im in the UK.
Creme eggs, fruit and nut, and I can't turn a caramello away. USA
Dairy milk is my fav I'm in the uk
every cause deserves the opportunity so 'm in.and would love 2 be part of your circle.
I'm in England and I have loved Cadbury's Fudge ever since I can remember! :o)
diary milk is my fav.
live in hong kong
cadbury caramel is my favorite. i live in Ireland.
Dairy Milk, Fruit and nut live in the Caribbean, St. Vincent 
Wispa Gold :) (I think, there's a number of good ones) and I live in England
Wispa!!! I signed the petition to bring it back. I'm in Scotland. :-)
fruit and nut. I live in New Jersey, USA.
The oldest and best plain Dairy Milk. I live in Sittingbourne, Kent (UK)
Dairy Milk Clusters - refreshing different for that chocolate fix. UK
The favorite one is Cadbury cream Egg, unfortunately I can't find it in Brazil!
Dairy Milk Silk. India. Added to circles.
Anything and everything by Cadbury is an absolute favorite.. Not only mine, but my entire family loves it because it's "the best choice" for all chocolate lovers. I'm from Dubai, U.A.E. Keeping my fingers crossed, hope I'll get to try them! :)
cabury's twirl, they're absolutely delish :) im in england
I love Cadbury's Fruit and Nut (everyone's a fruit and nut case, right?). I live in Brentford, England.
Has to be dairy milk caramel :0) Yummy. (UK)
Cadburys philly on cakes, biscuits etc. mmmmmm UK
Jim O
I liked the Fuse bar and have always got time for a Freddo!

Wales, UK!
My partners fave is BOOST. He'll always grab one at the petrol station. UK
twisted - but it is really hard to get them in the Usa
It depends on the mood, but either a normal diary milk, some Bournville or a StarBar (so glad they made a come back!) UK
cadbury is a part of my life.
I love the Cadbury creme eggs. I would eat them all year through if they were available. I'm in the USA, in Oklahoma.
Country Australia and caramelo koalas only made in Australia
Cadbury bournvita is life food drink
Definately has to be the twirl, but if I could go back in time I would stock up on old jamaica chocolate big style!! I'm living it up in the Nuneaton, UK,
Love me a creme egg here in Florida
In Australia loving Cadbury Black Forest!
Whole nut, the old mint Wispas and the immortal Flake. Different textures but one indescribeably unique and fantastic taste, Bromley, Uk
Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut!  - Hong Kong
I like Cadbury Flakes, but I live in the US and can't find them here!!
The eggs have a few bits of heaven in every one. Decadent. 
i loooove it!
♥ Cadbury Fruits and Nuts ♥
krissy domingo from the Philippines
I LOVE CADBURY! its so good! 
My favorite is the Cadbury Boost! So good.
I am from NY, USA.
Cadbury Dairy Milk with Shortcake Biscuit (discontinued in the UK) 
Adam Kehoe from the United Kingdom (close to Bournville) 
Cadbury Dairy Milk with Whole Nut is my favourite. The nuts perfectly balance the chocolate, so it tastes so good. I'm from the North East of England. :)
Cadburry uk send me some of this coz this s my favorite....her n philippines
The classic cream eggs followed closely by the mini-eggs. USA here
The original Cadbury Egg is my fav! Found here in Columbus,Ohio only around Easter.  Gotta buy them by the case!
i love cookies & cashews. im from indonesia :)
topdeck is the best, South Africa
I love a Boost bar! Australia here :)
Twirls are my favourite.
They work well for dipping in a hot black coffee until the chocolate starts to soften, then sucking the chocolate off. Repeat until it's all gone, then start on the second stick!
(UK- England)
Original Milk Chocolate. The classic and best. UK
I love the Dairy Milk but my daughter and her boyfriend adore the Creme Eggs.  We live in Canada.
Cadbury mini eggs are my favorite! But really any Cadbury purchased outside of the US is very tasty!
Original Cadbury eggs. The big ones! All day long!
Gbadebo abiola nigeria ibadan enjoys cadbury flakes delicious
Fairtrade Cadbury Dairy Milk, United Kingdom : )
You don't need to ask me twice ! Dairy Milk has got to be my favourite. United Kingdom.
Lucy L
Cadbury flakes, U.S. New Jersey
Has to be Cadbury caramel! But you can never forget whisper (gold especially)!
Oh and I love in the UK! Near Manchester love the Cadbury factory tour!
I love Cadbury Creme Eggs! My favorite are the miniature original creme flavor. They are impossible to find in the U.S. when it isn't Easter though.

I live in Arizona, USA but we'll live in Nebraska in less than a month
From the US. Love the Cadbury Creme Eggs... but they taste so much better in the UK than in the US
A Flake straight from the fridge is my fave the fruit and nut is a close second  United Kingdom
I absolutely love Cadbury's Royal Dark Chocolate. And I live in USA. 
Can't remember if I'm in it or
Not but Dairy Milk! (and I'm in the uk)
Crunchie is probably my favorite bar and I'm quite partial to your hot chocolate.  Live in Broughty Ferry, Scotland.
add me i may be in there already though 
United States, favorite Cadbury product caramel eggs :-)
Dairy Milk
I live in Beijing, China
CREME EGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cadbury makes the best hot chocolate. Its super deal-lish-us all.
we aim to please us brits 
crunchie- england!! :)
Twirl, UK
(Although it used to be the Nuts about Caramel bar - sadly long since discontinued!)
munju s
.favorite is Cadbury Dairy other chocolate in the world can match it !!
Mini eggs and Dairy fruit and nut bars for me here in the US
Mmmmmmmmmm would love to be a g+ taster. Cadbury Wispa is my favourite. Live in Devon. UK x
Thanks for all your comments, good to have 100+ new Tasters on board! If you've told us your favourite bar we'll have tried to add you, but if we're not in your Circles first G+ wont let us - if that's the case you'll need to add +Cadbury UK to your Circles and then post again below!

We'll let the Tasters know more info very soon ;)
Would love to be a tester, I don't have one favourite Cadbury bar, I just adore Cadbury chocolate all the way. I just spent the last 20 minutes thinking trying to get an answer, but it's all too good to single out any product. I am in Yorkshire, UK too. 
Would love to be a chocolate tester! Sign me up please! Favourite bar buy a long shot has to be the Cadbury Crunchie! Located in Bath, UK
I love the double decker!!! its smooth and has something for everyone! I live in the UK
Dairy Milk, plain, simple but classic :oP
Yorkshire, UK
I like Twirl. It's a twist on a classic. Flake with smooth creamy dairy milk coating. Mmmm, want one now. London, UK
My fave is definetely Cadbury's Caramel, I'm from Glasgow UK
Bournville Old Jamaica.  I <3 dark chocolate.  USA
Cool i'm from motherwell i'm like 10 mins away from you Colleen xx
Dairy milk fruit and nut! Live in the best country that has a big ass store of cadbury in the mall in Canada!
Mmmmm my faves are Double Decker, Starbar which was rebranded Boost Peanut then changed back to Starbar, i also like the current Boost but the original coconut Boost was best along with the Boost Guarana!

I always love Bourneville anytime but why don't you make more bars with dark chocolate?

By the way if you decide to make more dark chocolate bars i would be more than willing to test them for you! And i am in driving distance of you if you are too busy to drop them off to me ;)
My favourite Cadbury product has to be the new Crunchie biscuits, although they are closely rivaled by Wispa, depending on what I fancy at the time.

I'm in the UK :)
I live in the UK,I am as English as apple pie!And I love Cadburys!
Am in the UK and my faves are flake and creme egg
Chomp, fudge and cream egg are my favourite! Am in uk! :-)
Favorite is caramel and live in uk
I do like a twirl (and a double decker). I'm in scotland :)
Creme eggs or crunchie :-) sunny Cornwall (UK) ;-)
Twirl or Wispa - it's a tough choice! Leicester, UK. Thanks!
Creme eggs or Flake......Um... Gotta be Flake - Lincs UK :-)
My favourite has to be creme egg and I live in the UK :-)
Hard to decide between Double Decker and Wispa/Wispa Gold as favourite. I live in England, in the UK
Mini eggs all the way! I love in UK. Anyone remember the 'secret' bar years ago? What ever happened to that
I love the Crunchie but I can only get it in Canada (I'm in Western New York, USA)
Like a big sponge candy bar
Fav has to be a Flake, happy chocolate. Everything's better with a Flake stuck in it! York, UK
uggghhh!i love all of Cadburys products...I'd say that my favorites are Cadbury Dairy Milk and Cadbury Twirl. I live in Chicago, Illinios, USA.
Hi, Jim from New Zealand and No. 1 has to be Pineapple Lumps - made here under Cadbury's Pascall brand.
I dont like chocolate buttons, i love chocolate button!!! I'm in Canada!
Whole Nut, that or Flake.. So delicious!

UK here and I'd love to test some new chocolate. :)
I would love be happy to test new products 
Dairy Milk Caramel. England! Eating the stuff right now...
Your fruit and nut bars are by far and away the best ones out there. No other ones taste anywhere near as nice.
I love the turkish dairy milk bars and I'd love to be a taster. I live in Birmingham too so if u wanna invite me round to do some tastin I can be with you in about 20 minutes lol
I have loved Creme Eggs since they were introduced!  I live in Oregon, USA.  Thanks for the opportunity!   :)
#ThanksAMillionAndAHalf  guys! Again we've added all of you who answered the question and had added us to your Circles - G+ wont let us add you until we're in yours I'm afraid :)
i love all cadbury products
............ but im from india
It doesn't get better than dairy milk but miss top deck
I'm from Canada and I love Mini Eggs!
To be honest I love them all. But do miss the coffee cream in the roses which you took out. 
Dairy milk whole nut is my all time favourite. London, England. :) 
Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar is my fav. I am from Lahore, Pakistan
Cadbury Flake is my favourite product. I'm from the UK.
Flake is the best!! Pls add me. I live in the uk.
My fav...hmm...I like a boost...
Dairy Milk. I live in the Uk, England.
Making us choose is cruel. But it's got to be the classic Dairy Milk bar! UK based.
Fruit & Nut every time. 
favourite cadbury?
fruit and nut,
roasted almonds!
Yay! Go cadbury!
Whole nut. One of those must have products
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