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c-bear bi-cycle ceramic bearings| No creak bottom bracket solution
c-bear bi-cycle ceramic bearings| No creak bottom bracket solution
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#FitnForget #InstallnRide C-bear SSP (Silent Speed Performance) #nocreak, #noadapter, #noloctite #bottombracket. #smoothspinning

Seeing + Trying = Believing

photo credit @camillanr1 and her mechanic friend.
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Upgrade C-BEAR #SSP (Silent Speed Performance) component on
Cannondale Supersix Evo HM 2016 (46mm x 73mm BB shell) PF30a system attaching a Shimano Ultegra Electronic Di2, spindle diameter 24mm.
Thks Ian and Tom Portsmouth for sharing your bike photos.  Success at U16 national series racing.
C-Bear 30A Family : PF30A shimano bottom bracket
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#‎TourdeFrance‬ 2016 tech: Custom ‪#‎Ridleys‬ for ‪#‎Greipel‬ and ‪#‎DeGendt‬
All with C-bear #SSP (Silent Speed Performance) components

While celebrating, please remember to continue to shout out ‪#‎FightforStig‬.

Sources: Lotto-soudal's mechanics
More photos and info on CyclingTips ‪@‎DaveEverett‬
@paddyfletch @Cyclingnews#LeTour @CyclingWeekly
Gorilla Roar Champs-Élysées. Thomas de Gendt at Mount Ventoux
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C-Bear #BottomBracket Review from @CharlotteCulverMTB
Having ridden #Specialized carbon mountain bikes since I began riding, one distinct issue I had was creaking bottom brackets. Climbing, descending the noise would occur all the time, multiple services later it all came down to the bottom bracket and nothing could be done about it. I was completely unaware that you were able to buy higher quality bearings to prevent this. Having a lucky opportunity to be a C-Bear ambassador I was very interested to see and feel the difference of a ceramic bottom bracket.
Once the old bracket had come off I took the time to compare each product, C-Bears bottom bracket was distinctly different by its weight and quality, I honestly couldn’t believe it. I was expecting a bottom bracket of far more preeminence to be taken off the bike considering it is the top of the line #SpecializedEra. The C-Bear bracket features an aluminium shell rather than a plastic one, so the initial feeling in my hand was that it was quality made compared to the plastic one taken off my bike. The bearing came lightly greased and was ready to go without fuss.
Noticing the difference of the bottom bracket from the first ride, the annoying creak was no longer. It's all easy to say that a the product is as smooth as butter and so on, but I honestly have to agree. 5 months down the track the product is still performing like it was installed yesterday. There is no resistance, it's amazing to feel such a difference that I never even knew was an issue. With little force the cranks just smoothly turn, with no disruptions or interferences.
The bottom bracket has faced all the conditions that Australia has to offer, thick clay tracks, immense amounts of sand and salty water and all has held up after a hose down wash. I don't pay direct attention to the bottom bracket whilst washing my bike, I don't spray water directly at it obviously and haven't changed the way I clean my bike. No issues or movement have been prevalent since the day I received it.
Being constantly surrounded by cyclists, in particular mountain bikers, I've been told that it's all just bling and expensive bearings don't do anything more than a $15 one. Of course they haven't ever ridden with a bearing like C-Bear has to offer, so they're missing out. Only the few that have purchased quality bearings will ever know the true worth of the investment. I'm stocked to be able to experience the C-Bear quality, that comes alongside with no further maintenance or problems, what more could you want.
Despite it being costly and something that you can't really show off to your mates, it's a truly personal addition to your bike and only you can experience the pleasurable smoothness of it, which to me makes it a hidden gem. I can't recommend C-Bear bottom brackets enough, they are definitely something I would install on all my future bikes.
I'm yet to talk to Bart but Aria is lovely and she's always willing to answer any questions or concerns and get you the bearing as soon as possible! I highly recommend looking into C-Bear products, they offer more than just bottom brackets, including #hub-wheel bearings, #headsets and #pulley #derailleurs which are available for many different branded bikes.
Linked below is a brilliant example of #triathlete #Erik-Simon Strijk Specialized S-works Shiv with a C-Bear ceramic bearing installed, its a never ending display of smoothness.
Happy Riding!
‪#‎cycling‬ ‪#‎cbear‬ ‪#‎bottombracket‬

Facebook Page: c-bear bicycle ceramic bearings
Website: C-Bear
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I thought you'd like to know that on Saturday, 4th June, using your ceramic bottom bracket in my Cervelo P5, I broke the East Anglia Region Veterans 25 mile record for 71 year olds. My time of 55.47 was also a lifetime best. The C Bear bottom bracket is super smooth and free-running so it certainly makes a difference
Kind regards, Chris Roberts, Anglia Velo Cycle Team

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#‎Pressfit30‬ + ‪#‎Rotor30‬  #‎cbearcycling‬ Explained
Specially designed for max stability and optimal power transfer!

Photo :@LS_U23 equipped with C-BEAR ‪#‎PF30‬ ‪#‎Rotor3D‬+ on TEAM @Ridley_Bikes…/pro…/bottom-bracket/pf30-30mm-rotor
C-BEAR Pressfit30 Rotor3D+ Explained
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Gorilla made his final roar at 2016 Giro d’Italia Bibione - third stage wins, before his exit, in preparation for ‪#‎TourdeFrance‬.

“I am going to leave this evening. Of course, I am not happy about it but I am not a machine,” he stated. “My season is full of goals and I need to go on until October [the world championships in Qatar – ed.]. It has been a hard 12 days and I am looking forward to recovering and then my next goals.”

Lotto-soudal team train prominently did another superb job by
‪#‎AdamHansen‬, ‪#‎JurgenRoelandts‬ ....

‪#‎cbearcycling‬ proud sponsor of Lotto-soudal team since 2009. ‪#‎cbearceramicbearing‬ delivering Silent Speed Performance even with Sir Gorilla power thrust time after time.…/greipel-sprints-to-victory-on-sta…/

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@enrigasparotto honors Demoitié with victory @Amstelgoldrace @TeamWantyGobert @cube_bikes with #cbearceramicbearing
PF86-shimano-race no creak bottom bracket
@enrigasparotto 2016 #AGR with #cbearcycling #bicycleceramicbearing
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1,637-watt max power, 391-watt while averaging 40.7kph (25.3mph) André Greipel Lotto Soudal Cycling Team Fanpage
A look at this Gorilla Power Analysis during the 100th edition of the ‪#‎TourofFlanders‬.

‪#‎cbearceramicbearing‬ delivers Silent Speed Performance even with Greipel's power thrust. @cbearcycling official sponsor of UCI @lotto_soudal team since 2009.…/power-analysis-andre-greipe……/greipels-massive-flanders-…
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