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Burcu Dogan

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I wanted to share with you "drive", a small command line application for working with Google Drive on both Linux and OS X. Currently it is manual/explicit operation based as opposed to auto-sync, but that brings you more power/control moreover at the tips of your fingers. I have been working on drive in my free time, since 1st January 2015 and so far it has been a great experience interacting with users, fixing bugs, adding features and developing it. Hope you can find it useful -- please give it a try. Feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you.
drive - Pull or push Google Drive files
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Burcu Dogan

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Time to add "capulcu" to my bio, everyday I'm capuling...
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Whoa, penguins are chapuling!
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Burcu Dogan

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Science Hack Day San Francisco is looking for sponsors! Know companies that might be interested in this awesomeness?
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Burcu Dogan

Announcements  - 
In case you missed +Ali Afshar's I/O talk and interested in Android, we released an application preferences syncer for Android SDK. Keep  the preferences of your users on Google Drive's appdata, sync across multiple devices and platforms.

Now it's your turn to use, fork and contribute! 
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+Abdallah Paracha, the limitation is 4*128 = 512 KB. It's very generous though.
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Burcu Dogan

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If you haven't seen BBC's Race for Space series, you should. The personal rival between Wernher von Braun and Sergei Korolev is not over-dramatized. It's hard to believe their life-time obsessions in rocket science make the manned moon landings possible, but that's what history says.

Opening up in catastrophic Nazi Germany and ends up in sunny Florida...
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Links to the actual media mentioned in the series:
- Braun's outreach campaign: VON BRAUN, MAN IN SPACE , Walt Disney 1959
- Tom Lehrer's parody song: Tom Lehrer - Wernher von Braun - with intro - widescreen
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Burcu Dogan

Shameless Plugs  - 
I'm working on a command line client for Google Drive with git-like interfaces, written in Go. Pull, push and publish files. It works on Mac OSX and Linux for now, and soon to support Windows. If you need a backup solution or require CLI to talk to Google Drive, give it a try.

There is a sneak peak why I'm not implementing a sync daemon instead of this client on

If you'd like to contribute, please do so.
drive - Pull or push Google Drive files
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Haha +Burcu Dogan that was funny. "Into the chopper, every body get out". This is cool that you made this announcement before hand.
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Burcu Dogan

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"One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision." ― Bertrand Russell
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Burcu Dogan

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CalDAV is back, CardDAV is now supported! XMPP federation is on my wishlist.
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It has been announced, hasn't been gone.
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Burcu Dogan

Shameless Plugs  - 
Shortcut files? I've been asked about them very frequently. On Google Drive, you can create shortcut files that act like soft links but redirects your users to a Web page instead of another folder/file. Shortcuts power you to launch any URL directly from Google Drive frontend!

To illustrate how they work, I decided to launch a bookmarking service that saves your reading list to your Drive. Firstly, point your browsers to to add our bookmarklet. Then, feel free to fork the Github repo to launch your Pocket competitor for free ;-)
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+Enrique Umaran, No, it's not officially maintained by Google as a service. Altough you can maintain your own instance with the code we open sourced for no cost on App Engine.
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Burcu Dogan

Discussion  - 
+Paul Kinlan interviewed me. I essentially made a joke about his fame the first second we met. Through the interview I shitted my pants and not performed better than an high school kid.
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I still dont know how I'm hired, seriously.
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Burcu Dogan

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This milestone brings #space that much closer for +Virgin Galactic & customers around the world
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