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We keep you safe and we keep it simple.
We keep you safe and we keep it simple.

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Identity theft seems to rise year-on-year whichever country you look at.
According to a US survey close to 41 million adults had their identities stolen, that’s about two in five adults.
It’s a problem in Europe too, though not on the same scale. The problem is greater in the UK which tends to lead ID theft across Europe in terms of reported incidents.
So how can you tell if you’ve become an unwitting victim of identity theft? Read more on BullGuard Blog!

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Smart homes and already here. And many smart devices are already available to use. Here are the major areas where smart technology meets everyday life.

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SECURITY ALERT: Up to one million Gmail, Yahoo and Netflix accounts with decrypted passwords have recently been discovered on the Dark Web. The hacked accounts appeared from earlier breaches.

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As the popularity of smart connected devices gathers pace, cyber-attacks that took place late last year reveal how this new technology wave will be bedevilled by all manner of security issues. That is, until security is taken seriously.
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Tips fom BullGuard: How to tell if your email account has been hacked – and remedial action you can take
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BullGuard offers some tips and insight into how to keep children safe online to mark Safer Internet Day on 7 February. #SaferInternetDay

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The Internet of Things (IoT), or smart connected devices as it’s also known, is set to grow at about 3 billion devices a year until there’s something close to 30 billion devices in use across the world by 2020 and beyond.

We’ve not seen such a surge and rapid adoption in new technology since the smartphone was introduced. For instance consumer demand for smartphones jumped from about 170 million devices sold annually about five years ago to more than a billion of these pocket computers in 2014.

We may think of smart connected devices as fitness bands, smart watches, and smart thermostats but these are only the first generation of devices. And there’s a lot more that goes on with IoT that is beyond the public eye.
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In the UK, half of the recorded 11.8 million crime incidents in the year to September 2016 were related to cyber fraud. This astonishing figure reveals just how widespread cyber-crime has become. Given that the global Data Privacy Day on January 28th is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of protecting personal information, there’s never been a more compelling time to take this issue very seriously indeed.

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Ransomware was the big malware thing in 2016 and it’s likely to be an even bigger thing in 2017. Denial of service attacks using compromised IoT devices will grow and along with a few other things 2017 could be the year in which people finally get serious about setting strong passwords.
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