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I've always liked this accidental shot. I have no idea what was going on with the exposure, but it makes me think this is what riding on LSD might be like. #velothursday +James Thomas
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Its not nearly that wavy, based on personal experience. Though Salem traffic and the convoluted LCN there isn't nearly as frustrating in that state of mind.
I figured that's what your front wheel looked like heading down Lakewood minus one spoke.
Nope, flat land outside of Gresham, OR.
There's flat land outside Gresham? I seem to recall a mountain range to the south and east, a cliff to the north and Portland to the west; nuff said.
Aah. I usually take the Springwater out that direction because it's flatter...and it's not particularly flat, considering even slicks kick up gravel and rocks. Regularly shoot gravel and big clouds of dust clean into Telford traffic from the cycleway at the speeds I end up doing heading westbound towards Gresham on that segment using slicks.
+Paul Johnson Yup, took Springwater Corridor out there from downtown, then when it turned to dirt/gravel switched to Telford. We make that ride every year on our annual beat-the-austin-heat-in-portland vacation so my wife can pick blackberries
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