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NEW video ~Happy Hats!~ Oh yeah! :P
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1 teaspoon of though
2 cups of sweet
5 cups caring
2 teaspoon ugly
100 cups of Omg lol lmfao
20 cups of pretty
1000 cups of crazy hyper
39 cups of hot - we all need a little spice;)
I would be saucy:
Jalapeños-for spicy
Coacoa-for sweet
Kiwi-for quirky
Purple Carrots-for uniqueness
And Marshmellows-for some fluff and cuddlin'
Blended and served cool. The scooped onto a Blue tortilla chip. All this served with Double helping of Love and laughs! :D <3
I would have 1 ingredient, luv for u!!!
I love this video so cool!! Someone should make u a cupcake hat :P
luved this vid soooooooooo much!
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