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What song did you like the most from 'Oops!...I Did It Again'?
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umm frogot wat its called and britney can u chat with me?/
im ur biggest fan EVER
Satisfaction deff. even thought i just said the same thing on facebook haha
Your slimmer belly is beautifully naked.
Oops...I Did It Again - Can't beat the title track of the album!
I like -
What U See (Is What you Get)
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Thumbs up!! for "Lucky"
add me in your circle Britney Spears , I really appreciate your work since long (luv s2)
Oops! I Did It Again...
wait you were in ........jail?!?!?!?!?
add me too, i very love you
Oops i did it again! and i love lucky too!
I can only give a top three, I can't narrow down :P Lucky, Oops I Did It Again and Dear Diary!
Lucky, since before it became a single, can't make you love me, what you see is what you get, and one kiss from you were my favorites too... oh memories, I was 10 when I bought it :)
Time Change but Britney Remains the same.
Lucky was my favorite one.. Still one of my favorites :)
Haven't listened to it but I'm sure there is a winner there somewhere and the front cover is great.
uumm ya i doubt that that is actually u
It was the song "Where Are You Now?" It inspired me in many ways... I still ask this question, for 13 years and cannot find and answer. You're in my heart perhaps ;-)

There were many other songs I adored. Like "Lucky" and "Oops I did it again". Obviously, "Don't let me be the last to know" was a great ballad too.
oops...I did it again was my favorite
You gave me a good reason to listen to the album again on MOG. My favorite song and music video from the album has always been "Lucky." That song is closely followed by "One Kiss from You," "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know," and "When Your Eyes Say It" as favorites. Wow girl, you're bringing back some memories! :o)
Go More
used to buy this album. best song you have.
Your retirement from the stage would be nice.
Can't Make You Love Me,
What U See (Is What U Get)
all!!!!! i luv all of them......
I like all of them...i still have that album!
i liked i'm dating a Royal, "pyshco bitch".
swearing in public is one thing, swearing online is another
Do we really need to curse. Seriously?!
Lucky and Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know... <3 those songs!
All of them... Regardless of which song it was you sang... you wore breathless beautiful in each and everyone.
Lucky.... Odd how THAT one had sooo many levels... You should do more of that. :) Im sure youre up for it and would do wonderfully.
It wasn't a song I liked the most, it was the cover. :)
Lucky she's a star but she cries cries cries with a lonely heart. Think it was for real or you put your heart into to it.
now she claims to be a singer??!!? she should be a comedian,but i doubt she would be any good at that either!
Maral K
gee....idk all of the above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's why I am starting to hate WHAT's HOT on G+". Who the fuck in the world has a brain and ears and listen to Britney Spears.?? Who? Viruses like B.Spears destroyed music and drained teenagers to a realm of stupidity and talent-free sphere.
i hated all of dem.... cough slut sneeze
Every time I see that album cover with the "oops I did it again" text it looks like you just crapped your pants . . . again
Stronger & When your eyes say it
The one that played when I hit "eject"
Young michael jackson
Rob M
None. Don't like the music, you, your friends or your vagina you displayed getting out of the car. I nearly threw up looking at your junk...and I do mean JUNK!
Oops I did it again is my favorite song!
u r amazing, Britney :)
I can to see you picture and you talk me the some history on ship.OK
its a tie between Lucky and Dont let me be the last to know
I didn't like it at all. I hugely dislike this style of singing. And the music as well.
Lucky was good, obviously oops!..., and stronger.
Negativity will get you far in life. You must be an exceedingly pleasant person to be around. :)

You know the saying: If you have nothing good to say, SHUT THE FUCK UP. ...Or something to that effect.
I like your music but you are very hot,
I liked Rebecca Black's friday!
hey britney spears luking hot and sizzling wowow gorgeous !!!!!
Isn't this cow dead yet? Really, why do we waste our time with just a loser? Fame is fleeting, and in Spears case it really should be long gone. Enough already, let's pay more attention to real talent.
I love Oops, Lucky and Girl in the mirror!
stay of my wall you worn out hag
Anyone... Actually Baby cause it was on that 1 movie with warewolves.
Ron Doe
I like all your song !!! yeah . . .
verry beutyfull...sexii...:-)
britney i love your music baby you are hot love you
Which one was the last one?
anh that la dep, rat vui khi minh da duoc ket noi voi dia chi nay
what u see, is what u get and don´t lest me be the las to know my favorite
oops i did it again.. Children of Bodom cover of course!! hahahahaha!!
oops i did it again! LOL <3 u britney...igot that cd wen i was in kindergarden and 8 years later i still love it!
sam dam
why u r becomeing nude ?
It was a great song and will always be ur fan
your all songs very nice n sweet.
From the bottom of my broken heart
The one and only Britney Spears :)
ng ha
Never listened to the album, apart from the crap I sometimes heard on the radio.
Danny C
What u see, is what u uuuuuuu
ajs zen
any song of hers
awesome its.....................
What ....sorry I couldent hear a thing over the vibrating hawtness of her imperious super sexy force....
Fiona L
I liked LUCKY!!!!
Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know
I just miss the old Britney in general. :-)
Preserve your beauty & beautiful voice.
I love all the songs from this album!!! You did great!
I think I did it again....
ah!!!! baby one more time and lucky were the best!!!! <3 xxx <3
are u ppl high? Britney's dying! Leave the girl alone
I love all ur songs of all ur album's & I LOVE U SOOOOOOMUCH
Ooops! is probably the best but I like the rest of them
"Genie In A Bottle" followed by "I Wanna Be Down"....
نام نیکو گر بماند زادمی
به کزو ماند سرای زرنگار
oops i did it again was nice. It seems singer normally are also communicating messages through songs. I don't get the messages most of the time but songs of your many are good. I loved Would you hold it against me, Hit me baby one more time, Amy, and others. Good for you, can sing and you look good too. I do not understand some phases of your life though..... if you have had a nice vacation, i would know cos your next songs would be nice....
me too the name of the album itself that is oops i did it again
I loved all of the songs in this album.
Britney , i love you very much !~ do you have plans to have a tour to China? :)
sem 2 I loved all of the songs in this album.
i like britney spears.................
Hi bringing I wish I could be able to hang out with you invite to a video chat someday
Stronger- such an awesome song and the video was so amazing :)
all of'm were perfect but the awesome one = Stronger
Oops I did it again , thats the first time I heard ur voice
Bitch, who gives a rats ass?! Really? As if you care you stupid C#%T!!!
The title song of couse. Hi cutie
Why look back? What is in the rear view mirror that is better than what is ahead of you? You need to look forward through the windshield! Keep going forward girl!
J Boom
Oops and stronger
Not sure how many songs I liked, but I sure loved the videos,
one word for hement apte....stalker!!!
Lucky & oops I Did It Again . Can't make u Love Me . Britney B the great women U R not the kid they try to make U B....
can`t beat.........Well keep it up....
Ary D.
What's this oldie? Who remembers it these days?
from GLEE............. :) Efrain M I right ?
dont let me be the last to know
my dear brit.this is the 1st album of yours i have ever bought:)
wow... so.... super.....?
Wooooow...she's soooo..

Oops,tht pic,pearces harts,lyk a Spear!m dwn with it......
I love "lucky" so much
I am very happy to meet you

I Miss U
Ooooooops! You did it again! ;)
Love ya girl!
very good!..................
i am interested to your body.
the best songs are: Oops!... Idid it again, Stronger and One kiss from you and lucky...
the album is great, that good alcanse to comment jajajajakjakakjajka
i love brit <3
q linda q gato q sos vos el q esta kris noce quien
Anya N
Very pretty pic
Hey Britney Spears whats up big fan
u r looking so cool
I Love U B.S.
Oops!... I Did It Again it s good
All of them, but would love, if you can write a song honoring our planet, it needs a voice like yours.
hre te
Britneyspear nude
Loved each and every one :) my first teenage album, my grandma bought me with my first portable CD player. Very sweet memories :) I still have it. Thank you, Britney. 
tif this is you your a good singer just in case im blac american loved you when i firts seen you r face truly 100 your kids father is a joke my name is wisdom akadwight sr
Johnny Winters guitar legand passes away while on tour in Swiss, will be missed by many artist..
I like can,t make you love me
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