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Think I may have enjoyed dance rehearsal a little too much yesterday! This one definitely had a fun twist to it...
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Cool!! What made it fun?
WHOA!! language!!!!! no nee dto swear now!
i dance and sing alone in my room all the time.
usually when i should be doing homework.
I luv your songs they are so good i listen to them everyday! My favorite was Criminal and how i roll
Do you remember one of ur dancers Brooke Lipton? Natural red hair?
Really glad to see you were having a good time that's one of the great things about your business is the ability to create something new and fun.
Dance till the world ends :DDD
Hey guys I have a quick question.....Do you guys like one direction or Justin Bieber?
Thank you Good dance♬━━━━!! We love Britney ♛
@britneyqspears (@^▽^@)
Britney Spears all the way
what about 50 cents..lot better than him...
Hmmm Bieber Have More Good Song.... Her Last Single "Boyfriend" is very Justin Timberlake :)
did i told you guys britneys is a OOOOOOOO
a love story
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Help: daniel, the rick wesley, alessandro kaliane, daniel

done by Beatriz Rodrigues
please post any commnet 'bout your son?? coz i loved it ... i think it's kind a qiut...
you can rock this world ! take it a bit slower
Britney. Just letting you know. :D. I love your music and songs. You totally inspire me c: Now im not gonna fight to be "Britneys #1 fan" Im just saying im one of them. And i support you 1000000000000%! :D<3. I love to sing and dance tooc:
hey britny your so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha! i just got home from dance rehearsal! (a different kind of dance rehearsal though...:))
Hey Britney De sami hey De sami muchooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You missed 1/2 of a step during the 3rd twist on fourth beat. Just wanted to let you know. :) It happens....I noticed it while finishing off your Starbuck's Frap so it wouldn't melt while you were dancing your butt off. :P
u keep on danc'n just don't twist 2 much.or you'll be twisted.
i hope y r fine ..& enjoy yr life ...wish y happy life & yr family.......God love use
Britney i like your dance in Baby one more time,i like so much
loves u::::::::::::::
ali pej
while much of
Cool! I wanna see you dancing
I love you so much sis
wow....thatz great......keep up with the good job...
good glad to see you enjoying your self in a helthy way agin ans you look good
hi britney, im from indonesia,
what do you think if i give you my song, did you want to publish it?
me too! can't wait for this one...
Love to dance for long hours on yr songs to ensure both physical and mental fitness
Teach me how to dance! I follow your commands
Teach me how to dance! So , I can got a chance
Ta Ta Ta Dance oo Ta Ta :)
not being a weirdo but I bet you could have a fun twist to anything keep up the great work
Thank you so much for following me on twitter @crobritney thank you! <3 but can you please tweet me or please DM me... thank you! I love u <3
i think u r , very hard worker right.
Yeah i know you have a lot of talent with u....
I Know You Always For Your Best And This You Always Keep.Thanks
do you want to have sex? i love yyyyyyyyyooooooouuuuuuuu!!!!!!
noone cares Britney , go shave yer head lmao
Oh I can't wait to c it❤
I💟u britney spears💗💗💗💗
Ur dancing is amazing
I 💟 u britney!<3
Maral K
thats awesome britney! i love dancing!
Britney you are beautiful beautiful in the world
me gusta bastante la nueva imagen de G+ y a ustedes???
Its good that you are doing something lovely and enjoy I could also agree with you,and it keeps you fit and in shape ,wow,Brit I'd say that that's awesome
yea no one cares the only time anyone was talking about u is when u cut your hair off you stupid slut=] just kidding
Jared Tracy, apparently you're the only stupid that doesn't care because everyone here cares. If you don't care why are you following her you stupid cunt. Get the fuck out and shoot yourself! :D
i love you song I wanna go...lovin it soo much...even the music video...waiting for more from you Britney!
i<3 ur song i wanna go! its the best song ive ever heard in my life! :)
i love your songs brittany my fav til the world ends
Dance is fun whether it's a rehearsal or not, so I personally think you can never enjoy dance too much!
thats good. just dont hurt urself or sprain anything
I'm sure you have everything turned out fine!))
cool it would have worn me out and i wouldve started hyperventillating.... i dont care if i spelled it wrong u know what i mean.
Shawn A
I here ya! Dance practise for shows are my favorite part of practise.Trying to learn a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance routine for a video. I enjoy the tap dancing the best.Makes me have happy feet.I made it thru 3rd round "X Factor" audition for season 2. Sure hope I get call back May 24.Just had interview with producer.I want to film an Indie film like "Shall We Dance".Sure would be fun,you playing the part of a Ginger Rogers.It'd be so much fun to dance with you.Happy Easter! to you and your family.
love you britney please ad me PLEASE
WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU SEVERIS
hello britny.we like your dace &enjoyed dance.may doghter very love you.and you are favorate may famili.we live in iran.we love you....
hey i love your music i've always wanted to meet you
give me one more time
britney eu te amo sou sua fán
eu amo todos os seu videos
você simplesmente é maravilhosa!!
Britney , just shake it up and twist for me. Woul.martyleekinglike to see you, soon I live 3miles miles from beverly hills now.would you like to do some studio work in the near present rock me go girl you go. obrien and gere I miss you oh yes I do you and I love you song how 
that's lovely:) God bless u & your family girl
Cadê esse comercial?????
if you are britney give me your phone number
vc e mara vilhosa britney vc e inesquesivel
hi how are you britney? can i ask you a one quiestian?
omg is it really u selena gomez how do people get ur number
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