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THIS is the REMIX! #ScreamAndShoutRemixVideo is here a day early… turn up!!! 
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cant listen to it in school but.. i'll bet its awesome!
+Hannah Beck ,
Your in school??? And using a phone???

* we got a bad a$$ over here *
+Clarisse Nallamoutou ,

Idk france, but ok.

I never said I liked the brand name hello kitty. But I do like hello kitty, the character. I know what hello kitty is "supposed" to mean, so....ok, thanks for the info.
i dont like it too much because i prefer the original one 
That was one horrible remix. Come on Britney, you deserve better ;-)
Why are people hitting on Britney??

And other celebrities, too.
Thats something I dont get
I love every little bit of it! Blasting it through my surround sound for the third time in a row and counting! 
Not a fan.. Love you Britney but this is not you. Neither is all of them in it helping anything.
Just stick to will I am and let the rest go.. shakes head
i like the original way better.  i just think there is way to much cursing in this.................AND BRITTNEY B*%#!
love it ..............................................................
Lets see,  7 posts about the same piece of shit tune.  #SCREAM-AND-PUKE

It will never be classic, it will never be featured in any movie as background music,  and definitely wont be hearing this shit in commercials on TV. 

30 years later, and AC/DC has more credits, revisited in commercials, TV and Blockbuster Movies.  Don't think so?  Ha. 

Just like her dissipating career on X-Factor,  UNFOLLOWED. 
WTF??as if i dnt hate the original version enuf.will,britney,hit boy en wacka are all GARBAGE in dat order!!
thtas hot..... holy crap thats better than the OG
This is the worst noise I have ever heard. I wish I could erase my memory!
I don't like it, @all
jay man
they spoilt the song
Are you people on drugs??????? This IS garbage NOT music! I just wasted 6 mins of my life that I'm never gonna get back :-( 
i read on yahoo that the one singing might not be britney who knows and it was said by EVE
don't know what to say i am now a Britney fan
Sorry but that is terrible, you can do better than this.
lol at the #2pac references by Lil Weezy & Wocka, keeping his name alive to hell with punk as diddy!
Even rocker could like this got hell lots of bulls 
JP Lang
It would be such a better song if there wasn't so much "bitch"-ing going on. Really has the potential to be a wicked song without all the self-degradation. Couldn't even finish watching it, which is disappointing because I like +Britney Spears music.
How come I can't thumbs down this terrible song? Good lord. I dropped 10 iq point after the first chorus. I expect more from both of these groundbreaking musicians and so should you!
william and brittany ........ oh yeah
greg s
Great song...
I am a fan. 1 of my favs for 2013. Bring the action Not the
jay j.
Loved it!! ;)
if only there were a "like" button sighs
I like the original better. The music on this remix seems to overpower the voices of Britney and I don't know, the original just gets my blood pumping more.
It's Dope...Love Will I Am music...But cant stand Waka Flaka...He is the wackest....
Don't know what to say.I do like the original. But for those who like that needy greedy...than this is what's upp
yeah we gonna turn it up on this one
Really want to hear you sing again, you're an amazing performer... but just "Britney Bitch"?
Britney should sing more lyrics song than the others...:-)
her outfit fits to her pretty outfit..:-)
I prefer the original version. :)
Yooo Britney new Remix a shaaaat it Maaad sick Yoo de ting tun' Up 
Happy Valentine's day Britney! Have a good day hot stuff! Love Dan your fan! 
i love to see in Britney her more dance move before soooo energetic.:-)...can you do it again Britney in your list of concert? since you already come back to do some music again..?..:-)
Man Britney why would you release this? Rap, man really don't like this at all. But your life! No wonder your boyfriend took off hanging with those looozers smokin gray stone these days I see your falling of the wagon! I hope your fans help you realize all that cursing at 30 something is not cool. And your kids even may tell you that!
Hey its rocking, that lil wayne rocks as usual!!! but britney takes all  of it,,, rock britney!!!!!!!!!!
Danni F
Work it, Britney! 
Britney is as important in this and the original version as weezy needs more tattoos.
I love u Britney... u look so fuckin sexy with that outfit and those sexxxy fucking heels. Love the way ur legs look...wish I was famous to get at u, ONCE AGAIN I LOVE U BRIT.....
I Love it! Amazing <3 I love you <3 You're the best Brit <3
Perfect example of how remixes ruin already good songs. 
Ryan Ng
Woo this song is sooo cool Brit and You're amazing in that vid :) i'm one of the biggest fans of u :) thank u so much!! Can't wait 4 ur new album :)
Ik een mijn mama winden jullie liedje kei goed !!!
Lil wayne really killed it :)
He is making better verses and i hope he will go back to his lvl oneday 
Sorry, I didn't like the video but I liked your style
Can you add me to your circles please I'm begging you
This video dosn't do it for me. It would be better without the f words and stuff. I was looking for the remix but not this one. 
I wanna scream and shout
& let it all out!!!!
The Illuminati say to me " we wait you "but I don't know where I must go.The Illuminati love,they ask who they are,they want places on others planets but the Beings don't want.The Beings say " who they are ".
Your songs are ahead of your time but I am digging this song a lot in a few years everyone else will still be playing it saying "gosh that song a genius"
the original versión is better that this. :s the song is so bad, very bad.
ok so... Britney is one of the girls without any voice so.... she must find a style to survive in business, but she is not at all able to sing and live.... she is awful
I love this song 
this beat is fresh!!! ;) <3
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not as good as the original but its still good :)
GRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DARN U BRITNEY!!
I love it wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have to say that was pretty stupid, might as well not have your name on it at all Britney, boring song
this is the worst remix in the history of all remixes.
Lepší je originál, ale někomu se to třeba líbí :)
turn up bitch????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG... esta escrita para ella???
That's tight! Keep it up were ready for more, but I'm sure we aint seen nothin yet!!!
OMG!Britney I am a huge fan!!!!!!I'm Isibella Myers.I am 10 years old.I  love your remix to scream and shout and scream and shout is AMAZING!!!!!!!!We saying Oh WE Oh We Oh We Oh!O.M.G.!Please reply soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dude! you have the name of my favorite videogame!
lik to hav food with us means Dinner with all our family
Nice outfits Britney! those stile toes are wicked!
Britney look hot as hell in this video
$SWEET. Great crew on the remix.Looks like more DEAD PRESIDENT$ soon to come!!  PEACE & LOVE!!
Love it girl!!
I got a questiopn though?
prisiclla maldonado soujia boy
I like this song because it was on teen nick top 10 and I voted for u
+P'tite Louise I don't have to be in show business to know that I've been listening to her music from the start but when I heard this, it is so much of something she is not.
It doesn't flow and she is being drowned out. Plain & simple.
Wow it very very very gooooood:-*<3
screammmmmm and shout this is awesome yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Mary Kay Bergman makes Snow White. Don't worry. If I do :-), I will get MKB to like it. If I do :-(, it's game over.
U got 2 do something that no one has ever cum close 2 a lot of songs r about partying 
После такой музычки с участием Бритни я аш влюбляюсь в нее.у нас на районе Марина
okay Britney I like that the music is really hot you know
that's good song,, i love it:)
hi Britney what would be your last thing go I mean when you make 1 on wood church music in it
yes hi how are you um I can bring me little Wayne pop daddy have the greatest talent of a mod
hi Greg where you calling from and tell me more about yourself and what is the greatest status that you like the comments
Love this song! Especially when you say " I'm Britney Bitch " nicely interjected into the song.
alba c
I love this song is my favourite!!!!!!:-)
hey ! Not one white guy in the mix?? 
by the way ure RUDE !!!!! i HATE U!!!!!!! :( #&$% u
ok Janeeta just totally copied Eva
Ann Kat
uma musica que não me enportava de acordar com ela ;)
Britney I love you, my princess <3 
Britney is a so beautyful young woman
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