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Wow, I seriously have the sweetest fans ever. Love u too - happy Valentine's day!
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Omg, happy valentines day!!!
how you doing? hope you have a wonderful v-day!!! luv ya always got to love southern girls!!!!!!!!! i'm from biloxi,ms
Love you, Britney, and Valentine's day has nothing to do with it.
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY BRITNEY!!! (wish you were mine!)
Love you girl! Happy Valentine's Day!
I love you Britney!!! you're so sweet! It's impossible not to love you!
Hope you had a beautiful day with Jason!! You make me happy if you are happy!!
I ♥ u!!
hello Britney happy valentine's day from Belgium
hello how are you? I love singing his songs also mean anything Asua time lol
Happy Valentine's Day, Britney!
Hello Britney! Happy valentine's day ! from me to you.
umm how did they get ur number?
Hi I an a huge fan of yours my pic is terrabl
Hi britney
6th march is my sweetheart's birthday, because of some political issus i can say HBD to her ,may you help me? if yes pleas Email me in order to tell you how you can help me , please help me.
+Erin Wavrek Well, GOOD 4YOU
+Erin Wavrek GOOD 4 U
Thanks german..... What's your ish girllllll and ya good for me
+Erin Wavrek What is childish ish means
I bet I'm older than u and lots of people say ishhhh( like ish means issue)
How old are you then?
happy birth day Erin , but i wish britney to answer me.
Who are you saying srry to?!
No ur in elementary school haha
German ik I'm a midget illegal
Uh why and i didnt say i wuz in elementary
Ur pic can tell me.... And I saw 1 of ur post " elementary school makes a difference and I got a award)
I got Skype but I don't really know you German but thanks

And a Amzing v- day
guys! could you tell her to help me ,I mean britney might respect her fans if all of you want her
Umm that was a lonmggggggggg time ago and that pic was in elementary woah u r shure won heck of a h8er
Sure..... Hey Brittany my middle name is Brittany. A young woman loves her child so do your magic ;)
Google + came out during the summer duhhhh
U sed u were in elementary school 4 months ago
yes duh google+ came out that time! I had a gif editor for my pictures
4 mths. ago?!
Girl u trippin'
If u keep checking me out, Imma block u. If u dont like me why u even look at my profile. Go to utube type "Stupid Hoe" in the search box and that would be a song from me dedicated to u! U R A H8ER.
Trippen........... That's not weirdd and you were like ((((( girl I don't care about ur bday, so ya I'm jelous that I'm not a 8th grader)))))) and trippen....... Interesting 
I'm jot even following and no don't tell me Wat to do and i don't care If block me
ria b
hopefully my crush will lk me soon 2day!
GOOD imma block u and that pics u put up would embarrras u cuz u look like u u havent showered 4 days and either u have a bad break out disease or ur freckles is really killing u and no i wasnt tellin u wat do. r u wearing makeup in ur profile pic? u probably doin that cuz u look weird. Not meaning 4 u to be insecure
OMG srry erin! Srry im not mean like this SORRY!!
believe me imma sweetheart
I don't even have break outs,I'm not wearing makeup, don't have frekels and don't judge me off of that pic. It's a tradition I do with all of my friends
Sorry my iPod doesn't get the installment 
Brittany a very woman has a child and her child loves you.... Think about it 
Happy Day of Love and friendship you the great passes and send you many hugs and kisses to you and you're the best number 1
Happy Valentines Day Britney.. I hope that the people you love are loving you back just as hard.
..........Love at least one day.....if not all.
I love u!!! thanks 4 add me sweetness!!! kisses from Argentina
I love you britney happy day san valentine
happy valentine britney... :*
Thanks Britney, have a great Valentine's day!! Hope it's special for your sons also!
Britney uses iPhone! I got it!
Happy Valemtines Day Miss Brittney O hope ot was a blessed one.
Ur starting to come back with a vengence... awesome.
Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Britney !!!
Happy Valentine's day Briney! Love ur music , hope ur having a great day! Xoxo
happy valentine day to you.yesterday is our valentine day (in China:), but i don't have you!
Britney, cuídate mucho y que tengas lo mejor de esta vida, te la mereces
Any person can love a thousand people... but only a rare person can love one person in a thousand ways.Happy Valentine's Day
happy valentines day...
Really you still are a dirty slut.
Thanks for all the great pictures. Use them for screen saves.
Same 2 u u very much...
Hope you and Jason had a great Valentine's Day Brit - glad you finally found your Prince Charming!
Britney in my mind you will never stop being sexy... keep it up babe ... and throw the shit to the ground ... U will always be above the rest
After so many things, you are still sexy baby of my heart,..

love you,
Manooo shines a lot in Corinthians
Happy valentines day for you britney!
Sme to u too my shiny n sexy friend............................................:)@!!
hey...............i hate u so much but i love your musics bitch....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mano Menezes!! Brazilian Coach is also there! looool
You have the sweetest fans because you are the sweetest, nicest, hottest of the singers. Hummmm !!! Simply the best ...
happy valentin / / /
britney where the gif forme
hi britney speirs i know your sister jamie lynn speirs as zoey brooks in zoey101
Happy Valentine's day Britney I love you forever
Happy Valentine's Day Britney. I love you as a friend
we love you dear and we miss u in india whr you came ?
Have Britney in circles (1900563) the most followers person on Google+ :) WoW
Always love you !
I read that you were getting married... Congrats!!!
Hi britney sorry 2 days late happy valentines days big hugsss for u and the boys
Your fans Love you
+Britney Spears Brit ~ Any chance you plan on chillin as a MOM and produce instead of touring? It's hot right now and is working for Christina, LA Reid and others... With your rep, you would kick ass! I'm just saying...
gaga is our valentine <3 lol
Where are you Britney....More songs.. "Baby...hit us one more time"
i love u brit. . . . .
you are a super model
you are my idol that i will remember till i get old if this is a fake profile it will crush my dreams iffff its you then i wuv u sooo much ur awesome and so pretty
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Happy valentine's day sweeth girl ,from me (your fans in indonesia)
Sunday! 14:00 Local time! A new life as my self starting! Moving Down Town! Whytown! My X 40 2Day! Best friend with her! My 17 year old sleeping down stairs with his girlfriend, My 13 year old also has a girl 4 sleep over! My 8 year old, well, he´s a bit young 4 that ! My life as a Swedish idiot is over! Now Woman No cry! Well women I like as friends! See what 2 do next! Write a book! Sing Dance What ever is Clever! Beauty comes from the inside! Hope U doing fine! My cup is about 2 explode! Smoked stone! If I could I take off this primitive World! Long 4 Andromeda! See U Out there Somewhere! Tears in my eyes! Oceanwide! I´m going 2 Swim! House sleeping! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Have a nice day U! :)
Life´s a gift!
Money is 4 Nothing and th........!
Sad, Mad, No room 4 hate in this stupid body!
Love is the feeling!
Well, got 2 go! Take care!
I love you Britney!! i claim you as my wife everytime!! muuaaaaaahh♥♥
You gotta lot of comment lol luv u! :D
i love u britney<3333 i watched all of ur videos today
my friend loves u Ryan and he went to your concert last year.
I love u Britney, u r the Queen of Pop. <333
I love you so muchhh Britneyyyyy
Wow your fans are awesome!
happy valentines day 2 u 2 babes
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Everyone Loves You Britney! <3 You R Amazing!
Hi Good Morning Britney, I have been a big fan or yours and you are a very good singer :)
i am your bigest fan in the world
you must change your dressing mode to look cute if so
Gaga is our valentine <3333 aw
Maral K
Only one Don't game,big please.Game only 2 boys beautiful.
game me bad,big bad.
Only lital speek,english,end don't interest.
Ummm Ryan u look a lil to young to be saying that 2 a adult
hi briteny hoe do you do......................
HOLA BRITNEY SOY UN GRAN ADMIRADOR TUYO solo queria decirte q escuche varias criticas de q haces playback y no me gusta nada q digan eso de vos y me encantaria q no cantes con playback para todos tus fans quiero q nos demuestres a todos la gran cantante q eres y bailarianaaa por Q A NINGUNO DE TUS FANS LE GUSTA Q HAGAS PLAYBACK TE LO DIGO CON LA MEJOR ONDAAAAAA POR ESO TE LO DIGOOO PARA Q TE DES CUENTA Q NO NOS GUSTA Q NOS CANTES CON PLAYBACK TODOS QUEREMOS ESCUCHARTE CANTAR EN VIVO A VOS PARA Q ATODOS LOS DEJES CALLADO HASTA DE DE Q SEGUIS CANTANDO HERMOSOOO ¡¡¡¡ TE ADOROOO!!!!
Happy Valentine's to you too! You're my idol!
hi sweet girl....u r so beautiful and good artist.....
sure u have the sweetest & the best fans ever!!!!!!
i believe in "once cool, always cool" or "koo" thats how 'I' type it!
im on my dads acaunt and i justtttttttttttttttttttt love u brit i now ur all songs 
Still love her, please follow me on Twitter @CNAVY24
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