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Couldn't be happier with the Twister Dance video shoot! It's gonna be so hot….

Wanna see more photos from the shoot? There's a few more right here:
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You Are My Inspiration Britney......Fans From Indonesia!!
you look tired, but cool.
what is awesome, what is cool??
nice body >_< hahahahaaa
Hi Britney. I admire your power and your beauty. Kind regards from Germany.
So hot... ;) Let me take your photo Brit!
so beautiful!
You've only gotten better with age. You look amazing!
Britney I love Britney and I love rock n roll
Love it, love it, love it! You're amazing. But now tell us about x factor
Mey Rie
she's my inspiration when I was teenager
i wonder if its even possible for a woman to get any hotter?
nice dance move its really hot and sexy.......i love it
yes .. nyc dancing steps..........
so gr8 looking britney i used a great fan of u ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
only very dood it's excellent reza..........
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Looking good, like always (most of the time)... but don't chew your nails... please!!!!
so attractive pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when you can do a featurin with our groups
don't know if u read this but you look gorgeous
so cute..........
U r so beauty but what do u think about ugly persons like me?
Whoa,still can put it on after all these years. Nice
Coz Its Britney BITCH ;P
yeb boy
i like z way u looks watching
You're looking gorgeous in this outfit.
ofe ofe
Waooow beautiful..
Good luck with music its still cool
its so good not to be hearing about you in the press, well done :)
Hi!Britney.You are so cute and beauty.
mst yar........................
หนูชอบคุณพี่มากมากเลย สวยมากมากเลย
you're always beautiful!
Luv all ur voice
Eu ♥ Britney ! Arrasa divaaa !!!
Am do happy that you have come so far. You should beso proud. x
Smokin. When God made you, He threw away the mold. :)
Ur hot and beautifull...
do u know ome one named ahsley yates because shes my pe teacher
My only complaint is that when I go to type something it automatically
hi...........? and sooooooooooooooooo cut
Nice💟I love u sooooo much Britney
Your singing is amazing💟Xxxxxxx
Hotter and hotter everyday! Love you Britney xx
I see you have your left foot on blue, right foot on red...but can you put your right hand on green while your left hand is on yellow? Didn't think so...."A" for effort though! :P
So where have you been? You haven't posted anything in a long time. 
you are best siger. You are my idol. I love you so much!!!!!!!!
SEXY!!!!!! do you want to have SEX with me?
were u have seen i miss u so much bib brit nice pic i love u ^^
Welcome Back Brittney! Its really great to see you smile again and be happy without any demons circling you!!
love u so much u hav no idea sexy mama ! !
gigi gg
very nice ur photo
whoa britney! that photo turned out amazing!
YES YES YES YES YES YES! I would like to have seen advertising) Britney, You're irresistible)

You look amazing..Im sure it will be a success
Hey You will make a great judge on X-Factor Congrats!!!!
you look really good..
very beautiful!!
Hi Brit me and my bro we are little we jus wanna say we big fans
Britney !!! Sucesso .. arrasando sempre nossa diva ! _
Congrats on your new X-Factor gig. Its a perfect fit for you :)
wows, what a lovely looks and sxy she is, really lovely
you look soo pretty there
you look soo pretty..your my idol....i love all your songs!! :) <3
노래만 좋은게 아니었군요, 역시 아름다워요
Great photo and I'm really glad to hear that you are happy with your work I'm looking forward to seeing it.
Britney's still got it guys ;) <3
Its good!!!! You are back!!! POP PRINCESS <33
you are the best in the world my bitch
Great!! Looking forward to ur new records
Britney, you know... you are a barbie girl mu-ah!!
you are looking great britney.., i love you very much.....
Jet T
Hey Britney, what about your google fan with the photos
Auntie Em! It's a twister, twister!
Hope the rumors of you joining #xfactor are true. If your a judge I'm gonna watch.
Been the most beautiful girl in my book since i was now 30 :) the one popstar i can stomach! Speaking of stomach, mmm britney ;p must work hard on it!
i want slave of mistress britney. ok. call +84903937025
Just stay as you are.. im a fan since a looooong time :-)
it would be surely nice....toxic girl
I'm constructed to build something strong . . . Oh ! Hi ! BB
rok boh
lej jo brit no! kdaj gremo zdej jebat ?
i always love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
اه على رجالا يلهون خلف شهوات النساء والله ان هدا اخر الزمان كما وصف رسول الله , اتقو الله يا مسلمين والله لو انزلنا صورة مكتوب فيها اكترو من الصلاة على حبيبك الهادي البشير النذير المصطفي من ربك السموات السبع والارضين السبع ما علقتوا بأجمل التعليقات لهذه الصورة اتقوا الله ولتنظر نفس ما قدمت لغد ... نسأل الله لكم الهداية وتغلبكم على شياطينكم؟
I have a great song for Britney. Who can I contact for this?
lo sientoo no se escribir en inglés-lo único que te puedo decir es que te de Argentina(CHACO)
Thanks!!! Britney♛ (๑╹ڡ╹)╭ ~ ♡
te amo britny sos una idola
u are so beatiful!! i love u.. come back again to argentina please!
i love your song "hold it against me"
Mega - Toilet Earth - like money ... Mega - pig
Britney, give life a present, but not the past! Complain never nobody, and simply hit the right nail on the head. If you will be a good mother, about you children will say : "Here my mother, I am proud of by her"! Believe me, this most wonderful, that can be for a mother.
oh .... better would be if you did not say anything, Yulia... you have no rights to teach someone how to live .. stay out from someone else's life! Britney will understand how to live and what to do by herself.. P.S. sorry, my english doesn't perfect, but I have to say something about that..
Really beautiful. A woman the i like to meet :)
fatless figure,attractive also!
You have always been beautiful since day one. Nothing will ever change that. God what i wouldnt give just to be able to talk to you. Keep doing your thing girl. Forever a fan <3
Very nice indeed, I can see you shining in the photos.
you look awesome britney
I eat the peanuts out of her
Rue DB
You are so beautiful Britney.
I want to photograph you Brit, if you are ever in CBUS give me a holla (sorry not flying to LA, I'm a busy man LOL). :)
çok tatlısın çok seviyorum seni :)
i never liked you,FAKEEEE !!!!!!!!!!
britney sangat sexy , saya suka ( bahasa indonesia/indonesian languange)
Linda very beautiful Britney, I LOVE YOU!
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