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I'm Miss American Dream since I was 17.
Don't matter if I step on the scene, or sneak away to the ________.
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Hope you have a flowery Friday!
Beautiful Pic... husband loves You! :) as do I, of course in different ways LOL
Philipenes!, Surface of the Moon, the Space any where U the BEST><
haha loved the pic brit brin git on girl yuo are doing great on the top okay dont give up
Looks like you have solved your problems. Good - stay tuned, not stoned... ;-)
and you made it girl friend so did my daughter. Proud of you.
que hermosa es una princesa de verdad Britney Spear
WOW.......She's Soooooo gorgeous!!! I'm going to marry her some day!!! :) Perhaps I should let her in on that tiny minor detail!!! lol :) xoxo~B the Phillipines//they still gon put pictures of my dairy aire n the magazine//you want a piece of me(you want a piece of me). Gr8 fuckin song. LOVE BRITNEY.
Hey Britney are u looking at all the comments?
and "peace of me" says a lot, all your songs are great but this is amazing especially since it is very true, I feel that piece of me are trying to make us understand how you feel.


I love brit!
you are wonderful!!
everyone stop commenting till britney responds back
thanks for being in your circle Britney, kiss
Pretty is, as Pretty does ") Remember Pride comes before a fall most times. Cherish your gift, but don't abuse it +Britney Spears . ") LL aka5050 lvnv
really . . .
bla , bla , bla . . .
Fuck you and your Fucking American Dream. . .
No need..............
straight to my d.... :) lol
I love the photo!! OMG She is hot!
she has a nice face but no attraction. . !!
Bellarine. (Which is in Australia, makes sense. To me that says, "Doesn't matter if I'm in America or not, I'm still the Dream.) Plus it sounds sexier than Philippines
sneak off to the latrine? it rhymes anyway :P
really that sounds kinda bitch dont get me wrong i mean i have always liked u but dont be so full of ur self its not cute
Omg! u r soo awesome! i can sing ur music amazing!!!! (but not as good as u) :) lol :)
LINDA... voce eh meu sonho... Love you ;*
I agree with you and also adding in Brazil.
So this is what passes for "Hot on Google+" these days? Huh, way to lower the bar Google! Trailer is the new Hot!
A.C. H.
so not what I want to see or hear in my private feed, why intrude on something that is clearly about nothing
sea por muchos años mas, con mas sueños, go baby
Dosen't matter what's happening in your life! Live it up every second of your life...Love without fear or concern of active status social...A beutiful flower rises up until in the has no boundaries!
I'm Miss American Dream since I was 17.
Don't matter if I step on the scene, or sneak away to the Phillippines.
yes ofcourse cos i do recall subscriibing to information and wisdom from fucking britney spears! lol
Fuck you britney. your music sucks.
+Megan Elizabeth its because of the "whats cool" sly slider introduced by google+:(
No, Britney, you're not. Never were. Never will be.
She's beautiful !!!!!! i love you britney !!!!!! i'm fan number one!!!!! yeah
Jeebus! Really? Another vapid account not used by an actual person? Blocked.
its more fun in the Philippines..proud to be...
kool britney spears is so awsome
As time moves forward and life makes the changes needed, rejoice in the knowledge that you are who you are and not someone else. Remember that no matter how hard the road may get, there is always a new rest area along the road that you will find tomorrow, even if the rest stop for today is closed. Never give in to the pressure that others apply to you and realize that you are who you are because of you and no one else.

Oh and you got a really nice ass!
I love your music so much britney your so awesome!!!!
dummy yeah you britney spears
Britney,you are so beautiful!I love you so much!
Love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you really are Britney spears,can you be one of my friends? I love your music and your looks!
Mrs. Dream American huh? Well I will admit that there were a few dreams about slutty outfits and blowjobs....
going to shave ur head again bretney
Britney, I love you ... I'm your biggest fan! Although I live in Brazil ..... I went to your concert in Rio de Janeiro and just ..... love you!! I much addicted to you!! I think you're beautiful and I admire your great talent! Kisses
OMFG ur skin is perfect!!!! tell me ur secret!!
nobody around where I'm at gives half a shit about your greedy ass!skank hoe!
i love you dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Ha Ha! You got fat and unpopular.
i love you britney spears your lips look sexy
Some of you need to learn how to spell PHILIPPINES correctly!! PS BS has no talent she is one of the reasons why our generation got lost! When she came out girls started becoming more fake and sluttish >.<* She can't even sing to her fans The Queen Of Lip Sync!!!
sneak away to the putting green;)
she is so pretty, i love her, i just wanna hold her
I so much appreciate the things you do. I love you britney spears,,..+2348039681015
don't matter if I step on the scene? I would rework this a bit.
and sneak away to beautiful country called Bosnia and Herzegowina :)
Rob M
I have to agree with all the negative comments. She has not done one positive thing in life. Getting pics taken of her junk while getting out of a car, shaving her head and acting like a promiscuous teenager simply doesn't bode well for those that actually like her. Its pathetic she's a "pop icon" and this is what this generation has to endure. /rant
what buz she mean mrs american dream
Your beauty doesn't fade with age (and i'm not talking about this picture)
If I had that much airbrushing I would look Gorgeous too.
I remember seeing you @ Disneyland. Keep at it girl
Chip Shop for a Chip Butty. Seriously. You should.
Britney did you ever think that you would be as popular as you are. I am speaking of when you first started in the singing business ?
Well then..... hi
stage where I’m now discovering and producing up and coming talent and not touring anymore because I love being a mom.
Why is this appearing in my feed? What have I done to deserve this? Well, I guess all I can say is "fuck you" to the responsible parties.
Wait, why is Brittney Spears on my g+?
Folks, go to the top of the page, on the left side is the feed view for "What's Hot". Click on that, then move the slider in the top middle of the screen to the can turn off "what's hot" from showing in your feed...just like you can turn up or down any of your circles...
+Neal Durando +Jon Lightner - same as on mine, it's part of the "What's Hot" sampling. G+ inserts things from the "What's Hot" list onto your page if you don't tell it not to. You can adjust how much G+ automatically puts into your page by going to the "What's Hot" page - just click on "What's hot" on the left of the screen - and then there is a slider at the top. You can select to share "more" (which is default), "some," "fewer," or "none" -- I keep mine set at "fewer" so my stream doesn't get overloaded with random posts, but I still get a sampling in case any awesome science stories make the "What's Hot" list ;)
Hey you ever let a man suck on your asshole?
keep up the good work my family thinks your cool !!!!
LOL @ Scott Clark I bet she has
i love that picture of you
If that was really her typing that is would be okay but out of all of these comments honestly why would she speak with any of us? LOL
me encantaria darte unos besos!!
If I was just 20 years younger and somebody and hot . Well anyway never mind .
i love that song haha and im sorry for people being mean to you you dont deserve it. everyone makes mistakes
Simply Beautiful, You deserve the best Britney......
yo gurl! i didnt know you googled! wana hang out in real life? maybe go to the arts and crafts store and make hamper doodles or something idk hmu!
thats a pretty good photo 4 it being Britney but i still luv her songs in all
guys! it's PHILIPPINES :)
Are you going to be the next X-Factor or American Idol judge? :)
you guys r weird she takes drugs for peet sake!
Beautiful photo of you! Lrt me know where to pitch you some original songs.
you keep your head up and you will be fine .hope your life is happier now..enjoy your music...
Keep paving the way with the dubstep craze!
You dummies. She's not really here and she never will be. So pathetic.
ack...Miss Trailer Park Trash maybe....
I LOVE your music it"s to die for!
Ya i don't know why I'm not dead yet.. its that good.
Share life each other ;) Hey! I'm talking to Britney Spear right now! So sick!!!
Tasty tangerine.
Money machine.
Mouldy margarine.
First time she's looked hot in a long timw
I don't have the time or money to stalk you professionally lol. This is as close as I'll get. Much love Brit
if this is a game, and i'm supposed to fill in the blank, is the answer "crack den"?
Brittney spelled her name wrong. SHES A FAKE
Wow. This thread is like some weird, grammar-free sexual lullaby.
regardless of the media, you will be a dream for years to come.
I'm impressed you're on Google+! You're awesome Brittany! Keep working it!
♪♫♪I'm Miss American Dream since I was 17
Don't matter if I step on the scene
Or sneak away to the Philippines
They're still gonna put pictures of my derriere in the magazine
You want a piece of me?
You want a piece of me...♪♫♪
I LOVE that song!!!!! You rock Britney!!!♥♥♥♥
Ive never been star struck in my life and I wont start now.... Your spirit shines through your perfomances and you have such a wonderful smile. If ever you have time just send me a short message of hello, Lenny Bonner x
realease in the zone and blackout oficcial instrumentals plizzz!!!
very beautiful, impressive
Fake. All of you are dumb. Shes SOOOOOOOOOOO FAKE
if you hade more pics like that i might respect you
PHILIPPINES! :) Hahahah my country!
You amazing girlbritney
this is an awful airbrush, terrible photographic definition. Looks like you've got a bit of a mustache in this photo. Those shadows on your top lip should have been dodged out. Get some decent photos woman!
Yes baby, I wish you will be Miss America one fine day
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