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I can't stop looking at it!!
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U R a queen U know it?! i'm happy if U R!!!
Te amoooo brit eres la mejor (:
I know what you mean! gah!!! being engaged is AWESOME!!!
You're so pretty!
My god! Look at all that nail polish in the background!!!
WOW brittney you are beautiful!
you are not Britney, are u her sister
Its very awesome. Be happy forever Brit. Congrats.
I cannot stop looking at you!!!
I know! I can't stop looking at it either!
That zit on your forehead is HUMONGUS.
very beautiful......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what are you looking at ?? I can't see :D
i luv you briney xoxoxo, michael
I give 'em two years, tops.
Who are you getting married too I want to know the dets 
you look gorgeous Britney, the ring too!
ya its really great to see you my friend....good day
in facebook more than 13.000 like and 2000 comment
in google+ only 100 comment and 126 like :D
Same here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't stop looking at you! Your the most beautiful girl on the planet!
You look amazing! I am so glad things in life has come back around for you. You look so happy!!!
definitivamente te amoooo mujerrrr
.. Jason you are lucky ))
сongratulations Britney !
Mucho hermosa senorita y mamacita
cooll make hot...............
'IT' refers to.......WHAT ....?
congratulations! I do hate that I came out second, but if your happy, I am happy for you. Jake
But what about me?lol
ring on her finger....
you are Beauty Woman !!!!
I know the feeling. That lucky S.O.B.
Wat the Fuck can u not stop looking at 
Congrats, but I can't stop admiring the polish stand behind you! lol
you look fantastic britney, you ever will be the best!! receive a kiss from chiapas mexico!!!
speechless beauty of B
tits look fake as
awww very pretty....congrats and i am soon to be engaged i can feel it....we are so right for each other!!!have a wonderful new year only leading to up wonderful many new years to follow....rock on girl
thats great love you & happy new year
You Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its Fantabulous
'shame her neurons aren't as polished.
You're very pretty and elegant with a glamour
Ye bib u deserve that am so happy for u I love u and please don't do anything make u sad cuz ur smile it's gorgeous so keep it on ur face love u my queen @britney spears 
Tis NEARLY worthy of the finger....
Need to b a bit closer can just barely tell u have a ring on that finger... but congrats anyway bet its beautiful
Hi mam do u have any new relezing songs as i luv ur songzzzzzzz
beautiful...WOW...someones going to get lucky!!!
Look @ those knockers britbrit! Ring is nice too ;-) xoxox

Nam Do
You are beautiful !!!
stronger than yesterday? :)
Congratulations Britney! I'm sure you're talking about your ring??? :) It's as beautiful as you! All the Best! be Happy :) Much Love!
Amazing Pic...

Fan Forever!!!
roya kh
Yeah ... so sing for me for free at
You have achieved more than a lot of people, there has been up and downs in your life, you deserve to be happy. Congratulations.
Congratulations Britney, hope your dreams come true!
as stunning as the way you're always like.Hope for more beautiful songs for us
Nice natural pic Britney keep the good music coming in 2012
as beautiful as always.Hope for more beautiful songs for us
you sure have grown up! looking beautiful brit.
awesome girl!!! beautiful girl!!! incredible girl!!! u r the one!!!
u look so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ray V
Congratulations dear! All the best for the new year.
Sooooo Gorgeous!!! Bless you and your happy family and your venture into marriage life.
Wow!! I have never seen Britney Spears in this informal getup..

Overall rating
oh great.... well i know what the news will be about tomorrow SMH
congrats and happy belated birthday. happy new year
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii cutyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
I am so happy for you Britney you deserve the best. I can't wait to see pictures of the wedding :)
Very nice! Funny though...I get this feeling that the ring is worth more than everything I own put together. Then again...I really don't own much at all. Oh well...I'll keep watching free music videos on YouTube...
awsome..ring, too small, can't see that.
You are the one and Only Britney ...Love you !
Looking Cute my friend , keep it up @.................!!:)
Has anyone else noticed something odd about the facial recognition results in this photo?
Oh come on this is not what is hot on G+
yah...! dats lookin..! I also can't stop lookin at it.
nt queen,............. Its Ju.....................!
vai tumi kida eto mansu tumarey comment korce your r lacke year.
what u wanna showing us my dear ??????
amazing pic, beautifull Britney Spears
iiiiiiiiii lllllllllllloooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee yyyy
Britney's PEARS..................Nice Shot
Lol I love her hair it has soomuch volume
thanks for sharing,my daughter would went crazy to see your gorgeous pic,,,
beautiful & beautiful....................
Hopefully you found someone better than Kevin Federline or that no-name from Vegas. Just keep thinking to yourself while walking up the aisle "Third time's a charm"
haiiiiiiiii good morning yar have nice day
I love U....congrats:*
happy new year & U rply now I am waiting for U
loking so hot................................
Nice ring! Congrats on your marriage! And Happy New Year! 
Britney Spears I'm glad to you
heart breaking...sweet heart look
Rae O.
cannot really see the ring; but what a collection of nail polish!
Congrats ♥♥♥ n hope this time it clicks for good !
Althow one can hardly see it. need a closer shot of the rings design !
and is that all Nail Polish in the background ?
i luv u, always been a fan, never bashed you. LOVE YOU!
Jen C
Very Pretty!!
so pretty sooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooot.
you looking very nice i like it !!
nice &beauti.....................
Hi Britney, You look very beautiful !
very sex posssss i like your booooob i am press it plz one change preessss your boob randi
tôi chưa biết ai hân hạnh được là chồng của bạn
I love a chipmunk called Britney, but the name is spelt differently. I am holding the TY Beanie Babie of her right now, she is from alvin and the chipmunks. my fave character is her and my fave solo singer is you and i can not beleve they are the SAME NAMES!!!! LOL
how can you make somthing so ugly look so good~!
A pop star can look soo normal yet soo pretty! How do u do it?!?
i like u i want a relationship with u
so cute you are so please take care of your beauty
congrats!  ur lookin great;)
I am so very happy for you.  Take care of your wonderful self so you can continue to have the energy to inspire future singers to work on their craft.  You are much loved.
Ah!U look good,keep on dear!
good luck i'm a bigg fan of your's.shower me with your love
hi I'm a good singer Britney Spears you are my favorite 
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