April 21-22nd The next #72hoursremain #marathon ! It is a #minecraftmarathon benefiting #childsplaycharity . It is a great cause with good entertainment... They interact with the viewers on the livestream so bring some challenges for them.

Since 2009 these marathons have raised over $12,000... Their goal this year by July 6 is $7,200 and they already are at $2679.12. Lets break their goal and take it #over9000 !!!
Get to know the members 72 Hours remain featured in this video:+Daniel Frandsen, +Kelly O, +Aaron Brandt, and +Jenny Wagner. They are great friends with big hearts.

More about the 72 hour remains, the team, and their other marathons can be found at: http://www.72hoursremain.com/

Show your support and help share this event with other games and those looking to make children in hospitals happier.

I am shooting for the stars with high hopes when I ask +Bwana McCall, +Veronica Belmont, +Leigh Alexander, and +Patrick Klepek if they have heard of this marathon group before.
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