Science is important and any leader should rely upon it to form their specific actions to act for the future of the nation. Political candidates should be able to show their planning for the future and we should hold them accountable to their statements to understand their knowledge and orientation on the issues.

Clinton seems to get science and poses specific actions and goals.

Trump seems disconnected and dismissive and in many cases misunderstands or ignores the question.

Stein seems to get the science and poses specific actions to and goals.

There is one more candidate that did not respond.

Read for yourself and make your own conclusion, but Trump did not improve and only declined further in my opinion. I fear for the world and nation if vagueness is all Trump can include in a written response where there is time to form a thought out response. There are many red flags that show how ill prepared Trump is for leading our nation. For example look at his response for "Ocean Health" it does not address the question, but is an appeal to emotion.
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