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#heartbleed have you down?  Might find some comfort in the effort to increase security, but watch out for those crafty (poorly designed) password fields that are implementing limited length password fields and not letting you use number and special characters. Or worse yet those which don't tell you what you did wrong.   #uxfail

+Josh Davis has something interesting.  Tracking what websites and services provide 2 factor authentication.  This site is backed to Github  for listing and providing a button to tweet to thank in progress implementations or tweet to request 2 factor authentication implementation.  Though maybe it should really thank those who have been proactive and had 2 factor authentication for a long time.

Know of a site without 2 factor authentication not on the list? Add them via a Github issue or fork.
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Jonathan Brier

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I don't have all that many shoes, but the idea and design of these shoe racks are art and storage in one.
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Jonathan Brier

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Well you know how some people have a hard time figuring out what they want to do when they are living... now you have another choice of what to do when you die.  For me this tops the list so far.  Make me tree food!
This biodegradable urn could transform cemeteries into forests.
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Try some #citizenscisence  for #ScienceSunday  (also great any other day too)
It's #ScienceSunday! Find a #CitizenScience project that you can participate in at SciStarter:

Of course, we'd love it if you can spend some time marking craters and surface features with us at CosmoQuest:

But, if the weather is nice where you are, you might want to get outside and enjoy it! Maybe you want to monitor a stream? Photograph bees? Measure light pollution at night? Citizen scientists contribute to a wide range of projects. Find one for you, your children, or your classroom and get started!
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Jonathan Brier

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Why are states prohibit automakers from selling cars directly?  It is good for competition for dealerships to have to compete.  I'd rather buy direct and just have showrooms of trying out the models of cars.  Spec up online and make the pricing not a complex negotiation.  Simplify and no buyers remorse if I could have negotiated a better deal.  Seems more political games of an established industry scared of shakeups.
New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Commission voted Tuesday to prohibit automakers from selling cars directly to consumers without going through a dealer.
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State control of enterprise.  It's working so well in NJ, CA, NY, and elsewhere...     dumb and dumber wasn't just a movie, was it?

The inevitable result is:  no direct dealers.  Intermediaries are established with no competitive forces, so they jack up prices.  Buyers, being non-stupid, cross state lines to purchase their cars.  NJ will "retaliate" against its sensible citizens and raises taxes on out-of-state cars...   
And, the war on the economy by socialist forces continues...
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Separating science from political positions is not happening as well as it should.  What news segments you watch could be misleading the science or discussion.  

Maybe these large percentages of misrepresented information may have something to do with the American opinion on #climatechange  I hope more pure science gets through without inaccurate interpretation and opinions being applied.
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The paradox of the world's most technologically advanced country leading the world in ignorance is an old theme, but worth restating
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Jonathan Brier

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This food tech is just awesome: Check out my creation B'SquaRed -Beetroot, Bacon, Recovery  (Could it taste good? I would have to try it first when it is available nearer to me)
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Jonathan Brier

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Small news web sites are notorious about removing and breaking content... needing to contact them to return some article to the web for it only to live for a few more months until it is "archived" again shows how much there is needed for educating all webmasters and editors.
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Jonathan Brier

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Do you see any of your university branded gear on this list?  

University of Michigan, University of Pittsburgh, University of Connecticut, Duke University, and Michigan State University are a few of the 19 tested.
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Have you heard of Patent Trolling? Learn more at : and join in patent reform to prevent trolling.

The Patent Troll holds back innovation investment while just extracting money from organizations that act on ideas even if they independently derived the idea.  Just to make money on a patent they are not using in any product and just want to use as leverage to license and make money on.
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Researcher / Outreach Coordinator / Community Manager / Consultant
Thinking outside the norm, connecting people and ideas, making the world a more connected place
  • SciStarter
    Strategic Advisor, 2013 - present
    Advise on business and social design. Co-develop the information architecture, assess usability usability, improve semantic design and SEO. Co-administer the IT infrastructure and site development. Additional consulting and responsibilities as they arise.
  • University of Michigan
    Post Masters Researcher, 2012 - present
    Working in the School of Information under supervision of Tom Finholt. Exploring the usability and user experience of the XSEDE supercomputing metrics tool XDMoD.
  • CharityEngine
    Support/ Community Manager / Consultant, 2012 - present
  • GridRepublic
    Community Manager / Outreach Coordinator / Support, 2008 - present
  • Biggs|Gilmore
    User Experience Designer Intern, 2011 - 2011
    Gathered and analyzed client content for the development of information architecture and wireframes. Worked with design and development teams on wireframe and functional design possibility. Delivered wireframes and information architecture design to client. Also conducted usability testing for web based games with children.
  • Oakland County Government
    IT Engineer, 2010 - 2011
  • The City of Portage
    Technical Leader, 2008 - 2008
  • The City of Portage
    Technical Assistant, 2007 - 2007
  • The Image Place, Inc.
    Lab Assistant, 2004 - 2004
    Conducted small and large print mounting and coating. Developed 35 mm and 110 mm films. Performed other misc tasks around the lab.
  • The Adler Planetarium
    Social Media Intern, 2011 - 2011
    Week long internship assisting in website usability analysis, social media strategy development, patron interview and surveys, and designing complex survey logic for future evaluations.
  • University of Michigan
    SI 631/634 Grader, 2012 - 2012
    Graded and answered questions in the Content Management Systems courses with a primary focus on Drupal. SI 631 is a client project course aimed at designing a site according to client requests. SI 634 is a intro course to Drupal configuration.
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Ann Arbor, Michigan
Portage, Michigan - Weirton, WV - East Lansing, MI - Rochester, MI
Contributor to
Citizen Science Advocate, Environmentally Conscious Geek, Information Addict.
I am a netizen and Eagle Scout who loves to make a difference in the world and champion user's rights.  Social good is core to my life. I focusing the majority of my efforts through the nonprofit GridRepublic.

You might think all I do is make accounts on new websites as seen by the extensive list of accounts on the right, but really I use most of these to study the behaviors within them to help me to better understand interactions, behaviors, and breakdowns in online communities.

My Research
I conduct user experience evaluations and research on the XSEDE supercomputing grid metrics interface which is the successor to the Teragrid.  I am ensuring everyone can get what they need from the system and make the experience as intuitive as possible.  For more on XSEDE watch the video highlight.

My work Interest
My goal is to work on projects that scale for social good.  My main interests are citizen science and volunteer computing.  I want to increase the efficiency of our world by harnessing underutilized resources for productive measures.  

My citizen science interest is in the abilities of mobilizing people to reconnect with the world around them and participate in research projects by helping to analyze, collect, and interpret the data and develop the hypothesis that currently is not possible in a reasonable time frame with current methods.

Similarly with volunteer computing I want to harness the computational resources available all around us. Why buy a computer, tv, phone, etc just to let its processing abilities go to waste when you are not actively using it.  People could let these devices process small parts of information for a cause they care about such as curing a disease or searching for cleaner fuels.

GridRepublic promotes, simplifies use of, and distributes a program for computers which harnesses spare processing power (number crunching) of computers to tackle challenging problems from scientists and other processing projects that the computer owner chooses to support.  

The projects come from universities and researchers from around the world. GridRepublic is powered by BOINC a software developed at the University of California Berkeley and funded by the National Science Foundation

Visit the GridRepublic website, GridRepublic Google+ page, the Progress Thru Processors app or the Gridrepublic page on Facebook to see more.

For a easy way to share GridRepublic with friends and colleges share the one page description pdf.  This pdf can also be found on the advocacy page in the GridRepublic community.

I like #scifi, #technology, and #sustainability... these are the circles I best fit into.

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Bragging rights
Eagle Scout, Google+ beta user, Cr-48 beta user, Attended the #NASASocial at JPL for the Curiosity Rover Landing on Mars
  • University of Michigan School of Information
    Masters of Science in Information - Social Computing, 2010 - 2012
    I attended graduate school at the University of Michigan for a Master of Science in Information and specialized in Social Computing and dabbled in Human Computer Interaction. My courses covered usability testing and research, recommender and reputation systems, ecommunities, game theory, and social conscious business design (Ross Business School cognate course).
  • Michigan State University College of Communication Arts and Sciences
    Bachelors of Science in Media and Communication Technology with a specialization in Information Technology, 2005 - 2010
    I graduated in May 2010 with a B.S. in Media and Communication Technology with an Information Technology Specialization at Michigan State University. The focus of my degree was Social Computing, Information Technology Projects, and Telecommunication Systems. The business courses included accounting and supply chain management. The telecom courses included project design, management, proposal and project development, and study of the various levels of Internet infrastructure and operations. All of these on top of the core courses for undergraduates and some engineering courses where I started my college career.
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Bad Password Policies - David

After the whole Heartbleed fiasco, I’ve decided to continue my march towards improving my online security. I’d already begun the Read More..

First Phase Of Security Audit Finds Vulnerabilities But No Backdoors In ...

In the wake of the serious Heartbleed flaw in OpenSSL, more people are becoming aware of how widely used and important open source encryptio

By 2050, every company needs to be a zero-energy company. Or else.

U.S. corporations should reach this goal by 2050, before the worst effects of climate change arrive.

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Excellent atmosphere and great food. A truly unique pub that defends to a deep cellar and has history.
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Green space in the city. Nice to stroll through.
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Small, but but quite a collection of show and movie props and some replicas used in other events. Large choice of collectables and gifts.
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