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Jonathan Brier

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Beware cheap cables: Some issues found put your devices at risk. Make sure to check out his reviews, they may save your device.

I'm very happy to see people out there verifying and rating cables. This comes at the right time, days before my first USB C device arrives.

If you find or have verified his findings it would be of value to comment on those products. #devicesafty   #designtospec  
My team at Google has been very big proponents and innovators of USB Type-C. I've worked on two Pixel products now that use the connector and its related technologies (Power Delivery, Alternate Mode, USB 3.1). It really is an amazing little connector.

However, now that there are more and more Type C products rolling out from Nexus, One+, Nokia, and more, this I have found painfully true : USB Type-C will only be as good as its ecosystem, and more specifically, the worst of its ecosystem.

I have started reviewing USB cables on Amazon because I have gotten fed up with the early cables from 3rd party vendors that so blatantly flaunt the specification and I want to hold them to task.

You may not just get weird behavior from your devices with these bad cables... What some these vendors are doing is downright dangerous.

I've been contemplating setting up a blog where I document bad cables and perhaps give some insights into USB Type C as well.

#USB   #TypeC ,
#Nexus   #ChromebookPixel   #PixelC  

 Edit : Want to help check your questionable cables, and have a Pixel 2015?
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Hello hi friend
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Jonathan Brier

Discussion  - 
Interested in the science of citizen science? We are exploring an evaluation framework to help track and compare project progress.

What features of projects do you think should be tracked for cross project comparison?
Andrea Wiggins and I will be at #ESA2016 next week to present our progress on an evaluation framework for citizen science programs. Catch us there or reach out if you want to discuss the framework. #citsci
Background/Question/Methods. Citizen science continues to increase in popularity across the scientific domains, especially in ecology; however, current evaluation tools focus primarily on participant outcomes and provide little guidance for evaluation of a diverse portfolio of potential science ...
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Jonathan Brier

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I stumbled across this on Twitter today and I love the idea of being pen pal with student talking about science. Anyone know of other science pen pal programs?

Calling scientists to sign up to write four letters a school year to a student. Let's science!

Calling teachers teachers to add a scientist pen pal and how classrooms can join in on this experience.

Be a friend and an inspiration
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What is it all about?
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Jonathan Brier

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Globe at Night helps to reveal the extent of light pollution as highlighted by the IDA - International Dark Sky Association #darksky  Have you really seen the night sky? Check out a Dark Sky park near you.
A groundbreaking new study documenting light pollution across the globe finds that more than 80 percent of the world’s population lives under light polluted skies. The United States and Europe have…
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Jonathan Brier

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If you live in DC, you should check out the interactive map showing where lead pipes are located for your water supply. #drinksafe
It's one of the most granular and transparent looks at where lead pipes exist in a major urban area.
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Jonathan Brier

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#DayAgainstDRM  - DRM is more abuse of freedom than good.
Digital Restrictions Management. DRM. The software that comes bolted to your digital media and devices and tries to police your behavior. The major media companies are its masters, and they justify it as a necessary evil to prevent filesharing, calling it Digital Rights Management.
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Jonathan Brier

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Very happy to see more data repositories transitioning to clearer permissions of use of data! This is critical for proper reuse of data.
All species occurrence datasets published on now carry standard machine-readable licences.
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Jonathan Brier

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Andrea Wiggins and I will be at #ESA2016 next week to present our progress on an evaluation framework for citizen science programs. Catch us there or reach out if you want to discuss the framework. #citsci
Background/Question/Methods. Citizen science continues to increase in popularity across the scientific domains, especially in ecology; however, current evaluation tools focus primarily on participant outcomes and provide little guidance for evaluation of a diverse portfolio of potential science ...
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That's the trouble with acronyms, they all look the same. 😐 Though, the Ecological Society of America was founded some sixty years earlier than the European Space Agency, so maybe you're using theirs. 😉

Either way there is good science that comes from both groups.
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Jonathan Brier

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DRM in HTML5 is making me really nervous for the future of the Internet. It did not sound good and more are realizing how much of a negative and legally frustrating it will be. Security researchers vs DMCA. Oh the headaches that DMCA creates in cases where valuable efforts are being conducted. We need security researchers being able to break things to make sure we know how to fix them.
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Jonathan Brier

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Is your city listed? How does it compare? Help update this amazing resource about US cities! #opendata
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Jonathan Brier

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Tried to email +Verizon fios​ app developers from their email on +Google Play​ listing for the app. Not so funny thing happened, the email is rejected and returns instructions on how to submit a ticket with the app. Sadly due to the way that they force all permissions up front and I don't agree to one of them I cannot access the app to submit feedback. In a bit of a catch 22 with this.

All I could do is leave a very poor rating and explain how the lack of applying the permissions in context with relevant information why they need that permission is unacceptable.

Second the implementation does not follow the best practices of minimum permissions request at the beginning and acts more like a hack to force users to give up their privacy and make context gathering difficult since the instructions are to go to FAQs that i could not locate for information on the permissions requested.

Little to say FiOS Mobile is not implemented correctly, My Version still is not updated to Android 6 permissions, but the nice thing is removing permissions does not break the app function like their implementation does in the FiOS Mobile app.

Not happy with developers that ask for more permissions than are required especially in more sensitive contexts like make and managing calls. Learn how to handle these gracefully. If anything intents are all that are necessary in this app for phone calls by what I can gather it does. A large company like Verizon should be programming and maintaining these with more skill than appears here:
Check out the new Verizon FiOS Mobile application with select live streamin...
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Hm, IIRC recent versions of Android require explicitly opting into every type of permission required by an app, so you can deny them the permission for something if you don't like it (although it may break the app as a result).
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Jonathan Brier

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Nice summary of day three of the European Citizen Science Conference 2016.
Rough version of #ECSA2016 European Citizen Science Conference - Day 3

[rough version – will be clean up soon!] Introduction and review of day 2 Muki Haklay University College London, UK Co-designing research projects: Citizen science meets stakeholder involvement Heribert Hofer IZW Berlin, Germany – Exploring stakeholders…
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PhD Student and Graduate Research Assistant
Thinking outside the norm, connecting people and ideas, making the world a more connected place
  • University of Maryland, College Park
    Graduate Research Assistant, 2015 - present
    Research assistant to Dr. Andrea Wiggins my PhD advisor where I work in the Open Knowledge Lab on research related to citizen science, online communities, social computing, data management, and group work.
  • SciStarter
    Strategic Advisor, 2013 - present
    Advise on business and social design. Co-develop the information architecture, assess usability usability, improve semantic design and SEO. Co-administer the IT infrastructure and site development. Additional consulting and responsibilities as they arise.
  • Charity Engine
    Support/ Community Manager / Consultant, 2012 - present
  • GridRepublic
    Community Manager / Outreach Coordinator / Support, 2008 - present
  • University of Michigan
    Post Masters Researcher, 2012 - 2015
    Working in the School of Information under supervision of Tom Finholt. Exploring the usability and user experience of the XSEDE supercomputing metrics tool XDMoD. Designed an Android app for evaluating energy consumption in maintaining social networks.
  • Biggs|Gilmore
    User Experience Designer Intern, 2011 - 2011
    Gathered and analyzed client content for the development of information architecture and wireframes. Worked with design and development teams on wireframe and functional design possibility. Delivered wireframes and information architecture design to client. Also conducted usability testing for web based games with children.
  • Oakland County Government
    IT Engineer, 2010 - 2011
  • The City of Portage
    Technical Leader, 2008 - 2008
  • The City of Portage
    Technical Assistant, 2007 - 2007
  • The Image Place, Inc.
    Lab Assistant, 2004 - 2004
    Conducted small and large print mounting and coating. Developed 35 mm and 110 mm films. Performed other misc tasks around the lab.
  • The Adler Planetarium
    Social Media Intern, 2011 - 2011
    Week long internship assisting in website usability analysis, social media strategy development, patron interview and surveys, and designing complex survey logic for future evaluations.
  • University of Michigan
    SI 631/634 Grader, 2012 - 2012
    Graded and answered questions in the Content Management Systems courses with a primary focus on Drupal. SI 631 is a client project course aimed at designing a site according to client requests. SI 634 is a intro course to Drupal configuration.
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Hyattsville, MD
Ann Arbor, Michigan - Portage, Michigan - Weirton, WV - East Lansing, MI - Rochester, MI
Citizen Science Advocate, Environmentally Conscious Geek, Information Addict.
I am a netizen and Eagle Scout who loves to make a difference in the world and champion user's rights.  Social good is core to my life. I focusing the majority of my efforts through the nonprofit GridRepublic.

You might think all I do is make accounts on new websites as seen by the extensive list of accounts on the right, but really I use most of these to study the behaviors within them to help me to better understand interactions, behaviors, and breakdowns in online communities.

My Research
I conduct user experience evaluations and research on the XSEDE supercomputing grid metrics interface which is the successor to the Teragrid.  I am ensuring everyone can get what they need from the system and make the experience as intuitive as possible.  For more on XSEDE watch the video highlight.

My work Interest
My goal is to work on projects that scale for social good.  My main interests are citizen science and volunteer computing.  I want to increase the efficiency of our world by harnessing underutilized resources for productive measures.  

My citizen science interest is in the abilities of mobilizing people to reconnect with the world around them and participate in research projects by helping to analyze, collect, and interpret the data and develop the hypothesis that currently is not possible in a reasonable time frame with current methods.

Similarly with volunteer computing I want to harness the computational resources available all around us. Why buy a computer, tv, phone, etc just to let its processing abilities go to waste when you are not actively using it.  People could let these devices process small parts of information for a cause they care about such as curing a disease or searching for cleaner fuels.

GridRepublic promotes, simplifies use of, and distributes a program for computers which harnesses spare processing power (number crunching) of computers to tackle challenging problems from scientists and other processing projects that the computer owner chooses to support.  

The projects come from universities and researchers from around the world. GridRepublic is powered by BOINC a software developed at the University of California Berkeley and funded by the National Science Foundation

Visit the GridRepublic website, GridRepublic Google+ page, the Progress Thru Processors app or the Gridrepublic page on Facebook to see more.

For a easy way to share GridRepublic with friends and colleges share the one page description pdf.  This pdf can also be found on the advocacy page in the GridRepublic community.

I like #scifi, #technology, and #sustainability... these are the circles I best fit into.

Contact & Following:
Bragging rights
Eagle Scout, Google+ beta user, Cr-48 beta user, Attended the #NASASocial at JPL for the Curiosity Rover Landing on Mars
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  • University of Maryland
    Information Studies - PhD, 2015 - present
    Focused work on citizen science and social computing activities with Dr. Andrea Wiggins as my advisor.
  • University of Michigan School of Information
    Masters of Science in Information - Social Computing, 2010 - 2012
    I attended graduate school at the University of Michigan for a Master of Science in Information and specialized in Social Computing and dabbled in Human Computer Interaction. My courses covered usability testing and research, recommender and reputation systems, ecommunities, game theory, and social conscious business design (Ross Business School cognate course).
  • Michigan State University College of Communication Arts and Sciences
    Bachelors of Science in Media and Communication Technology with a specialization in Information Technology, 2005 - 2010
    I graduated in May 2010 with a B.S. in Media and Communication Technology with an Information Technology Specialization at Michigan State University. The focus of my degree was Social Computing, Information Technology Projects, and Telecommunication Systems. The business courses included accounting and supply chain management. The telecom courses included project design, management, proposal and project development, and study of the various levels of Internet infrastructure and operations. All of these on top of the core courses for undergraduates and some engineering courses where I started my college career.
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XSEDE 2.0: The NSF doubles down

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Licensing milestone for data access in

All species occurrence datasets published on now carry standard machine-readable licences.

Maryland Offshore Wind – Coming Soon!

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R-Forge: xkcd: Project Home

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R package xkcd

XKCD and the xkcd package. XKCD is a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language created by Randall Munroe. This package tries to give

Only been once, but the matinee had a silent audience keeping an enjoyable atmosphere. Their air conditioning is set low so if you chill easily bring something or someone to keep you warm.
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There is a broad produce selection which is fresh, but the aisles are narrow and prices for certain items are more expensive than other grocery stores in the area. Make sure you price compare.
Public - in the last week
reviewed in the last week
My experience amounted to a mediocre meal. While the wait staff was attentive and helpful the food lacked flavor. I had the Louise's crab cake which was recommended as they were supposedly known for them, but I was unimpressed. The form and crust was excellent, but it was bland. The atmosphere felt out of place with an overwhelming nautical theme on a strip mall and the tables brand new while the these more rustic. I probably won't return as the price was not worth the experience.
• • •
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This is one of the late night bars available in the area. Their food is good and have a fair selection of standard beers, but their in their craft beer selection is non existent. The price is a bit higher than the other nearby locations, but their food is solid american fare. I dock them a star for their outdoor seating allowing smoking and not clearing the ashtrays after a customer departs. As a nonsmoker the patio experience is less than ideal if you dislike the smell and breathing smoke. They also will not provide separate receipts for groups which for any automated system this is technically possible.
• • •
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497 reviews
The pizzas were good, but not memorable. While they have a light fluffy crust it's not durable enough to eat with your hands. The sauce is a good traditional style, but lacks a unique personality. Still this is one of the better pizza places in College Park. The service was quick, but with a slight attitude when asking for recommendations, but they may just have been my server and not representative of all staff. I ate there and don't think the pizza would do so hot as delivery due to the thickness, but haven't tried. The slices of pepperoni were thick and greasy in a good way. The best most flavorful element was the house Italian dressing which I highly recommend. If you're looking for a an alcoholic drink with your meal their selection is mediocre at best.
• • •
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A smaller Chipotle venue than most with less Chipotle design flare still serves delicious food on par with any other Chipotle.
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The building itself is fantastic for hosting a conference and is LEED Gold certified, but the major drawback to this venue is its location. There is practically zero greenspace within a half hour walk and the scenery is mostly cement and industrial waterfront which appears to be oil storage containers. There are a few restaurants in walking distance, but the blocks are deceptively longer than they appear on the map so be prepared for 10+minutes to get to most of the nearby restaurants. There are a handful next to the conference center which are tasty. The hotel options in the area are limited, 5+ minute walk for the closest and at the time of writing this are in need of refreshing of their interiors for the rooms. There is a bike rental not too far of a walk, but it is not next to the center which would make getting around much easier.
• • •
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reviewed 2 weeks ago