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Jonathan Brier
Citizen Science Advocate, Environmentally Conscious Geek, Information Addict.
Citizen Science Advocate, Environmentally Conscious Geek, Information Addict.

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Beware cheap cables: Some issues found put your devices at risk. Make sure to check out his reviews, they may save your device.

I'm very happy to see people out there verifying and rating cables. This comes at the right time, days before my first USB C device arrives.

If you find or have verified his findings it would be of value to comment on those products. #devicesafty   #designtospec  
My team at Google has been very big proponents and innovators of USB Type-C. I've worked on two Pixel products now that use the connector and its related technologies (Power Delivery, Alternate Mode, USB 3.1). It really is an amazing little connector.

However, now that there are more and more Type C products rolling out from Nexus, One+, Nokia, and more, this I have found painfully true : USB Type-C will only be as good as its ecosystem, and more specifically, the worst of its ecosystem.

I have started reviewing USB cables on Amazon because I have gotten fed up with the early cables from 3rd party vendors that so blatantly flaunt the specification and I want to hold them to task.

You may not just get weird behavior from your devices with these bad cables... What some these vendors are doing is downright dangerous.

I've been contemplating setting up a blog where I document bad cables and perhaps give some insights into USB Type C as well.

#USB   #TypeC ,
#Nexus   #ChromebookPixel   #PixelC  

 Edit : Want to help check your questionable cables, and have a Pixel 2015?

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YES! Integration of science in video games is a perfect way to make entertainment a productive task at the same time. It is all about finding the right way to integrate the tasks and the right community who would find it interesting.

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Today is the day you need to stand along the rest of us and speak out for #NetNeutraility the FCC is trying to shake the fundamental elements of the Internet in the United States and it concentrates power to what we see at what speed to ISP's who now own their own content which they want you to watch.

What could possibly go wrong here? Take a minute and send a comment to the FCC.

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Valid points about the EME as a W3C specification. We may be creating a dark age for archiving and preservation of digital content. Potentially a critical loss of culture if we don't safeguard the foundational principles of the open web.

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More digitized texts means more information likly to be made accessible for machine learning and human learning. Very cool!

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Our paper in the Journal of Science Communication was recently published evaluates volunteer recruitment in online #citizenscience  projects using marketing strategies for the Season Spotter project. It is #openaccess  so anyone to download and share!

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HTTPS should be enabled for all websites as its not just transactions it protects, but it increases protection of what you are reading and your behaviors. Ask your favorite sites to implement https with HSTS.

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Join some psychology research by taking a few surveys at YourMorals

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Zero rating is a dangerous practice and while it looks free for the consumers it hides the deals and costs associated and passed on to the gatekeeping ISPs. We need ISPs to be dumb pipes so there is a level playing field. Content and transit need to be separate entities to have market forces come into play without that "the person who controls the spice controls the universe!" and consumers will suffer in the long term.

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Science is important and any leader should rely upon it to form their specific actions to act for the future of the nation. Political candidates should be able to show their planning for the future and we should hold them accountable to their statements to understand their knowledge and orientation on the issues.

Clinton seems to get science and poses specific actions and goals.

Trump seems disconnected and dismissive and in many cases misunderstands or ignores the question.

Stein seems to get the science and poses specific actions to and goals.

There is one more candidate that did not respond.

Read for yourself and make your own conclusion, but Trump did not improve and only declined further in my opinion. I fear for the world and nation if vagueness is all Trump can include in a written response where there is time to form a thought out response. There are many red flags that show how ill prepared Trump is for leading our nation. For example look at his response for "Ocean Health" it does not address the question, but is an appeal to emotion.
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