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Those Aussies sure know how to have some fun.
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very cool. any damaged lens elements?
+Mark Weston No damaged lenses, just a few holes in my clothes. And maybe a small bald spot.
There are no words, no adjectives, another one has to be invented to describe something so beyonde awesome! :)))
Looks like he's well covered with cameras
Jo erg
awesome! :)
Damn, that is a cool shot. I love seeing all the cameras setup around the circle.
Ben Mok
wow how do you get the long trail of lights?
Looks like Steel Wool Photography
Whoa! Those sparks seem longer than the usual steel wool... or is it just that you were closer?
Beautiful!! I'm surprised there weren't any lenses with burn marks.
+Ben Mok It's a 30sec exposure at f/9 with my 10.5mm Nikon lens. The fisheye exaggerates the lines, and I'm crouched fairly close (closer than it may seem) to +Michael N Sutton, who was basically making a curtain of sparks around us.
and they know how to light stuff on fire :)
that is the coolest looking thing i have seen in a long time oh my god!
That is awesome! I loveeee that! And Australia!
wow thats a awsome shot that reminds me the weathers nice now should try that long exposure shot i wanted to do.
This is freakin' amazing oh my god.
Oh wow...that's beautiful
that is sooooo-
idk wat 2 call this amazing outcome of this unreality...
but so...
it is quite amazing.
That is called a rocket-poi. It is a dance tool that uses burning steel wool to throw sparks everywhere! Dangerous but amazing!
i like, i like iv never saw anythin so cool and orange befor in my life :)
wow! that sure grabs your attention! haha
freakishly scary yet cool. What's he twirling?
doing those kind of things in school, but not on such a large scale that must have taken you yonks, good job looks great
That is bad ass! Excuse my French but that's amazing! Love it
Kun Wu
I think I saw this in an old 1980s X-Men comic.
That is one of the most amazing pictures I have seen in awhile
This is what happens when you divide by 0....
Whoa! howd that come to be???
woah ~
Great work, I really appreciate it! :)
Probably cause i haven't met one yet that wasn't on some sort of drug. Telling by this photo, still haven't met one. 
How do they do that, so cool 
Bad ass!! Sorry i think I'm the only one who actually conveys their thoughts on here....who needs decency as long as your straight forward.....anyway its a cool pic but i wish i knew the camera technique....makes gorgeous pictures. 
just one thing to say and that is, that is the most gay thing i ever saw in my life fake this guy sucks big time
How do they do that?
The creativity that's instilled in all of us. What can you come up with?
the black hole is sucking him up into the great beyond!!!
Painting with light - the focus of any great artist - outstanding shot!!!!!

Try it by tracing an outline with colored led flash lights...

Imagination - superb
Anyone interested in knowing how I creates this effect I will be posting a tutorial later today on my stream.
What an amazing photo - awesome what you can do with some camera tricks and lots of patience
Cool Fireworks, not sure I fancy his job though!
Sami R.
How did you do that...........................
What A Beautiful Image You Are Very Lucky To See This! ADD ME PEOPLE!!<3
holy cow!! that is the most amazing thing i have ever seen!!!
this is very butifull
We used to do something similar with the Siloam light sticks and long string. We would tie them off at different lengths and colors. then in a big dark field at night, we would poke holes in them and swing them around. Kind of like the picture above.
This is by far the coolest steel wool shot I've seen! Such an interesting angle and to be inside the dome of sparks is AWESOME!!!
I really want to try this one day. Amazing!
awesome! Look like he has whipped power to create black hole. Beware if you near this, will suck your life out to death! Lol.
That my friend, is my new background!
That looks totally wicked! how do they do it?
WARNING: Mind-blowing pic here!
Have to admit it's amazing, good way to keep out of boredom.
Ok to be in the eye of that spark storm but for everyone else.. Ouch! Ouch!Ouch!Ouch!Ouch!Ouch!Ouch!
Wow that is amazing!! Can anyone explain to me exactly how they made it? Thanks
I would like to see a video of what he was doing to understand the shot better
Dude, I have to say this is one of the coolest photos I've ever seen!
all i have to say is
I just shouted out "What the f(ric)k is that!?" Awesome shot!
wow such a great shot Brian, and I cannot believe every ones reaction to this shot!
very cool...but...what is it?
I'm pretty sure that's Krillin's from Dragon Ball Z
It's.. it's beautiful.. manly tear
I did that in So Philly back in the 60's with a coat hanger and a steel wool pad. We did it vertically on a narrow street between two three story windowless buildings. The sparks bounced off the walls adding another dimension to the shower. As for burned hair and the sock that caught the bent hanger depositing burning steel into the skin on the ankle, nothing better.
This is such a cool photo. Love it.
This is realy interesting
I was a War Baby in Australia (1944). Rascal of a father from Chicago, Ill. There were many Australians who were my tormentors...I didn't find the epithet "Yank"s Leftover" pleasant at all. Then there was British Supremacy ...not having an English last name was a handicap in life. Things have changed over the decades and British Supremacy has to be covert these days as Australia has become diverse since the end of The White Australia Policy in the early 1960's.
Well I would say he’s got a fire on the end of something like rope & as he spins it around the camera is on its lowest speed with other persific settings to let in more light bit like my Night Shooter album photos
K Davis
Absolutey breath taking beautiful!
Mike Wu
what in the world?
wow thats cool...wat is it
Brian, I just posted a link if you wish to share it with ALL your fans ;-)
All u needs is a straight wire hanger & pad steel wool. Hook the pad on one end then light it and twirled it like cowboy
Looks like this has really gone Viral Brian, well done mate.
That is so crazy! wouldnt that be soooo hot in that/
This pictures are so fun to do. (note profile picture)
Don B
That's so sick lookin
Helen M
WOW!!!!! How do they do that? :)
what is that? cool pic though!
Holy cow. I just got lucky taking this photo, thank you for all the kind comments and warm wishes. The real folks you should be following are people like +Michael N Sutton +Alexander Kesselaar +Keith McInnes +Tony Gee +Carole Diamond +James Lunan +Floyd Gee +Mykal Hall and +Stephen Godfrey. Michael (the guy in my photo whipping the steel wool around his head) posted a great tutorial on how to make a light painting rig with common household goods, but stay safe and don't start any fires:
Thanks for the mention
You know all they did was use shutter speed to change how the pic looked but that's amazing 
Inna Z
Last comment!😄
Thanks for the share of the guide +Brian Rose now that the secret is out I look forward to seeing what the masses can come up with.
Wow, amazing. I am speechless. How could the person do this ?
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Interesting perspective on the horizon, did you use some sort of fish eye lens?
That is so cool how did you do that.' 
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