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Thank you to +The White House for a very fun #WHPhotowalk on a beautifully sunny day. It was great meeting everyone, can't wait for the next one!
Many thanks to +The White House & +Google+ for organizing a fun photowalk!

Special appearances by:
Bo the First Dog
+The White House photographer Sonya Hebert
Obama motorcade
+The White House photographer Pete Souza
Ari, Kasie, Kori, Tess
and g+ walkers below:

Adam Robinson
Amy Phillips
Andrew Rhoads
Brandon Kopp
Brian Rose
Charles Lu
Dana Williams-Johnson
Elyse Phelps
Gary Calpo
Gary Garbett
Geoff Livingston
Holly Mcaloney
Hushmath Alam
Julian Ortiz
Natalia Stone
Randy Hughes
Roma G
shirley lo
Vikram Narayana
Wayne Lappas
Zeid Derhally

+Adam Robinson +Amy Phillips +Andrew Rhoads +Brandon Kopp +Brian Rose +Charles Lu +Chris Suspect +Damien Smith +Dana Williams-Johnson +Elyse Phelps +Gary Calpo +Gary Garbett +Geoff Livingston +Hogarth Ferguson +Holly McAloney +Hushmath Alam +Jeremy Daugherty +Julian Ortiz +Keegan Shiner +Matt Keithley +Natalia Stone +Rachel Jones +Randy Hughes +Rob B. +roma g +shirley lo +Tracy Rausch +Vikram Narayana +Wayne Lappas +Zeid Derhally

#whphotowalk #bothefirstdog #gplusit
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The way some of them make the + is an insult in my country (and a few other European ones) :-)
+Víktor Bautista i Roca Do you mean if the crossing arm is inside vs outside? I'm partial to the hand sign but heard from people who said it looks too much like a rock concert, like this: +m/
+Víktor Bautista i Roca I think the gesture may look similar, but hopefully it's clear the meaning is far from the same. Rather than an L shape, it's meant to be a + shape, but definitely something to keep in mind so we don't unintentionally offend others, cheers.
+Jaimin Shukla Check the #photowalk stream to see if there are any photowalks happening near you. And if there aren't, you can host your own photowalk with friends. For tips on getting started, see
+Jaimin Shukla there will be more photowalks and they happen all over the world like brian said! :)
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