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5 hours and 2K photos from #thewalkdownunder Sydney photowalk experience condensed into a 3min time-lapse photomovie for everyone. Thank you for being amazing hosts +Michael N Sutton and +Lockey McGrath, and thank you to everyone who joined us on the photowalks in Sydney and nationwide. My photomovie was inspired by +Peter Kjeldsen, who also makes these using Picasa 3.9, and check out to create your own time-lapse photomovies for the next photowalk!
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That's excellent- I had no idea you could do that in Picasa 3.9!
+Mark Esguerra I've only been able to process one photo so far (that group shot), so there's plenty more coming + more photowalks while I'm in town. It's going to be nuts.
+Kevin Dunseath It's wicked fast, too. You can go from 1/30 sec to 1/6 sec per photo using the Time Lapse transition style, load an audio track, and output 1080p HD all from Picasa. :-)
awesome video! Found ourselves in it pretty easily ;)
Nice one +Brian Rose !! I thought you might make something like this when I saw you shooting continuously on a few occasions :)
+Brian Rose how fantastic is that ! :O)) ♥ People who love pictures coming together all over the world now x thanks to Google Plus ♥
Looks like a successful day, that old ship yard looks like a dream photo-location. Thanks for the video.
Bloody hell Brian this is just awesome, thank you so very very much for being part of this with me it means so much to all of us, your a legend and now an adopted Aussie.
+Michael N Sutton This was all you and the Australian community. Our team is thanking you all for sharing your photos and stories here, and even just the past 2 days have been a real eye-opening experience for what I can do to help local/regional communities grow, like you and +Lockey McGrath have done here. I should hear back from RecordSetter next week, they're currently reviewing the group photo and time-lapse video, and I'll see if we can create a new category for largest nationwide photowalk once I collect all the group photos from across the country. I'm proud to be an adopted Aussie, thanks!
Thanks Brian, the section with me shooting the our coffee girls was awesome. Will edit my photos tonight. Thanks million really. It was so cool........
+Brian Rose Awesome work! Thanks for supporting the walk btw. I held a mobile hangout from my GN during the Brisbane walk and it was awesome to see the room fill up so quickly and be able to share it. :)
Great video -- cool - looks like a great time!
And thanks for putting me in the cover as well
Great work +Brian Rose - good hanging out with you and discussing some of the future of the photography platform you and the team are bringing to us. Great video of Sydney, hope you can get to Melbourne some time and join us for a +Melbourne Photowalk.
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