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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! Live in Australia? Join one of the 11+ photowalks happening on Saturday March 31, or host your own local photowalk. Have fun, make friends, and add more photos.
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See you there in about 10 days, cheers!
Getting excited too. Can anyone point me towards info on the Sunshine Coast one? Is there a local organiser and or where is it starting?

If not I may head to join the Brisbane one.....

Anyone know?
Thanks +Michael Tucker that's my backup plan. Wasnt sure I could make it at all early on but things have firmed up now and am looking forward to it. Will be there if Sunshine Coast doesnt pan out. Either way I'm looking forward to it.
Although this doesn't apply to me (not in Australia) I do love seeing the use of forms/polls on Google+ and think they will have tremendous potential. Yours is clear and to the point - how clever to get folks to sign up for something in such a clean format.
Have an organization, association, group or interest that you want to get opinions or assistance from - why not use them. We have started using them with our Legacy (Family Tree) Virtual Users Group (LVUG) and I think they will be really helpful.
Good morning and thanks for adding me to your circles. I hope you have a grand time at #TheWalkdownunder.
+The Walk Downunder im a photowalk to speak. This will be my first. Will head to Brisbane and see how it is all done. That way next time I'd feel confident to put my hand up and take the lead on the Sunshine Coast. +Brian Rose id love to see a kit and what is involved with it. Would help when I participate in Brisbane just what is involved and how it all gets organised.

Appreciate it all. I am really starting to look forward to this. Cheers.
We did a small Photowalk just before Christmas last year but we are hoping to do a much larger one when the weather improves.
This is actually very cool ... We +Photowalks London could actually host a Photowalk for the Aussies living in London. What do you think +Brian Rose and maybe we could think about organising a G+ Worldwide Photowalk but that will require more time for prep and promotion.
I'm in! Cockatoo Island here we come...
I'm looking forward to meet you +Brian Rose we have a great day planed and +Mike Shaw how does a World Wild Google+ Photo Walk sound to you? Would you be interested in hosting in your area? I have spoken with +Joel Tjintjelaar & +Athena Carey who are organising the Euro Walk and there keen at mustard mate. It would be nice to have you on board too. At the last count we have over 400 registered for our #walkdownunder 
+Mykal Hall A lot will depend on timing and trying to tie things up but yeah, we can but try :)
Thanks +Mike Shaw there is nothing official yet as I'm still gathering potential walk leaders. When we are ready to organise" THE BIG ONE" we will keep you informed. Thanks mate, I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
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