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Thank you a million times over, +Ivan Makarov. Rallying so many different photogs and putting together such a beautiful series of books (and an eBook!) to showcase everyone's work is an amazing feat, and for a great cause. I can't wait to share my copy with friends and show them, Look at what my friends on G+ did!

If you haven't bought your copy of +Plus One Collection yet, check out
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I love that he says, Google's Plus. Reminds me of The Google. :D
wish I had heard about it before it came out. looks excellent. Would have liked to be involved. maybe the next one. ;)
I just posted this to The Facethingy friends too. lol. This is excellent.
A huge Congratulations +Ivan Makarov !!! Stand a take a bow.. you have done some great work here..!
Thank you Brian.. Truly an an honor - and really appreciate all you and the team do behind the scenes to help spread the word.
LMAO +Ivan Makarov - no worries man.. Its just so cool to see someone whos so commited to this launching something off as well as you guys have.. Honored just to watch it grow!
guy yak
scaling talent is a primary purpose of building relationships via g+ |
Congratulations to the team that put the book together, and to Google+ photo team, and all of Google+.
After all it wouldn't have happened without Google providing the basis for the community.
All you folks rawk!
Good to know that a photo of me was on NBC news, haha
+Matt Roe one of only two I had time to put on my iPad when they called me this morning..
Congratulations to the team for creating such a beautiful series of Google Plus One Collection!
Some well-deserved recognition, +Ivan Makarov. You helped create something beautiful and the world is taking notice. I'm very proud of you, fwiw.
Yes, look forward to the LE book shipped to my door steps...
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