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+Gregory Strike cracked the QR code at Now he and +Ryan Douglas are working on the partial at If you can help, the tip line is open 24 hours a day at 1-805-3NIA-OPS. #nianticproject
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my guess is a scheme to attract people for a new movie ;D
Taking partial QR codes apart is pretty time-intensive ... I wonder why they didn't finish it? Were they interrupted? By whom & why?
+John Mueller I was hoping there'd be other partials out there, and that we could overlay them to get a complete QR code. I've been looking around SF, Afghanistan, and Croatia since those were locations in the Field Trip data repository, but so far no dice.
You don't need to overlay it with others, I think I've f
lol +Victor Bezrukov, Im not going to touch this I don't want to be teleported by aliens, at least until after breakfast !!
By the way, disregard those other open Chrome tabs in my screenshot. I was just looking up stuff about urb drones. I swear, I'm not a nutcase.
I feel like I'm really close!  But who knows! :)
Sorry for asking a question eventually everyone beside me already knows the answer to: From what hint did you get this TWO coordinates?

I manually decoded the QR as I couldn't get anything to scan it, even with error correction.  There were three bytes that needed to be reconciled.  1 was missing three bits, one was missing all of them, and the last was only missing one.

It appears to link to the same video as the first QR code... LOL! :(
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