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Holy moly! 225 photographers in Sydney alone, with hundreds more folks at photowalks across Australia's capitol and regional cities. +Michael N Sutton organized one heckuva photowalk that started from King Street Wharf to board our ferry tour of Sydney Harbor, breakfast at Cockatoo Island, and now back at the Wharf to cool down. A little sunburn and a cracked LCD are my souvenirs from sunny Sydney -- this was the best photowalk yet! Thank you to everyone who attended the Sydney photowalk and all #thewalkdownunder photowalks happening across Australia. You Aussies beat the world record for largest photowalk! Three cheers! Now when's the next one?
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Now that's a photo walk...
Great photo. Thanks all for a terrific day.
Yay! The Canberra one was fantastic, albeit a bit smaller (:
Great fun, even for a non-photographer like myself!

I'm glad to say I can add many of the people who went along into my 'Friends' circle ;)
Ze Wong
Nice turnout in Sydney :)
Oh that looks so fantastic and so much fun!! And what an incredible turn out!
I wish i could be there but i am in the US
Good on ya! Looks like it was super-successful and everyone had fun!
Looks like you all had a great time!
hello ...........................................
you had used special lens in your camera to capture all people
what a morning..........thanks everyone. especially google
lots of peeps. good fun for all the ozzies.
I am in the USA. Shouldn't this photo be upside down?
I am not saying that I am right side up I am just saying that Google should recognize that we are on opposite sides of the globe and properly display the image. (+David Byrne ) I tried standing on my head for hours years ago just to try and see what it was like in Australia. I kind of liked it. Then I chugged a Fosters and passed out. :)
We don't drink Fosters in Australia, we keep all the goof stuff for ourselves and export the rest.
Are you saying that America's media is wrong? WTF! I have never question anything I have seen on TV and now I have to question everything! (+David Byrne )
I discussed this post with 2 people in real life.
Too bad I just recently moved away from Sydney! Would have loved to join.
Great day, Great shot. I even see a couple of giraffes in the background ;)
I discussed this post with 4 people in a hangout.
me tooooooooooooooooo..........................
must watch this blog hope u will like it
i like this u will also like it right?
I've just noticed how the little face circle moves around smoothly as you hover over people's names in the "Tagged List" - Cool. Thanks to Google and especially to +Michael N Sutton for all the organisation and enthusiasm. And not to mention to Google for their support of this groupl
Will have to plan our trip down under to be there for the walk this fall.
Sydney is an amazing and beautiful city. I did my own photo walk of Sydney, the eastern seaboard of Tasmania, and the Cairns area just over two weeks ago. I can't wait to go back. Great memories!
+Brian Rose - it was a pleasure to meet you. Such a shame about your LCD display.
It was such an awesome day.
Besides the person in question, can anyone spot the Germanium, Nickel, Uranium & Sulphur person?
There i am...... if you squint. Top day on the harbour.
+Brian Rose hope you get on the big bird home.....See you on the flip side.
Brilliant day with awesome people! Thank you all for making it a very enjoyable experience :)
Superb! - and what testimony to the excellent community we have here on G+! Great stuff +Brian Rose !!!
Thanks to everyone who made this possible.
It's been a pleasure to share this photowalk with all of you.

See you in the next one? :)

PS: Tip for the next group picture: jump higher. I've been fully covered by hands :P
G'day +Brian Rose Nice to chat briefly with you (& not so nice we shared an unfortunately equipment mishap ).

Look forward to seeing more story telling apps that help weave together a cohesive story out of the following:
a time period (ie. dates your / my overseas holiday)
G+ stream
Tweet stream & replies
Other social media & replies
Mobile phone GPS tracklog, ie.
android google latitute
You photos, geotagged
SMS log
checkin logs
(of course filter any "objectionable" private secret stuff)
Outputs: Google earth KML geo-"diary" flythrough

(This was the mock up I had shown you quickly : DisneyLand + SoCal Part 1 Geographic Tour )
An absolutely brilliant way to spend (half of) a Saturday. Looking forward to the next one!
Emily L
shiny happy people? lol
I love this shot! How do you share the image without all that commentary text above? Would I have to rip it off?
RIGHT ON +Brian Rose!!! Wowzers what a fantastic photo and memory!! We really are going global... up close and in person!! I love this... and all the pics from your amazing adventure. You need an assistant next time, don't you? Hahahahahahhahaahaaa!!!
+Peter Malaczynski If you prefer not to use the Share link, all my photos are Creative Commons non-commercial with attribution. You can download my photo by opening it in Lightbox, then choose Options > Download full size. Please add a link back to this post at, cheers.
Hi Brian, You know, I hate to sound like a broken record after our conversation on the boat yesterday, but how would anyone know that your photos are Creative Commons licensed? Does it say that somewhere?
All the G+wiggles in a happy fish bowl.
Hey +Brian Rose checkout my new Google+ Photos extension for Chrome, which adds Fullscreen support!
Trust you to plus that before me Mr. Fannypants.
Watch for it tonight, I'm sure I can find one of John too :)
+Francis Gorrez you need to DM me your contact details, I have something for you not to do with this though, seriously.
It's a picture of everyone who thinks you're a dickhead. Great first post buddy!
I dunno - I sussed his page out first. I hope I'm wrong too and will apologise if I am.
i see u in dat snap awesum 1 Shazly bhai wish i could also do it!!!!all d best.......
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