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The Results-Driven Approach To Blogging
It's time to start blogging with a purpose, otherwise what's the point?

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Baseball legend Yogi Berra once famously remarked:

“You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there.”

All snarkiness aside, Berra was on to something. One of the keys to success is first understanding what success looks like. This advice can apply to all areas of life and blogging is no exception.

Blogging can be an incredibly effective marketing tool, but you can’t simply start a blog and expect it to drive success. In fact, a lot of people who go about blogging have no real plan beyond just writing the posts and seeing what happens.

Learn from examples from blogging luminaries like +Rand Fishkin, +Gary Vaynerchuk, +Avinash Kaushik and others on how to blog with driving results in mind.

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7 Ways to Attract More Attention on Pinterest
Lessons learned from the pros on how to generate success with the visually focused social giant.

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Are your pins getting enough exposure?

Do you want a stronger Pinterest presence?

Pinterest is known for its organic marketing. Using the right tactics makes it easier to increase your visibility.

In this article for +Social Media Examiner  you’ll discover seven ways to gain attention and engagement for your brand on Pinterest.

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#pinterest   #pinterestmarketing   #pinteresttips   #socialmediamarketing  
Do you want a stronger Pinterest presence? In this article you'll discover seven ways to gain attention on Pinterest and engagement for your brand.
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Great post and very informative! 
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27 Awesome Social Media Marketers to Follow on Pinterest
Getting started on a new social network can be difficult.

Learn the who's who of Pinterest to help get started on the visual network via +PostPlanner ++ +Rebekah Radice:

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27 Awesome Social Media Marketers to Follow on Pinterest
Getting started on a new social network can be a challenge!

Knowing who to follow, what to post & how to grow a following are are never easy.

And it’s no different with Pinterest.

How do you find people within your niche who are pinning super awesome content??

I've done the work for you!

I've scoured Pinterest looking for the 27 most valuable people to follow on Pinterest for digital marketing & online business advice. A few of my faves include +Peg Fitzpatrick +Jeff Sieh +Diana Adams +Megan Sheakoski +Holly Homer +Kelly Lieberman +Kim Garst  and +Constant Contact.

Check out their pins and so many more in my latest post for +PostPlanner

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How to Keep Your Marketing Strategy Operating at Top Efficiency
The Anatomy of an Online Marketing Audit via +Digital Current

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Legendary historian and documentarian James Burke famously said, “You can only know where you’re going if you know where you’ve been.”

He was referring to history, but this quote just as easily applies to marketing. Many marketers that are eager to improve blindly embark on a marketing plan without understanding their current state of affairs.

Creating a marketing plan without performing a proper digital marketing audit can cause you to invest in unnecessary initiatives and to overlook gaps in your current strategy.

Many marketers forgo performing an in-depth audit because it can be an intimidating and time-consuming process.

Being so closely involved with your marketing on a daily basis often makes it hard to have an objective idea of where you stand.

This article will attempt to outline a plan to help you objectively examine your online presence across multiple platforms and help you optimize your efforts using the latest tactics and best practices.

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That gif. Can't stop watching.
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Why Most Startups Fail & How To Avoid The Same Fate
Help your business best achieve success and avoid failure in 2015.

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While 400,000 new businesses start every year, 470,000 small business will shut their doors in the same period. That’s a net loss of 70,000 businesses a year. Yet, the US has one of the highest rates of entrepreneurship in the world, and has the highest confidence rankings by a decent margin.

The statistics for web or tech startups in particular are even worse. According to multiple sources, the failure rate for new tech startups is around 90%. And this failure typically occurs within the first 120 days.

As noted entrepreneur and founder of renowned startup incubator Y Combinator, Paul Graham put it bluntly in a 2007 speech:

"If you can just avoid dying, you get rich."

It seems as though Graham’s intuition is backed by some compelling data. The aforementioned 90% failure rate applies to startups in Round-A seed funding. By the time a startup gets to the second round this rate dips below 50%. And once a startup has made it past C-Round funding it’s success rate is at 90%!

Sure, one could argue that the startups that make it past the vetting process of these VC’s are already primed for success, but the sheer magnitude of change suggests that there is more to the answer than this and that this answer might apply to a broader range of businesses than the VC-funded startups.

In that same speech I quoted above, Graham notes that most startups don’t just die “mid-keystroke.” They typically die either because funding falls through, or a key founding member bails. Both of these fates befall startups when they get demoralized.

The reason that so many entrepreneurs get demoralized early on is typically due to some innocuous seeming mistake that quickly evolves into systemic business issues.

In this article I will highlight a few of these mistakes and how I believe they can best be remedied, overcome and/or prevented. In this way, your small business can survive past the vulnerable early startup period and ultimately go on to develop successfully.

Happy to include the insights of +James Gross,+Tony Hsieh, Paul Graham and +Simon Sinek.

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What Link Strategies to Implement in 2015
The Ongoing Evolution of Link Building

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A lot has changed in the SEO world, especially when it comes to link building for your business. What made Google’s PageRank algorithm so beneficial in the beginning was the importance it placed on links as a form of reputational currency.

As time went on, Google developed more intricate methods of evaluating the quality and importance of links; and as they did, link building became less about sheer volume of links (often obtained via sneaky, black-hat SEO tactics) and more about the quality of these links.

The way Google implemented these changes was a series of updates to their search algorithm. The primary update concerning link building is named Penguin and was first introduced in 2012. Penguin was built to discern links that signal true authorial reputation from those that have an artificially inflated ranking.

According to link building expert, +Brian Dean of Backlinko, Google has ramped up its ability to fight link spam (that’s where Google’s Penguin updates come into play).

“Like 2014, they’ll continue to twist the knobs on spam detection this year. But they don’t need a wholesale overhaul on the spam front. Most black-hats are already struggling to keep their head above water,” he added.

“It’s the same story with the other part of the algorithm — the part that looks at link quality. That also didn’t change all that much over the last year. And why would it? Google’s results are better than ever.

They’ve more or less perfected link analysis. So there’s no need for them to do anything but make slight adjustments to what’s already working well,” said Dean.

Penguin was preceded by Panda and was recently joined by Hummingbird. All of these constantly updated algorithms aim at cutting the legs out from under those who attempt to trick Google into serving up anything but the highest-quality content.

These developments have led many to claim that link-building is no longer a viable tactic. However, that is not really true. Does link-building no longer work? No, it has simply evolved. This is because no matter how many changes Google makes to their algorithm, links lie at the very heart of their core operational logic.

Any changes Google makes to their algorithm are only meant to remove any impediments to accurately judging the reputational currency that inbound links indicate online.

Here’s what to keep in mind when crafting your link building strategies for 2015 in my latest article for +Digital Current 

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The Marketer's Guide to Monetizing on Mobile: Existing Barriers & Steps to Close the Gap
Learn how to close the gap between mobile ad spend and consumption to start generating results.

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Mobile now accounts for more than 60 percent of time spent on digital media, up from 53 percent in 2013, according to comScore.

Despite this substantial growth in mobile consumption, advertisers are both hesitant and in some cases unable to allocate their budget to spend on these channels.

Here's where we stand today with monetizing experiences on mobile devices and what steps to take to best close this gap to better serve readers and generate revenue on mobile platforms.

Engagement with content on mobile is at an all-time high across devices, but publishers are behind in monetizing this user behavior creating a wide gap between consumption and ad spend.

According to eMarketer, only 40 percent of US advertising decision-makers say they are taking money out of their print advertising budget to allocate to mobile platforms.

As a further example, for all of +Quaero's digital publishing customers, mobile advertising is still less on average than 20 percent of their total ad delivery distribution.

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#mobilemarketing   #mobilemarketingtips   #monetizemobile  
Download this informative white paper to learn the existing barriers and steps to close the gap on Mobile Consumption & Ad Spend.
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The Marketer’s Approach to Balancing a Paid, Owned, and Earned Social Media Strategy
Focus your social efforts to generate results.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or so, you know that social media is an incredibly important (if not fundamentally essential) tool in your marketing arsenal.

However, the more you investigate, the more you begin to realize just how complicated social media marketing really is.

Before deciding to invest in social media there are many legitimate questions that need to be answered.

Where should I invest the bulk of my spend? What tangible results can I expect to see from these efforts? What does success even look like?

Luckily there exists a framework for looking at social media marketing that provides a way to easily divide and conquer different aspects of social media and allow you to better evaluate the entire enterprise as a singular whole.

Read more: via +SumAll 

#socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing   #socialstrategy  
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Tackling Content Marketing on a Budget
The guide to using content marketing to scale your business, no matter the size.

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Content marketing is not just a passing trend, it is here to stay. Even those convinced of its utility might object that it is not right for them because they see it as expensive.

While this perception is not un-founded (Coke and Redbull, two content marketing luminaries, have budgets in the millions), money is not a prerequisite for a quality content marketing strategy.

If you follow a well thought out plan and adhere to it diligently, you can succeed at content marketing on nearly any budget.

This article will help your business lay out a cost effective content marketing plan, explaining the reasoning and theory behind my recommendations.

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Hi Brian, Let me know when you might be able to talk with me about marketing myself and my services better. Aunt Marilyn
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Brian Honigman

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The Beginner’s Guide to Recycling and Repurposing Video Content
How to work smarter, not harder with your video marketing.

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In my latest article for +Skyword, you'll learn how to best approach video marketing for your business without a massive budget or staff.

Sharing your company’s story and addressing your customers’ challenges with video is an effective way to drive greater results from your integrated marketing efforts.

However, creating quality, engaging video content can be time-consuming and expensive. Once you sink the initial investment into producing a video, it’s crucial you make the most of that dynamic piece of content.

I’ll show you how to repurpose a single piece of quality video content so it can be utilized across your other marketing channels and campaigns.

Employing this strategy will allow your video to act as an anchor for your content strategy and fuel your integrated marketing efforts in the process.

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Timely! Thanks for sharing!
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The Best Approach To Investing Time In New Social Networks
A Key Takeaway From Beyonce’s Social Media Strategy

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As each new tech innovation saturates the market more quickly, that invites a new technology to come usurp the old. What this means is that in our increasingly innovative world not only do things catch on more quickly, they change more quickly as well.

Bringing our discussion back to marketing, this trend presents a unique dilemma. New, social platforms seem to surface at least once a month, and there are already so many to choose from.

The accelerating rate of technological change results in an increasingly narrow window to embrace a social platform before it gets too crowded. While at the same time posing a risk that the platform you choose might get beaten out by a competitor.

How do you decide which platforms (either established or up-and-coming) to branch out into with your social marketing efforts and how can you know when something just isn’t right for your brand, or simply not worth your time and bandwidth?

Learn from +Beyonce Knowles digital strategy on how to best approach investing in a new social channel. Thrilled to have the insights of +Ruben Sanchez included in this piece as well.

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#socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatips   #socialmediastrategy  
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How Entrepreneurs Should Approach Paying Themselves Based on My Experience.
In the beginning, consider paying yourself first to avoid becoming an employee of your own business.

Read it now:

My latest +Wall Street Journal piece: When it comes to how much you should be paying yourself as an entrepreneur, there’s no straightforward answer. But all entrepreneurs should consider paying themselves before spending money on other expenses.

In order to better grasp how much you should be paying yourself, I believe it is important to come up with a formula that takes into account your personal and professional life.

One of the biggest benefits of this approach is that it allows you to rely on a flexible framework that accounts for the highs and lows of your business.

The formula I recommend takes the following factors into consideration in the following order: foundational personal expenses, company costs, a fun fund and company growth.

Personal expenses and company costs are both straightforward — they account for the necessary costs of living, such as your housing, utility bills, food and other foundational expenditures, as well as what it costs to regularly run your business. These expenses will remain relatively constant each month if your business is consistently profitable, which allows you to more easily account for them.

Read the rest now:

#entrepreneur   #entrepreneurship   #businesstips  
Brian Honigman, marketing consultant: When there is profit at the end of the month, allocate 20% of it to your fun fund. This is an account dedicated to personal spending money – it should account for things outside of what you need to get by. This fund can be spent on a vacation, a new car, improvements to your home or on whatever you see fit. The point is to reward yourself as an entrepreneur for your work and dedication, and to ensure you don’...
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Hello, I'm Brian Honigman. I'm a marketing consultant, a freelance writer and speaker, identifying the problems and opportunities plaguing brands and startups to better align their goals with social media, content marketing, content creation, guest blogging, search engine optimization, public relations and more. For the last year, I've been working on growing my business -- Honigman Media, LLC.

My current and past clients include: Sumall, Toyota, Forbes, the Next Web, Callaway, Poptip, Gypsy Warrior, Dell, Citibank, Jumplead, Positionly, Appcase, Ebyline, HubSpot, Single Grain, Kapost, Skyword, Contently, NewsCred CenturyLink, Pepperdine University, Adknowledge, TMG/McMurry and others.

Previously, I was the Digital Marketing Executive at Marc Ecko Enterprises. I oversaw Ecko's global social media strategy for the company's eight fashion brands, the SEO strategy and managed a team of marketers and designers. Prior to Ecko, I was the Social Media Manager at LunaMetrics, a digital agency in Pittsburgh and a Writing Contractor at Branding Brand, a mobile commerce agency.


If you'd like to contact me for hire as a marketing consultant, freelance writer, speaker, guest blogger or for other opportunities: 

Email is the best way to reach me: and my cell phone is 215-692-2170. 

Please no PR pitches, I won't answer them!


I've appeared in the press as a recognized source on marketing in the New York Times, Forbes, Inc, the Huffington Post, the Next Web, Social Media Examiner, Business 2 Community and elsewhere. I've done speaking engagements at UNICEF, Internet Week, Social Media World Forum, on a webinar for HubSpot, on HuffPost Live and Entrepreneur Magazine about the ever changing digital landscape.

To date, I've amassed 25,000+ followers, received 200,000+ shares of his articles across social media and my content receives 50,000+ clicks in Google's search results monthly.

Here are some suggested circles to add me to if you're interested:
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