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Brenton Maddocks
Ignorance with asumption will be the end of us all, especially in those with arrogance.
I'm Beej, Brenton James, anything you project in my direction w/ heart, feelings speak louder then words to me. I am an electronic engineer / spiritual scholar, sight seeker and holiday monk (reincarnation holiday life out of the temple). I am a cusp Scorpio mid aries dawn and feel very intensely and can cognize memories and lessons of my past life's from within myself.

my danu diary

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The Long Tan Bursary - Victoria 2001
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Brenton Maddocks

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BIBLICAL stuff of today
Hello,. PLEASE FIND ATTACHED - Google shard Doc Links. Transition - Light to Double Gold & Blue). BRING BACK THE LIGHT: beloved and beloved - Storm Casting the Witch Hunters ...
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Brenton Maddocks

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Akashic Knowledge Exchange
Thoughts of the Soul Style Scholar. <Public (open)>
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Brenton Maddocks

5-(rated-TRUTH) News Media of Now  - 
Spring time fruits
• Fruit Season delights.
• nectarine slicer - who do voodoo like danu do?
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Brenton Maddocks

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• How many people get sent a "vote by mail" form and bin it.

• Only to have it stolen on bin night.

• Then be misrepresented and register as voting twice?

• I didn't ask for a "vote by mail" form...

• Talk about hostile take-over of non democratic progression, aka warfare like Greece.
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Brenton Maddocks

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Ashes to Ashes,
Dust to Dust,
Burn your from and combustion into dust,
heat so intense,
and a snap into glass.
A Plasma prism to contain your Chakras determined by a Dragons must.
Twinkling so pretty and colourless rest.
What will be your final colour of sin glowing from with in your chest?
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Brenton Maddocks

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Details of the 4 Tribes on Earth. • Visiting Tribe • Earth Guards - Hominus… - KnowledgeExchange - Google+
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Brenton Maddocks

5-(rated-TRUTH) News Media of Now  - 
Scorpio's Truth to the World.
• Truth: there is only one truth.
• With infinite meanings.
• Truth to Reason: reason is the integration of truth via meaning.
• Reason to Meaning: meaning leads to reason via the question of 'why... ...?

○ Truth: Is.
○ Meaning(s): I am a Scorpio.
○ Why: Why this meaning?
○ Reason: So I can understand myself!

=> ZEN
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Brenton Maddocks

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Given that Warrnambool and other regions within Victoria take a public holiday other then Melbourne Cup on the 3rd of November, I would like to put forward that we transpose further public holidays also.

• This being in association with leap years.
• As the Earth orbits the Sun in 365.25 days.
• The season are falling out of acknowledgment.
• That is the seasons a moving one quarter per year.
• It is simply not summer in November anymore.

I wish to have a local referendum to transpose four current state public holidays to my suggested four days of two solstice and two equinoxes.

That is transpose:
Labour Day.
Australia Day.
Queen's Birthday.
New Years Day.

To the correct and current alignment of the seasons given that they are moving a quarter a day per year and being lost in time to out knowledge of why the environment is the way it is.

I select these as to minimise detriment to family holiday planning of extended weekends.

Please advise.
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Don’t think about it for more than a day,
or you will fall back online and wonder why you wasted your time.
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Brenton Maddocks

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