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Why are there two official Braves G+ pages? Which is the imposter?
That's what I'm still trying to figure out. Neither are posting the official updates.
I'll follow both. Shout out to Kimbrel and Freeman. Excellent rookie seasons for both of them. Hope to see many more seasons like that. Go Braves!!!
Looks like this one wins with the verified name!!! Now if they would just post updates and content here!!!
Wow, still no updates here? Does the MLB social network people know just how many people are in G+ now?
I agree they need to update their google plus page. A lot of people have switched over from Facebook 
Hopefully more to come as we get closer to spring training?
Now hang on here. It is approaching March, which is the start of spring training games. I have a bunch of time off at work, so I figure I will head down to Orlando and catch a few weekend series games with the family. They go to Disney, I go the game. Anyway...lawn seats are $25.00??? Seats are $41.00 and $51.00??? Are you nuts??? I drive 30 minutes to Turner Field, pay $15.00 to see starters play 9 innings in a game that counts. Why would I pay $25.00 to see starters play a few innings for a game that doesn't count?
Tim, the park only holds 9000 and almost always sells out. Turner field holds 50,000 and almost never sells out. That's why prices are more expensive at Disney. 
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