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Photoshop CC Launched and Cracked in 24 Hours

Adobe’s new subscription-based service was designed to reduce the piracy of their software by forcing users to verify their subscription status with an internet connection every 30 days. But the model may have already failed on its first day with cracked versions of the new Photoshop CC reportedly being shared illegally a mere 24 hours following the launch.

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Didn't see that one coming.</sarcasm>

Can we go back to retail packaging now and maybe drop the price a bit?

How about instead of professional cloud versions, you offer "hobbyist" versions? Maybe an Illustrator Express for simple vector t-shirt artists?
Adobe made a challenge to the cracker scene and the cracker scene responded... And they were surprised? 
Everything that is made by the NATURE or by MACHINES made by human or even by HUMAN can be modify or cracked or destroy by HUMAN. You would think that photoshop in its entire mighty picture that fact, but still haven't. 24h after release? Jesus!!! That's a warning to adobe or something?
Issue a challenge and someone will always answer. I'm against the cloud (software as service) model I believe it encourages lazy programming and the early release of buggier incomplete products.
I think the danger is not just buggier products, but also less incentive for product improvements, and no incentive for adding additional products. I will probably go the Adobe route, but with reservations. In general, I generally won't do SaaS.
You mean like the model that Apple MSFT and every other vendor is using? At least, with all it's flaws, it's a reasonable try though far from 'done'. I have big issues with it.
I guess CS6 is the last version of PS I'll own.
I'll keep using CS6 for as long as possible and than learn to live without it, or switch to something else..
It's not that essential to me as an amateur photographer. Just an expensive luxury I can live without. 
I see no advantage of CC to the consumer/customer just another example of corporate greed before the wishes of customers.
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