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“It’s Tequila Time!”

Brady Bunte, President & CEO of Tres Sietes Spirits would describe himself as Creative, Entrepreneurial and Driven. He’s always been open to new ventures and Tres Sietes has proved to be a creative one since its inception.

His entrepreneurial days began with the founding of “Cabo Chips”, a non-profit designed to  give back to the community of Cabo San Lucas, a place he visits regularly.

What vodka was for the ’90s, tequila is for the present. Gone are the days when drinking tequila involved the face wincing salt, harsh shot and sour lime ritual. Today the process has evolved like a fine wine and he’s passionate about it. Tres Sietes’ uniquely smooth, low methanol content and strong hints of blue agave has lead to his next launch of Extra Anejo, a 5 year tequila aged in Scotch Oak barrels retailing for $125. Averaging 50-60 hours per week while making deals at 1 or 2 a.m. is actually quite typical because the world of tequila never sleeps. Despite the long hours and hard work there’s also a great deal of fun especially during fundraising events 
where people are there to party!

At the moment, Brady is focused on building the brand. Patience is key. It took 4 years of trial and error just to get the juice in the bottle and 3 years to develop distribution, but he’s definitely gaining ground. The 15 mile range of Cabo San Lucas does more sales than the entire state of California! They distribute to 9 states in the West and have most recently launched in Nevada and Maryland. All three Tres Sietes tequilas: Silver, Anejo and Reposado have garnered ratings 92 and above in “Tasting Panel,” the industry’s trade magazine. 

Having lived in Laguna off and on since childhood has cemented fond memories of Victoria Beach in the ’80s. What he loves most about Laguna is its unique array of people. His connection with Wyland began in the ’80s. A tequila tasting event in 2011 led Wyland to sign on to a licensing agreement where Limited Edition Wyland Bottles were specifically designed for the brand. Wyland Wednesdays at Las Brisas Restaurant from 6-9pm is where you’ll find Brady promoting his brand and serving up shots in the lounge. 

For Brady, an entrepreneur needs to have a long term vision 5-10 years out. It’s this vision which keeps his spirits high for the future.

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The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is one of the largest power plants of its kind in the globe today. If you didn’t know, the Ivanpah has been widely promoted as a turning point in green energy. Brady Bunte reveals some shocking details on this em...

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Agave Nectar Makes For A Healthy Choice By Brady Bunte
High blood sugar levels have been linked to many health problems including increased risk for diabetes and heart disease. It has also been found that high blood sugar tends to go hand in hand with high cholesterol.  It is for this reason that more consumers...

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Taking Agave from Farm to Surf by Brady Bunte 

The blue agave is renowned for being the raw material to Mexico’s most famous drink, tequila. Not all the plant however makes its way to distilleries for processing. The stalk of the plant is often cut out before it matures so as not to draw on the nutrients and sugars that are needed at the heart of the plant to make the tequila. According to Brady Bunte, the stalk, if left alone, can grow to well over two meters in height.

The agave plant has very strong fibers, which have proven useful in the use of the woodwork. Brady Bunte confirms that the blue agave plant tends to produce the tallest stalks, making them ideal for use in the construction of various parts of surfboards.  Many innovative shapers who seek out different ways to improve upon their design of surfboards have come to appreciate the unique qualities of the agave in this process.

Brady Bunte has found that because the stalks can grow to such tall heights, they can be used for the fins, stringers, rails or as a solid wood board. It is not just the blue agave plant that is utilized to make surfboards. Other species of agave from various parts of the world are becoming a wood source in the making of custom surfboards. According to the shapers and designers of these surfboards, agave is gaining popularity partly because of how environmentally conscious more surfers have become.

Most surfboards in the market are made from polyurethane foam and finished off with layers of fiberglass or epoxy resin. Brady Bunte has found that these materials may be popular due to their affordability, and lightweight nature that makes them buoyant on water.  Unfortunately, some of these materials release toxins into the water that have been found to be dangerous to aquatic life. Brady Bunte points to the chemical compound HBCD, which results from polyurethane foam. It is believed to affect the reproductive and hormonal levels of aquatic animals.

Many experienced surfers have in recent years come to appreciate the more traditional designs of surfboards made using wood, which fell out of fashion over the last half century. Brady Bunte believes that with this renewed interest in the making of surfboards that have minimal environmental impact, there will be greater demand for agave stalks. Agave surfboards are actually considered a high end product in the surfing world, as there are no two boards that are alike. The lines and tones of the wood will vary, very much like fingerprints, making each board created a unique design.

Many surfers also claim that although wood surfboards are often heavier than artificial varieties, this increase in weight is less felt when agave is used. Expert shapers estimate that the weight of the board can be higher by about 30%-300% when wood is used. With agave however, most estimate the increase in weight at just about 15%. Furthermore, the rigid nature of the wood, combined with this increased weight, is believed to help make the resulting surfboards more responsive to movements of the surfer.

Custom agave surfboards take a long while to be completed, mainly because of the period needed to dry out the wood. Brady Bunte confirms that the agave plant is a succulent and stores large amounts of water, requiring extra time of the wood from the stalk to properly dry out. Brady Bunte has found that this drying stage can last several months before the wood is ready to be cut and carved.

For custom surfboard designers and shapers, the agave is a challenging material to work with, but the results are often highly rewarding. Brady Bunte believes one of the reasons surfers love being on the water is the opportunity to feel at one with nature, and respond to its currents and motions in perfect harmony. Being able to do so on a green, high performance board is something not to be missed out on. 

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As the country with the highest population in the world, China is a very important consumer market for the alcohol and beverage sector. Mexico has for years tried to export their tequila products to the country but was hindered by an agave ban that hinged on fears of a high methanol content. Brady Bunte confirmed that the ban had been instituted in 2008 following a Chinese government crackdown on fake alcohol.

The issue however appeared resolved following a visit to Mexico by Chinese President Xi Jinping over a year ago, during which the two countries inked a ‘Tequila Pact’. This was followed up by another meeting with Mexico’s then Minister of Agriculture, Enrique Martinez, who travelled to China to conclude on arrangements. According to Brady Bunte, Mexican officials expected to export up to 10 million liters of tequila to China over the next five years, subsequent to the lifting of the ban. This prediction appears to have now come true following the impressive rise in tequila exports that was achieved in the course of 2014.

The National Chamber of the Tequila industry reported that tequila exports had grown to $1.1 billion in 2014, up from $997 million the previous year. Media reports suggest that the new agreement has now made Mexico the second largest trading partner to China from Latin America. Brady Bunte indicates this is an impressive result, especially since there is no Fair Trade Agreement between the two countries.

Brady Bunte points to the growing middle and upper class population as the driving force behind this boon in tequila demand from China. Their curiosity and higher spending power makes them a highly lucrative untapped market for tequila makers. Market experts like Brady Bunte believe that the unique taste of tequila and interesting ways in which it can be enjoyed are the big draw for these buyers. From margaritas to shots, the Chinese not only have a new way to enjoy their alcohol, but also varied flavors and aromas that depend on individual manufacturing formulas, and the age of the tequila imbibed.

The new agreement is also said to have had a positive effect on other trade between the two countries. Bilateral trade volumes rose by $5 billion over the last fiscal year. Other products that are believed to have started making their way into China and other Asian countries from Mexico include pork, avocados, lemons and asparagus.

Industry experts like Brady Bunte predict that China could become the first or second largest market for tequila in the world, after the United States. The marketing that is being carried out by leading tequila manufacturers is expected to help make tequila as competitive an alcoholic drink as scotch. Scotch whiskey and cognac have apparently fallen out of favor amongst the Chinese, due to their reference in anti-corruption campaigns. Each of the top 16 tequila-producing companies is estimated to have invested up to $3 million to enter into the Chinese market.
The only hindrance to this progress may be the expected slowdown in harvesting of agave plants. The decline in agave prices during the 2000s prompted more farmers to cut down on their cultivation of the crop. Given that agave plants take 7-10 years to mature, Brady Bunte believes that there will be a shortage of plants getting to the market over the next few years.

With increased demand of tequila, but a shortage in raw materials, it is also expected that the price on tequila and the agave plants will rise dramatically. Brady Bunte believes that this scenario will lead to a spike in the value of Mexican exports of tequila, but not the volume. Even with reserves, the top tequila producers will likely only be able to fully accommodate demand for the coming year alone. 


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California, US, January 27, 2015 – Premium tequila company, Tres Sietes, announces that it will be hosting the inaugural opening of Wyland Wednesdays on Wednesday, January 28, 2015.  The event is set to take place at the iconic Las Brisas, located on 361 Cl...

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Agave Tequilana News By Brady Bunte


Laguna Beach, California (November 01, 2014) - News of Brady Bunte of California unraveling the unique healing properties of Agave Tequilana, a medicinal plant belonging to the family of lilies and resembling the look of a cactus plant has revolutionized various aspects in the management of various health conditions like diabetes, bacterial infections, constipation and many other health conditions. The special properties of this plant has been revealed by “Brady Bunte” which says that this plant has some outstanding properties both nutrition wise and medically which include large amount of Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Potassium and is used as a healthy alternative sweetener. Other unique property of Agave Tequilana as found through extensive research includes incredible antibiotic properties and is used as a relaxing laxative.

The “California Man”, an avid sports fishing follower, in his new venture in Tequila has discovered the unique medical properties that Agave Tequilana possess and the promises it holds for the future in managing quite a few body conditions, which he describes in his posts in tumblr. He goes on to say that this plant has such mineral properties that it can be a good alternative to the essential mineral salts necessary for the body nutrition. It can be an ideal choice for those who want to lose weight, as it has exceptional properties in absorbing fat, and as a sweetener, it can replace sugar as the nectar is not harmful for the least glycemic record it has. These amazing properties of Agave Tequilana hold much for the future as a source of medicine which can treat various body conditions with proven results guaranteed.

Brady Bunte has an illustrious career in sports fishing and his Carbos vacation villa rental has made him well known among many circles and especially after taking on a new venture in the making of “tres Sietes Tequila”, the “California Man” has made deep inroads in the hearts of many. His extensive research on this plant species on the properties it has for treatment of various diseases has thrown light on what plants can deliver to keep us healthy and free from diseases. His works has been lauded in many circles although some critics have doubted the potentiality of this plant having medicinal value. What Agave holds for the future will be slowly revealed according to “Brady Bunte”, and for more details one can visit  
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