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steaming carbon. that's the body heat of trillions of microbes, on a cold day, chewing on cellulose.

i wonder how much my spraying the piles with compost tea helped this. i've seen uninnoculated piles steam, but this was steaming a lot. 
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lawsuit against a swat team gets held up when the police claim to be a private corporation.

shoulda seen that coming.
A regional police agency that serves much of the North Shore and Merrimack Valley is asking a state court to throw out a lawsuit seeking records about its SWAT team, claiming it is a private corporation not subject to the state’s Public Records Law.
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They might as well be, at least ethically, am I right?
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all reposted from my twitter feed, for your... convenience?
The latest Tweets from quasiperiodic (@quasiperiodic). lunatic farmer, guerrilla propagator, absurdist homesteader, visionary guinea pig herder. asheville, nc
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the flip side of #piratepropogation ; taking cuttings off the ficas in the doctors office, divisions off the succulents at the courthouse
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Looks like an excellent stress reliever!

And fun!
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this article on perennial vegetables isn't terrible. don't be scared of food! #foodliberationfront #everbear
With the exception of asparagus, rhubarb and artichokes, most gardeners are unaware of the tasty, nutritious bounty that perennial vegetables can offer.
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This is what we had all feared.  The possible tipping point.  Methane plumes are emanating from at least 570 seafloor cold seeps on the outer continental shelf and the continental slope, Mississippi State University reported.  A potential disaster that I warned about in EARTH (1989), accelerating ocean acidification and turning the greenhouse into a runaway.

"Warming of ocean temperatures on seasonal, decadal or much longer time scales can cause gas hydrate to release its methane, which may then be emitted at seep sites," said Carolyn Ruppel, study co-author and chief of the USGS Gas Hydrates Project.  "Such continental slope seeps have previously been recognized in the Arctic, but not at mid-latitudes.  So this is a first."

To be clear, methane is a far worse greenhouse gas than CO2… and rising ocean temps will cause icy methane hydrates to fizz, all over the globe, possibly causing a runaway effect.

Which leaves me with this to say to you wretched, monstrous, science-hating fools, with your “hypnotize-me!” Fox-Nuremberg rallies and neo-confederate rant-fests against all big-city-university “smartypants” types.  

No evidence will change your opposition to negotiating even moderate, sensible, precautionary interim measures to increase energy efficiency or do basic R&D. You sabotage TWODA (Things We Ought to be Doing Anyway.)  You helped to sabotage the satellites and instruments and research vessels that could have nailed it all down.  

You help to denigrate and geld the smartest, most knowledgeable, competitive and wisest human beings whom our species has ever produced, and thereby you declare yourselves to be brave authority questioners and skeptics!  While kneejerk-robotically obeying  the hypnotize-me channels owned by coal and oil barons... and never once sniffing the suspicious irony.

Millions of science loving moderates (like me) have been willing to negotiate the best measures that would (win-win) simultaneously take reasonable efficiency precautions and boost economic activity instead of squelching it.  We do not want to “shiver in the dark”… but you SOBs have never shown the slightest willingness to sit and make a deal with moderates on the other side. It has become a reflex. You... never... negotiate.

Instead you empower and enable a New Civil War which has reduced the world’s greatest and most scientific and future-oriented nation to utter dysfunction, unable to perform politics and negotiation at even the most basic level.

You refuse to look at actual outcomes, by which measure your “side” has proved insanely incompetent.  You refuse to follow the money or look at who are the winners from your movement’s loony wars or from the Tobacco-style denialist-delay campaign on climate change.  EVERYTHING to you is “right versus left” — a loony metaphor that allows you to ignore one blatant fact -- that Adam Smith … today… would be a Democrat. As would any moderate-libertarian-capitalist scientist, like me.

You are jibbering crazies, who don't give a damn about your grand-children or your nation or planet.  And when the seas rise, the climate refugees will legitimately claim your homes.
Methane is leaking from the seafloor in more places than researchers suspected.
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farm crazy.
yes, no, maybe.
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farmed 6 acres of vegetables by myself, almost made it work. built a 100ton house of mud and sticks. never lived in it. og level 8 enlightened, invited to google glass explorer but i couldn't afford the hardware. 40k submit karma, 10k comment karma, 6 year club.
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good burgers
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feels like an alternate history, aircraft hangers on San Diego if the Japanese won wwII.
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great for date night, their yard is great for parties.
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37 reviews
best food in town?
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good dog training.
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we get an appetizer here after school sometimes, it's the perfect After school shack.
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