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We experienced a huge demand this morning, receiving over 12,000 orders per minute and unfortunately our servers went down as a result.

We only had a limited number of units for today´s flash sale. More will be made available as further flash sales are held throughout the month. Please bear in mind that all orders placed for Ubuntu smartphones will not be delivered in any case until March.

Thank you for your patience
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It looks like you'll need a bigger stock for that Ubuntu Phone (and better servers) ;)
I managed to get one, but I have to say I think all this flash sale nonsense does nobody any favours. 
Due to that fail, I couldn't buy the phone, I tried for over an hour and a half, I get to the pay site and finally it said out of stock. A pity waste that time for nothing. Congrats to the buyers :)
S. Wilson
Ask Canonical some help to deploy more SaaS ;)
Although it was past my bedtime here in New Zealand, I stayed up and kept persevering through the "Bad Gateway" errors until finally the screen said "Sold out". I missed the second flash sale too: I was asleep at 03:00 NZDT. Hopefully now BQ and Ubuntu have gauged demand they'll move quickly to general availability. Otherwise I'll have to make my choice between the other "anything but Apple and Android" phones.
I got one this morning, was very tricky to do a order, but after 1 hour i got it :) Thx
 You have received 12,000 order for minute. Seven minute and the phones are out of stock. So you sell probably 1000 ubuntu phone, congratulation this is a good sell strategy. Who's the big Mind! :-)
I live in Europe (Switzerland) but not in the EU so i can't buy it. Thats bullsh...t!! I'm great ubuntu fan I and i was waiting for thist since they anounced Ubuntu Phone and now this.
Se estima que Ubuntu tiene unos 12 Millones de usuarios; ¿A nadie de BQ se le paso por la mente que iba a pasar esto? No solo son los usuarios de Ubuntu sino de cualquier sistema linux.
I guess because of those 12000 x minute only about 100 didn't get 500 error
Dont make too much devices. These two chaotic flash sales yesterday convinced me not to buy any device from bq. I will wait for an other manufactor of ubuntu phones.
+Roger Walser Hahaha, I live in Bosnia & Herzegovina. In Europe. But it seems that some idiots don't know the difference between EU and Europe :@ So, no Ubuntu Phone for me. Probably no Meizu also. This is fucking ridiculous. And the life's irony is that I'm one of the early developers with Sudoku and Calculus apps already in the store. Should I be mad?
Not being able to process the payment wasn't a good experience at all. It is not a server issue only.
Please stop with this FLASH Sales...all folks here know what they want, so please give a easy accees to buy the Ubuntu Phone
Glad to see the people's interest for it, I will get one once the demand slows down, hopefully for you by the end of next year! 😁
+Barry Flanagan​ I has to be the fact that they don't know the real demand until it hits the net, so flash sale is a way to get a feel if the market and temperate the demand taking it one step at a time. 
+Roger Walser You must surely have a friend somewhere in EU so you can get one. It's a borderless Europe, man! ☺
Is the figure going to be released of how many phones got sold ?
No es una empresa como Samsung o LG, esta perfecto que fabriquen cuando saben que es seguro que se van a vender. Este modelo de negocios es más molesto quizás para el usuario, me paso con el OnePlus One pero tenemos que entender que es un modelo de negocio y que la marca apostó por Ubuntu como no lo hicieron las grandes. Cuando llegue a Latinoamérica voy a comprar el mío. 
Intente conseguir uno pero despues de dos horas no pude, espero que no se demore el proximo lanzamiento.
Será muy pronto y seguro que puedes conseguirlo esta vez. Saludos.
Aar Rar
It seems u need ubuntu phones :-( Why do you announce something that you do not have. It is a stupid strategy to make a lot of customers angry? Whatfor?
Error 404 - Page not found. What? 
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