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One of the UK's leading providers of professional qualifications, personal development courses, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.
One of the UK's leading providers of professional qualifications, personal development courses, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

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Last chance to study the QLTT!!

The QLTT (Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test) era is almost over. Only 9 months left… and counting.

The final QLTT tests will take place in August 2013 and the clock is now ticking loudly for the many remaining candidates who have Certificates of Eligibility to sit the QLTT tests. Most of our remaining candidates applied to the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) for their Certificates of Eligibility shortly before the regime closed on 30 September 2010, so have until the end of August 2013 to sit their tests.

However, that end date looms ever nearer and those who have not yet put their minds to sitting and passing the QLTT tests should do so now, whilst there is still time.


The QLTT regime is still a legitimate route to qualification as a solicitor of England & Wales and the advice to anyone who has a QLTT Certificate of Eligibility in their ‘to do’ pile, is to put it to the top and get on with preparing for, and taking, the QLTT tests before next August.

At BPP Professional Education, we are running 4 further QLTT test sittings: in December 2012 and in March, June and August 2013. There is no training requirement, but for the most part, candidates who attend a course, be it in the classroom or online, perform better in the tests and, at this point, with so little time left, passing the tests is paramount.

Find out more on our blog at

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It is hard to work full time, study part time, continue to compete and set high standards for yourself.

But as BPTC student Kerry-Jayne Healey consoles the pressures should be acknowledged, and the support networks should be utilised.

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This blogpost asks how flexible and agile do we need to be to weather the shifts and volatility in the global economy?

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Changing the world through fashion.

Taken by the journalists at Nigerian media outlet This Day Live, the image depicts BPP Graduate Isoken Ogiemwonyi, who aims to take her retail fashion outlet L’Espace to the world, and transform the Nigerian business landscape in the process.

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Should you be allowed to say what you like on social networks or are we too politically correct as a nation? 

As you may have seen on the front page of today’s Metro, the BBC has paid a £185,000 offer of amends to Lord McAlpine for the defamatory remarks against him on Newsnight in relation to the child sex abuse scandal in the 1970s and 1980s. ITV will potentially follow suit but the Tory peer has also said that he is going to pursue all Twitter users who made or re-tweeted slanderous remarks made against him for either an apology or alternatively, a law suit.

This displays how Twitter and other social media sites are no longer being seen as ‘above the law’. A tweet or post are publications and if they refer to a person and lowers their reputation in the minds of right thinking members of society, then the tweet is defamatory.

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The next 'Fresh Perspectives in the Law' guest lecture is delivered by Mark Higgins, who will be exploring the trial of Thomas More from a legal perspective. This event will take place on Weds 21st November at 6pm, at BPP's Waterloo Lecture Theatre.
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