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Jeff Jacoby is sick of #london2012 bravado.  He'd like athletes who show some modesty at their accomplishments.  How about you?
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A couple of weeks from now the majority of them will be all but forgotten, so they have to use that short amount of time to boast in order to cash in on whatever market value they may imagine to have.
And why not?
Most of the self appointed critics may have quite some difficulty to pull off a fraction of the physical achievements that the winners (and all those in second, third and fourth place) accomplished.
completely agree! modesty is hard to come by now but when you see an athlete display it, it makes them that much more professional! Who wants to hang around someone that has an ego that can't fit through a door way?!
First of all it's apples and oranges to compare athletic ability to combat bravery.  One is not the other...and I think the Usain Bolt's of the world know this. C'mon - these guys are not calling themselves heroes - they're bragging about their hard work paying off - for right now they are the best in their sport - and they are celebrating the triumph.  Lighten up!  
Showing off a little for the camera doesn't mean you're full of yourself either - didn't Bolt stop an interview during the playing of the National Anthem for another athlete?  

Sports super-stars - like anyone else - can be narcissistic assholes. But just cause you tell the world you float like a butterfly and sting like a bee! and call yourself the greatest it doesn't mean you automatically are one.    
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