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They're bumpy, purple, yellow, and addictive.  Are heirloom tomatoes growing on you?
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I love the yellow striped heirloom I grew this year - the best tomato I've ever eaten!
Short answer is yes. All you need to do is compare the taste of an heirloom tomato to a a winter hot house one and you will never go back to starchy and flavorless again.
The article is focused on bashing heirloom tomatoes without discussing the benefits of heirloom strains vesus hybrids (sustainability, productivity, pollination, nutritional value, taste, etc.). No real science, and nothing but platitudes and ignorance. Anyone using this article as a base for their opinion on hybrids vs. heirlooms is doing themselves a huge disservice and should do more research independent of  At least that's my $.02.
I will start comparing. Thanks for the advice!
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