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Joshua Green points out that it was one of Hillary Clinton's advisers who started off questioning Obama's Americanism.
Birther rhetoric is back in the presidential campaign, but the idea of going after Obama’s otherness dates back to Democrats in the 2008 election.
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Why blame the party and not the people? That is what fuels discrimination and closed-mindedness among the people in this politically-charged social atmosphere.
Oh good lord. So the reason why it's a big Tea Party issue, pushed by World Net Daily, promoted by people who call themselves Republican is…the Democrats made them do it. Awesome. Can you guys hire better writers if we all chipped in 2¢ and you bought a clue?
No, no. He's a muslin. And part of the anti-american polyester jihad. You know muslin is bad because it's so naturally neutral.
+Rue Mara I learned that Obama is a muslin from reading signs at tea party rallies. (Well, I didn't actually attend a tea party event, but I looked at the pictures. From a safe distance. Didn't want to get any spittle on me). Anyway, not to suggest that the stuff one learns from the tea party might be in any way inaccurate, but muslin is from Bangladesh, not Kenya. So I've been confused.
I'd never use the word 'gay' to mean lame or pathetic.  But if I did, I'd use it to describe commenting on a post 10 months late.
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