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Serving as the country’s leader, commander in chief, and reelection campaign fund-raiser means long days for President Obama.
The president of the United States travels in a government aircraft that contains his own cabin and bed. If anyone can handle the rigors of the road, it’s him. But President Obama has been keeping som...
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4 comments aren't for word don't you pay attention...why in g do you think it's ok for this man and his family to travel around campaigning on the hard earned dollars of the American people...If he is so behind that he has to campaign year round...then let his RICH stinking Wall Street Buddies pay for it!
John...when the Bushes and Reagan and even Clinton campaigned, it WAS NOT year round...and their campaigns paid for it! Not the TAXPAYERS!
John...they certainly paid for their own campaigns...if they combined trips, ex. they would break it down and pay the part that was for campaigning...This guy in the WH has NOT done that! and the others DID NOT campaign year round! He is in desperate mode, as he should be, he had so much potential and he blew it! We are worse off then when he went in and words by DRONES will not change the reality on the ground.
listen and you may just learn...
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