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Boplan USA Inc.
The Ultimate Safety Materials Manufacturer
The Ultimate Safety Materials Manufacturer


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The Boplan range of Flex Impact® Flexible impact #SafetyBarriers offer peace of mind for health & safety in a variety of environments, the impact barriers are ideally suited for aviation and airport environments as they are built to protect against high impact traffic. Our plastic polymer safety barriers are independently tested by Transpolis and TUV NORD proven to be as strong as metal equivalents with many added bonuses, read our latest blog post to find out more.

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At Boplan, we think #SafetyBarriers are pretty exciting and, after we tell you all about our #FlexImpact range, we think you will too.

Probably one of the most interesting features is the active memory. Unlike metal barriers, our plastic #SafetyBarriers are designed to absorb impact and return to their original shape after a crash. In the instance of a vehicle crashing into the barrier, the damage caused to the vehicle will be far less severe than if it hit a metal barrier. More importantly, the impact to the driver is reduced, minimising any injuries.
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