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Blender Knowledge in it's most condensed form!
Blender Knowledge in it's most condensed form!


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Short five minute tutorial I made showing how to use the Blam Addon (plugin) in Blender for super easy camera mapping and incorporating 3D into still photographs. Not a Blender basics tutorial, however it’s a quick look through the Camera mapping process in Blender from the perspective of using this toolset quickly and easily in production. Blender and Blam are both completely free and comparable to commercial equivalents cost many thousands of dollars. So Blam in Blenders is a a really powerful and free toolset / workflow for anyone who wants to create animation from still images.

And the new version is really creative and non technical to use! So it’s an instant way to turn any photo into a 3D scene or a stage set for film.

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Short, concise Blender tutorials of 90 seconds or less for artists in production
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