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I've been enjoying Teen Titans and Superboy, so if they are going to change up the creative team yet again on this book, I'm happy with this choice.
I'm not saying it was necessary, just saying if they were going to make a change anyway, they could have done a lot worse.
As a Jurgens fan, I'm way disappointed.
Batman gets Snyder and Tomasi. Superman gets a rotating cast of the 90s' finest. Why?
I hear ya Paul... I'm a fan of Jurgens and also a fan of Lobdell...
Good question Alex. And threw answer is probably the same answer for why there are over 10 Batman family titles (at least 5 that exclusively/primarily feature Batman) and only 4 Superman family titles (with only 2 featuring Superman)...
"the" not "threw", sorry about the typo.
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