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+Shawn S. Smith and I might able to get married really soon!

#marriageequality   #idaho
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Man, this sucks! Utopia was an amazing show.

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Well they caught me in their trap.

I want to make a rock opera with Lenny Kravitz. His new album is fantastic! 

I just got a boar-bristle brush for my beard and it's amazing! It feels so good when brushing and controls the wild parts of my beard where it starts to curl.

Protip: The same brush that's $10 on Amazon (firm military-style) was only $3 at Sally Beauty Supply.

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Google Play All Access doesn't have the Guardians of the Galaxy - Awesome Mix Vol 1 available so I found all of the songs and threw them into a public playlist.

After 5 months, my motherboard died. Looking at reviews on Amazon and Newegg, it looks like it's a trend I should just expect these days. Yay! Money down the tubes!

I have to hurry and get a replacement, because Doctor Who starts again a week from Saturday, and my pc also serves as an HTPC!

We get to keep Deuce for a few extra weeks!

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My local theater is horrible; the price for a 2D ticket just jumped to $10.50, and it's $13.50 for 3D. I can't believe we pay more in a small town than the average price in major cities.

Then they wonder why we just wait for video for almost all movies.
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