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The quality, color, and gradient-flare of the light in this very cool. I stared at this in close-up for a bit. #save
bish s
The sun was right in front of me as this lady walked in through the mall door.
Another one that makes me wonder "where did I leave my glasses?"  I guess this appeals to those with better eyesight than I.   #delete  
I really want to like this one, but the super blown out area is really tough on my eyes. #delete2
I agree with Rachel, highlights are too hot and overpower the image.
bish s
Thanks, guys. I went for lunch and on my return it had already garnered 10 saves... wow! Like I mentioned in one of my comments, the sun was directly in front so couldn't help the blown out part. It was a spur of the moment catch and didn't have the time to go for a better vantage point. In any case, for me, as the shooter, the blown highlights and all just add drama and mystery to the pic and it is one my favorite pics. :D
bish s
Thank you... done!
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